Literary Techniques In An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge English Literature Essay

May 11, 2018 English Literature

Ambrose Bierce is said to be one of the greatest authors of his clip, and this is shown through his short narrative, “ An Happening at Owl Creek Bridge. ” The narrative is one of a adult male, Peyton Farquhar, who is from the South and wants to assist the Confederacy out, so much so that he is willing to set his life at interest to destruct a Union encirclement. Through the usage of point of position, symbolism, and sarcasm in Bierce ‘s, “ An Happening at Owl Creek Bridge, ” the reader is able to understand the chief character, Peyton Farquhar, and his outlook as he is deceasing.

The span is another centre for symbolism and sarcasm in the narrative. The reader is told that Farquhar is an “ original secessionist and ardently devoted to the Southern cause ” ( Bierce 73 ) . In the narrative Farquhar is tricked by a Union lookout and is drawn to the span in which a Union encirclement is stationed upon. A span is normally used to typify the conveying together of two parts and unifying them as one which is similar to what Abraham Lincoln was seeking to make in the beginning of the Civil War. The sarcasm here is that this span did non typify the conveying together of two parts alternatively it merely showed how detached and against each other the North and South truly are at this clip period. Peyton Farquhar ‘s name itself is symbolic as said by George and Judy Cheatham, “ aˆ¦such a brace of names [ Peyton Farquhar ] , of class, good suits a “ good to make plantation owner ” ” ( Cheatham 45 ) but in the narrative Farquhar goes beyond merely being a well to make planter and alternatively becomes a sufferer for the Confederate cause. In the narrative the writer is non so much focused on Farquhar himself but alternatively the outlook of Farquhar and the things that are traveling on around him. In the narrative there is much more symbolism and sarcasm, such as the snare in the narrative. For Farquhar the noose represents decease, but for the soldiers the noose might typify a little triumph that has been won by killing a Confederate Rebel. A individual ca n’t stand up for what they believe because they will be choked out by the stronger society and the authorities, and the snare is a symbol of that. The reader is told that Peyton Farquhar is a “ comfortable plantation owner from Alabama ” ( Bierce 73 ) and a “ pupil of hanging ” ( Bierce 73 ) . Besides from Conlogue the reader knows that “ Farquhar grows hemp ” ( Conlogue 37 ) . And the sarcasm of this is that he has spent his life populating around hemp and working with hemp and so he dies from a noose made of hemp. At the terminal of the narrative whenever Farquhar is singing from the span it is similar to manner that rope is really made, by whirling the hemp unit of ammunition and unit of ammunition until a rope is formed. The sarcasm is that Farquhar really spent most old ages of his life devising and turning hemp, and interestingly plenty he may hold even been hung by his ain rope that he made. Although all apparently unrelated the symbolism and sarcasm of the narrative, “ An Happening at Owl Creek Bridge ” does in fact contribute to the outlook of Peyton Farquhar as he is deceasing.

One must retrieve that if it were n’t for the different points of position made by the writer so the narrative would n’t hold held the same consequence that it did and the reader would n’t hold gotten as full of an penetration into the outlook of Peyton Farquhar as he is deceasing. The symbolism all ties together and allows the narrative to be understood on many different degrees by readers. One of the most interesting points in the narrative is that through the different points of positions and flashbacks the writer was able to compose a narrative that made sense and was n’t vexing to the reader. The symbolism and sarcasm throughout the narrative is slightly concealed but one time looked at a spot deeper it all becomes easy understood. In decision, throughout the narrative, “ An Happening at Owl Creek Bridge ” , the point of position alterations many different times and with that and the sarcasm and symbolism found throughout the narrative the reader is able to acquire a clearer image of the outlook of the chief character, Peyton Farquhar and how the head reacts to decease that it knows is coming.

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