Little boats, That carried the tons of

Little did those bossy British know,
What would hit them when they took the colonists dough.
And post that imprudent decree,
Friends, Brethren, Countrymen, and men of the sea.

In the area of Boston city,
There lived the Son’s of Liberty.
Who opposed the taxes the British put into act,
And decided that they were going to form a pact.

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George Hewes with others planned a way,
To end the reign that the British put into play.
And stop the unfair taxing that hurt their trade,
By asking for more money than the colonists made.

They ordered the British to send back their boats,
That carried the tons of tea that should be going down their throats.
But the British refused because they were inept,
And insisted instead that the ships be kept.

When the Son’s of Liberty heard that they refused,
They were a little enraged but mostly amused.
For the British would be sorry that they had said “no,”
Because the Colonists had a thought to put on a show.

Their scheme was very witty and clever,
And required many men to join their endeavor.
Their thought was to dress each man like a native,
To make their plan very probative.

George Hewes and John Hancock rounded up volunteers,
And spoke their plan to all the men’s ears.
A howl was heard through the meeting hall,
When they heard that the British had ignore their squall.

All men knew the dangers, no matter their age,
Of partaking in the boats rampage.
The meeting ended with departing,
But the teas’ destruction would soon be starting.

They gathered on a nearby hill,
And shivered as they felt a chill.
They smothered red marks under their eyes,
That would serve as the group’s disguise.

They boarded the ship that night so still,
And took over against the captain’s will.
Each man stabbed at the barrels of tea,
Then picked it all up and dumped it into the sea.



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