Living in a city and living in a countryside

February 2, 2019 Sports

Living in a city and living in a countryside, both have a negative and positive sides. While living in a city means have a more job opportunities, better health facilities, better means of transportation as well as high standard of living whereas living in a village means having calm and peaceful environment.
Mostly people prefer to live in the cities because of benefits offered by it like cities facilitate great education with the advent of latest technology while education in countryside is still following the legacy system. A big cities usually have industries which offer the great job opportunities. People in the countryside are more dependent on the farming for their bread and butter. In addition to, that lifestyle of the city provide more convenient and prefect services of entertainment, health, trade, transit than that of village. Cities also have arenas for sports, community centers, pubs, gymnasium etcetera for the entertainment of their residents. A big cities have large shopping complex, grocery stories to satiate the needs of their people while people who are living in countryside has to visit to the nearby cities for these needs.
However, living in the big cities having lot of benefits, but according to the recent surveys city people live more sedentary lifestyle which is leading cause of harmful diseases like stress, depression and so on. However, people living in the countryside are more happier and close to nature. Cities have high ratio of population as compared to countryside, so there is high raise in usage of land for accommodating residentials as well as lifestyle in the cities is very fast paced and stressful. Moreover, a high number of automobiles, leads to lot more noise and air pollution in the cities than countryside. Finally, life in countryside is slow paced and pollution free. Mostly, people in countryside know each other whereas in metropolis people are so obsessed with their work they hardly knows events happening around them.
To sum up, city provides more benefits than village ,because city offers modern life facilities whereas living in countryside provides more peace of mind and sense of security.


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