Long Term Solvency And Shareholder Analysis Majestic Wines Finance Essay

Majestic vinos PLC was incorporated in 1980 ‘s and since so, in under 35 old ages they now have over 150 shops in the United Kingdom every bit good as being the biggest vino retail merchant on the market and a strong rival border in the market due to their repute for doing quality vinos. Majestic ‘s Wines PLC are besides listed on the secondary stock market and they provide their clients with vinos from all over the Earth and besides have a large assortment on the types of vinos.

In this study, I will be analyzing Majestic Wines PLC ‘s fiscal public presentation over a period of five old ages based on long term solvency and stockholder ratios. Then, I will critically measure and analyze the company ‘s public presentation. I will besides show the relationships between these ratios, explicating how they are inter-related.

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Financial Ratio Analysis: Long Term and Shareholder Ratios

It is critical for Majestic Wines PLC to utilize stockholder and solvency ratios, as from this they will see if they meet their long term liabilities and disbursals. This information is taken from the fiscal statements and is needed to cipher the stableness of the concern. The more stable the concern, the better stockholders get paid out as the concern has made a net income. The information generated by these ratios is extremely used by investors before they finalise their investing determinations. Furthermore, a strong and stable fiscal place can pull more investors making range for future enlargement of the company.

Long term solvency ratios:

The long term solvency helps an administration to run into its disbursals and long term liabilities every bit good as accomplishing growing and enlargement in the long tally. If it fails to run into these demands so it will go bankrupt, which is the consequence of disproportionate relationship between assets and liabilities. These ratios are needed to see whether the concern can pay out the long term debts and if they are traveling to turn in the hereafter.

Shareholder ratios:

The stockholder ratios are largely focused on the returns which stockholders yield from the original money they have invested into the concern. It besides helps in analyzing the sum of dividend paid out to the stakeholders on top of return on equity. These ratios are needed to find the sum of benefits received by the investors in footings of returns and dividends.

Long term and Shareholders ratio analysis for Majestic Wines PLC: an Analysis

Long Term Solvency Test

Gearing Ratio

Interest Screen






Gearing Ratio






Interest Screen






Table 1.1

Shareholder ‘s Ratio Test

Tax return on Equity

Dividend Payout Ratio






Tax return on Equity






Dividend Payout Ratio






Table 1.2

It is clear from the tabular array 1.1, pitching ratio under long term solvency, there were no external stockholders during the old ages 2006 to 2008 as it was 0 ; nevertheless, due to the fiscal meltdown in 2008. There was a important sum of external capital derived from the stockholders after 2008 which resulted in pitching ratio increased to 11.59 and 9.41 for the twelvemonth 2009 and in 2010.

The involvements cover for the twelvemonth 2006 to 2008 has been well high nevertheless for the twelvemonth 2009 and 2010 it has decreased quickly to 34.84 % and 35.65 which was because of external stockholders coming into the concern after 2008. External investing was good for Majestic ‘s vino PLC as they had more capital to spread out but at the same clip it is a hazard for them as they will fall into a greater debt by holding external stockholders as they will desire their payout and therefore they will necessitate a higher gross revenues figure in order to keep their stockholder payouts.

It is clear from table 1.2 that The return on equity is really changeless as they are all in the scope of 20 % although for the twelvemonth 2009 the it was 6.85 because of the fiscal meltdown and due to external stockholders but olympian vino have picked up their equity paid to stockholders as they went back to 21.03 for the twelvemonth 2010.

The Dividend payout ratio has been increasing swimmingly throughout the old ages until 2009 were it reached an extreme high of 184.24 and so decreased for the twelvemonth 2010 as it reached 53.4. This is because after the recession Majestic ‘s Wine PLC have sold more portions to creditors and hence more dividends to be paid out and besides can be that less money has been reinvested for the growing and enlargement of the company.

Relationships between long term solvency and stockholders ratios – An Overview

The Gearing ratio for Majestic ‘s vino PLC rose for the twelvemonth 2009 to 11.59 % and 9.41 % from it being 0 for the past old ages, as they have had external stockholders after 2008 and it was due to the fiscal meltdown. This was a hazard for Majestic ‘s vino PLC as their debt increased, this has taken affect on involvement screen as their ability to pay back their debt has decreased to 34.84 % and 35.65 % for the twelvemonth 2009 and 2010 from 274.8 % . Pre 2009 the involvement screen was really high that means the company could hold employed more capital from stockholders because its involvement paying capacity was much higher and Majestic ‘s Wine PLC have acted to that and as a consequence their involvement screen has dropped by external stockholders coming into concern.

The bead on Interest screen for the twelvemonth 2009 and onwards will hold an influence on dividends to be paid out as there are a larger figure of stockholders before the twelvemonth 2009. The Return on equity has remained changeless for all old ages as it was about 20 % except for the twelvemonth 2009 were it dropped to 6.85 % this was because the involvement screen dropped quickly for that twelvemonth excessively due to the economic recession. After 2008 when the involvement screen fell comparatively low and attracted less investors support as the return which they get was well low. This was chiefly due to inability of Majestic Wines PLC to pay back the debts after the recession.

The dividend payout ratio for Majestic ‘s vino PLC was increasing invariably for old ages 2006 to 2008 as increased from 30 % to 50 % within the three old ages, but on 2009 the dividends paid to the stockholders reached an extreme high of 184.24 % as external investors brought capital into the company that twelvemonth.

On the geartrain ratio it besides increased to 11.59 % from 0 as they have had more external stockholders coming in that twelvemonth and purchasing more portions and therefore a bigger dividend payout was given as there were more investors than the old twelvemonth. This has decreased the Return on Equity paid out that twelvemonth as Majestic Wine PLC have made less net income as the recession attacked consumers to pass less on their goods, Majestic Wine PLC have made less gross revenues than expected but had more external stockholders and for this a higher dividend was paid.

Recommendations for stockholders

So in a nutshell, it is rather clear that the long term solvency and stockholder ratios for Majestic Wine PLC are really stable as they have been giving good returns and assuring attractive dividends to their stockholders.

I will urge stockholders to put in Majestic Wine PLC as they have been paying a good sum of dividends and since 2006 particularly in the twelvemonth 2009 as it were 184.2. On the other manus the return on Equity has been consistent over the period of 5 old ages merely apart from 6.85 in twelvemonth 2009, which was chiefly due to the economic downswing.

After the Economic crisis, Majestic Wines PLC besides looks financially solid as the geartrain has decreased somewhat for the old twelvemonth every bit good as the involvement screen lifting as the company is holding a better place in paying all their debts on clip and besides the return for stockholders has increased which shows the company is doing a changeless net income.



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