Looking At The Effects Of The Oedipus Tragedy English Literature Essay

October 1, 2017 English Literature

Aristotle defines a calamity as a drama expressed through poesy that ends unhappily due to a bend of destiny for a nobleman doing fright and commiseration in the audience. One of the perfect illustrations for Aristotle ‘s tragic hero is Oedipus from Sophocles ‘ calamity, Oedipus Rex. In Oedipus Rex, Sophocles exemplifies the definition of a calamity by stating the tragic life narrative of Oedipus. There are certain standards that a play has to follow in order for it to be characterized as a Tragedy. Oedipus Rex includes all of the standards of the drama from his baronial position, tragic defect, and his eventual ruin.

Oedipus, like many other tragic heroes, is a adult male of baronial position. Either manner, he could non get away his destiny of going male monarch. At the beginning of the narrative, the audience is told that Oedipus is the boy of Polybus, King of Corinth. Although Polybus is non truly his male parent, he is still of baronial birth. Oedipus is the true boy of Laius, who was King of Thebes, representing his aristocracy. Oedipus was introduced to the audience as a strong, heroism male monarch, and a typical tragic hero. Since earlier, he solved the conundrum of the sphinx, he was recognized as a baronial figure in society. The people of Thebes called Oedipus “ Greatest in all work forces ‘s eyes ” ( Sophocles 46 ) . In the beginning of the narrative, Oedipus is seeking for the remedy to the pestilence. On his journey he is told that in order to reconstruct the wellness of his land, he is required to happen the liquidator of King Laius. There is sarcasm in Oedipus ‘ statement to the priest stating: “ I will convey this to visible radiation once more aˆ¦ For when I drive pollution from the land, I will non function a distant friend ‘s advantage, but act in my ain involvement. Whoever he was that killed the male monarch may readily wish to despatch me with his homicidal manus ; so assisting the dead male monarch I help myself ” ( 154-163 ) . This causes him to seek for the truth about Laius ‘ decease. He finally discovers the truth from a blind prophesier, Teiresias.

Oedipus informs Teiresias about the problem by crying that ; “ Possibly you have non heard the couriers, but Phoebus sent in reply to our directing an prophet declaring that our freedom from this disease would merely come when we should larn the names of those who killed King Laius ” ( 329-333 ) . Alternatively of reacting with the information Oedipus sought out, Teiresias replied back, “ Let me travel place, it will be easiest for us both to bear our several fates to the terminal if you will follow my advice ” ( 346-348 ) . Unsatisfied by Teiresias ‘ response, Oedipus merely becomes more relentless in his hunt for the truth. Unfortunately, as the tragic hero of the drama, it is obvious he will prevail until he obtains the reply he is seeking for and alternatively continues to oppugn Teiresias: “ You would arouse a rock! Tell us, you villain, A tell us, and do non stand at that place softly unaffected and resisting at the issue ” ( 167-169 ) .

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The second of Aristotle ‘s standards for a calamity is that the hero is imperfect and still humanlike, despite his aristocracy. One of the oldest human quandary is the issue of whether our lives are restricted by free will or destine. Some think that we make determinations that have effects, therefore commanding our ain lives. Others believe that destiny controls our lives, and that all events are ineluctable. Oedipus Rex is, to a big grade, a calamity of destiny. When he was born, hisA parents learned from an prophet that their kid would finally be the causeA of their decease. Believing the prophet, they deserted their infant boy withA the purpose of killing him.A However, without their cognition he isA rescued and raised by another couple.A A Oedipus ‘ parents tried to falsify his destiny from coming true by giving him off, but he was ever seeking for the truth. He stays persistent in his truth for cognition: “ I must cognize it all, must see the truth at last ” ( 34 ) . Oedipus is a character who engages in many obstructions for this cognition, finally taking to his ruin.

A 2nd tragic defect of Oedipus is his inordinate pride and obstinacy, and due to his fright of the truth, he commits several disputes lending to his tragic devastations of his character. He foremost blames Creon and Teiresias for lese majesty. He concludes that Teiresias and Creon are working together to subvert Oedipus from the Crown so Creon can go the new male monarch. But Oedipus does non recognize that he is missing the ability to accept his fate. Even though physically Oedipus is non unsighted, his failure to recognize the truth leads him to rational darkness. Sophocles interprets to his audience Oedipus ‘s tragic defects through his obstinacy and wonder.

These tragic defects combined finally led to Oedipus ‘ ruin non merely of his throne, but besides as a individual. His ruin causes desperation in the lives of his wife/mother, along with his childs. His girl will ne’er go married due to the fact that she is an incestuous kid. Since no 1 will get married his girl, and his married woman killed herself, Oedipus gouges out his ain eyes in order to no longer be able to see what the universe has done excessively him. He cleansed himself of the harmful events brought out in the universe and decided that he would instead be blind.

So it is now clear to province that Oedipus exemplified a tragic hero, a hero ‘s bad lucks brought down by evil, or his tragic defect. There are many illustrations to back up this claim throughout the drama. The result was supported by a cause-and-effect concatenation of actions. There contained a beginning, or the incentive minute, center, and terminal. In the terminal Aristotle believed Sophocles exemplified a “ perfect ” calamity.


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