Looking At The Fate Of Romeo And Juliet English Literature Essay

September 22, 2017 English Literature

Romeo pronounces these words right after holding mortally wounded Tybalt, guilty of holding merely killed Romeo ‘s friend Mercutio. In a tantrum of fury, Romeo takes his blade and onslaughts Tybalt fiercely, killing him. This is the flood tide of the drama, that will alter necessarily the fate of the two ‘star-crossed lovers ‘ . Romeo realizes what he has done, now he knows he has to pay the effects of his title, his already unsafe love for Juliet is traveling to do a compulsive concatenation of tragic events, conveying the two lovers to certain decease. He defines himself as a marionette of the unpredictable fate.

Even from the gap lines, the audience is informed about the calamity that is traveling to impact the two supporters, set uping destiny as a subject at the foreground of the drama. The thought that tragic fortunes were decided from birth for these two lovers is suggested: ‘from forth the fatal pubess ‘ ( I.i.5 ) . This line together with, ‘a brace of star-crossed lovers take their life ‘ ( I.i.6 ) explains to the audience that fate was what first brought them together and is what will finally divide them. The Chorus ‘s gap address is continually echoed throughout the remainder of the drama by other characters doing direct mentions to destine. As Susan Snyder provinces: calamity can be seen as a ‘ritual forfeit ‘ , in which the supporter is ‘both hero and victim, [ … ] , separated from the ordinary, but destined for devastation. ‘[ 2 ]

Even though Romeo defines himself as incapacitated victim of his “ luck ” , there is much grounds of the of import functions that Romeo and Juliet have in defining and, in many instances, declining, their fate. After a careful reading of the drama we can province that it is non merely a inquiry of fate. Romeo and Juliet would hold been able to salvage their relationship merely by utilizing more acuteness, calm and declaration. ‘The pick of agencies facing Romeo and Juliet is non confined to a individual juncture, they are given a series chance of pick ‘[ 3 ], but unfortunately they ever seem to take the incorrect manner in which to direct their narrative.

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Again we find a metaphor associating to the stars, as if Shakespeare has chosen these heavenly organic structures as symbols for the human death that lies over the whole drama. But here we find the first of Romeo ‘s errors, he takes a determination without thought of the effects: he has read the list of invitees that are traveling to be at the banquet and although he is informed about the presence of Capulets, Montague ‘s arch-enemies, he decides to go to in any instance. As already mentioned, Romeo kills Tybalt out of fury, even though he knows it makes things all the worse for his current state of affairs with Tybalt ‘s cousin, Juliet ; but a far more basic inherent aptitude, the desire of a adult male to avoid being thought a coward prevails and Romeo is driven to contend Tybalt.

While Romeo lacks calm, Juliet ‘s defect is impetuosity. During the balcony scene, Juliet hurries Romeo into matrimony by invariably oppugning his love for her and stating things like, ‘If thy purpose matrimony, direct me word tomorrow ‘ ( II.i.143-4 ) . The Friar ‘s defect, which in the terminal had a large consequence on this calamity, is to be excessively unprompted. He offers to get married Romeo and Juliet, even though he knows there is a immense struggle between the households, likely trusting that the matrimony would hold solved all the competitions. Furthermore, we must retrieve that it is the Friar who gives Juliet the potion for suspended life, which aggravates things even more.

Even though the supporters portion many ‘fatal defects ‘ , tonss of things happen to their bad luck that is non their mistake. First of all, Romeo and Juliet shared the unfortunate destiny that they were from feuding households, seting their relationship in hazard from the beginning. Juliet expresses good this thought in her monologue on the balcony: ‘What ‘s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet [ … ] ” ( II.i.86-87 ) . A 2nd work stoppage of bad fortune is the fact that the Capulets, being a typical upper-class diehard household, had arranged a matrimony between Juliet and Paris, against the will of their girl.

The scene in which Romeo finds out about the banquet is another turn of destiny. The illiterate retainer of Capulet ‘s was given the occupation of stating people about the party. Since he could non read, he was forced to inquire two aliens to explicate it to him. Those two people could hold been anyone, but they merely happened to be Romeo and Benvolio. Another dry fact is that Romeo went to the party because he was frantically in love with Rosaline. If Rosaline had been at that place, and she returned Romeo ‘s love, so all the undermentioned agony would ne’er hold occurred. Romeo was wholly in love with another adult female traveling to the party, which he merely found out about in the first topographic point through an inauspicious shot of fortune. Another illustration of bad fortune is that Romeo ne’er received the missive of Friar Laurence informing him about his and Juliet ‘s strategy because of the pestilence in Mantua, the metropolis where Romeo went to remain after his ostracism from Verona. The missive must make Romeo in clip so that he knows of the agreement between Juliet and the Friar, but the metropolis has been put under quarantine because of a pestilence. So Romeo ne’er receives the missive and he is left unaware of the program between the Friar and Juliet:

Again we find the construct of luck. The Friar curses this destiny, the ‘unhappy luck ‘ , cognizant that the narrative of the two lovers has likely came to an terminal. Romeo is told by Balthasar that Juliet has died: ‘Her organic structure slumbers in Capels ‘ memorial, and her immortal portion with angels lives ‘ ( V.i.18-19 ) . These events are the last straw and they will take to the death of both characters.

Obviously the destiny is closely related to the construct of clip. Timing, in fact, played the largest function in make up one’s minding if they would populate or decease. Many bookmans have defined it as the ‘lover ‘s enemy ‘ , which retards ‘his gait when the lovers are separated and accelerates it when they are together ‘ :[ 4 ]

‘O deplorable twenty-four hours! O woebegone clip! ‘ ( IV.iv.57 )

In the balcony scene Juliet hurries because the Nurse is naming her ; if Romeo had arrived a few proceedingss subsequently at the grave, the calamity would non hold happened ; furthermore, if the nuptials of Juliet and Paris had non been brought frontward from Thursday to Wednesday the missive would hold had more clip to make Romeo in Mantua ; if the Friar had entered the grave earlier he could hold explained the state of affairs to Romeo and no injury would hold happened to anyone. These are merely a few illustrations of the negative and cryptic force that seems to command the occurrences.

We can decidedly state that Romeo and Juliet is a crossing of causeless events, happenstances and personal duties, all masterfully managed by destiny and clip. The love narrative did non hold to get down, the two lovers were non meant to run into each other, boy and girl of rival households. They both knew this, but they could non accept it, their love was bigger than anything else. What if it was the enticement of the forbidden which increased their love? Two adolescents, two Rebels populating in a male chauvinist society made of nuptials vows and past competition. They preferred to put on the line, but put on the lining is a affair of destiny, a cruel destiny which brought them to a certain decease. As said by Cassius in Shakespeare ‘s Julius Caesar[ 5 ], ‘The mistake, [ aˆ¦ ] , is non in our stars but in ourselves ‘ ( I.ii-139-40 ) .


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