Looking At The Poem Waiting For Icarus English Literature Essay

May 12, 2018 English Literature

Grecian myths are frequently used to heighten narratives or explicate phenomenon. Muriel Rukeyser uses one such myth which tells of a Grecian hero, Icarus. The myth states that Daedalus, Icarus ‘ male parent, was hired by King Minos to construct a complex labyrinx in which to keep captives. Upon completion of the occupation, the King refused to let Daedalus and his boy, Icarus, to return place. Daedalus used his great creativeness to do wings of wax for himself and his boy. After expressed instructions from his male parent, Icarus and his pa flew out of the prison, over the sea, and towards place. Despite his pa ‘s warnings, Icarus chose to wing excessively near to the Sun, runing his wings and falling to his decease in the sea and drowning. Rukeyser uses the myth of Icarus as an avenue to assist exemplify the feelings of a immature lady waiting patiently for broken promises and tattered dreams to come true.

The overall tone and point of view take a drastic bend in the 2nd stanza. Merely as the first stanza uses repeat, the 2nd does every bit good, nevertheless, the 2nd stanza is from the adult females ‘s position and each insistent line starts with “ I remember ” ( 12-18 ) . The immature lady reminisces about all the clip she has spent waiting on her lover, and the experiences she has been through while expecting his return. The sum of clip lost is referred to when she comments, “ I remember the islands traveling dark on the sea ” ( 13 ) . Although non given an exact clip frame, the thought that she has wasted yearss and even, perchance, her life is apparent from her tone.

Time is non the lone thing lost. Dignity is besides lost, as good. The talker portions that that the misss are express joying and even proposing that “ he merely wanted to acquire off from me ” ( 15 ) . The injury she feels, non merely by being abandoned by the lover, but besides by being laughed at by her friends, can be seen in these lines. Even more hurtful than her friends doing merriment of her, she portions that her ain female parent calls her lover “ a trashy batch ” ( 16 ) and goes on to ache her even more by saying, “ Womans who love such are the worst of all ” ( 18 ) . The betrayed lover has come to the realisation, with the aid of clip, household, and friends, that she has so been abandoned by her lover with his empty promises and has no purpose of returning to her to “ imbibe vino together ” ( 1 ) .

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The concluding three lines of the verse form depict the enlightened immature lady ‘s ideas after she is hit with the full realisation that she has wasted her clip, and she portions that she feels like a sap but may be able to acquire off from these feelings. She states, “ I would hold liked to seek those wings myself / It would hold been better than this ” ( 20-21 ) . She hints she would wish to run off, as her lover did, and go forth of all her jobs behind.

Although Icarus is merely mentioned one time, in the rubric, the writer alludes to the myth throughout the verse form by her pick of words. Unwittingly, Icarus becomes the lover who has run away go forthing his miss waiting on the beach for his return. The writer references discoverers mentioning to the losing lover, which as the myth provinces is Icarus ‘ pa ‘s profession. The fable goes on to state of how Icarus flies into the sky utilizing his flying made of wax which parallels the writers pick of words as the lover reminisces that her lover told her, “ He was traveling into the universe and the sky ” ( 7 ) with the promise that “ the buckles were really steadfast ” ( 8 ) and “ the wax was the best wax ” ( 9 ) . Muriel Rukeyser does an first-class occupation of taking a popular Greek myth and utilizing it to state the untold side of the narrative.


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