Looking At The Times Of Nationalism English Literature Essay

October 4, 2017 English Literature

The 1940s were a clip of nationalism.A Men had to hold an visual aspect of being tough and emotionless.A They were ne’er allowed to allow their existent feelings show. One of the chief grounds Holden becomes depressed is the decease of his oldest brother Allie.A He described his brother as being nil but perfect and holding a good life.A He keeps this guilt locked up indoors him because he blames his decease on himself.A For illustration, one memory that haunts him is when he excluded his brother from a b-b gun game.A Another memory that he held on to and was ne’er able to forgive himself for was when Allie asked Holden to travel bike equitation and he did n’t go.A

Holden did n’t hold a good relationship with either his female parent or father.A He needed them the most right after the decease of Allie and it did n’t happen.A But, we see Holden shouting out aid and attending when he threw a baseball through the window and broke it and still cipher talked to him.A His older brother went off to Hollywood. The lone 1 he adores is his younger sister Phoebe. He is able to speak to her and he thought she understood him.

He could non cover with world no affair how hard he tried. Some may even name him schizophrenic.A He quoted “ I am the most terrific prevaricator you of all time saw in your life. ” He could n’t confront people non even himself.A Timess were truly difficult for him, merely conceive of holding cipher. He drank to do himself experience better, but it merely made him more disquieted and depressed.A Many teens go through the same jobs as Holden does.A They have no 1 to turn to and everybody needs somebody.A So they dig deeper into this hole and ca n’t confront life. But, no affair what, losing a loved one is likely the most painful and atrocious loss a individual can face.A Peoples need to be able to allow themselves acquire their emotions out, non maintain it all in because finally they will come out and it might non be reasonably. He needed to speak to person so severely and he did n’t and it made him travel loony.

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Depression is a major concern today.A It ‘s non ever obvious when person is depressed.A Everyone handles depression otherwise, some better so others do. Holden was a prevaricator and this is how he hid his depression and other emotions..A By non sharing your feelings could do the depression worse. Today, Adolescents are depressed for many of the same grounds as Holden. Losing a loved one, drugs, intoxicant or peer force per unit area are a few illustrations of why adolescents become down. But we now have rehab centres and psychologists to speak to. Besides, our parents are more broad today and could be more supportive.A Holden did non hold as many options as we do and that is why his depression got so out of control.

Towards the terminal of the book, Holden shows his desire for life to stay as it was by stating, … certain things should remain the manner they are. Holden does non desire to fall in a universe of hypocrites and greed, a universe lacking in sloppiness and irresponsibleness. He wo n’t, whether consciously or non, accept the fact that he has no pick.

A concluding struggle in the life of Holden is his ain self-destructiveness. That he is self-destructive is ne’er intentionally pointed out in the book but there are several thing that implied it. Mr. Antolini is the lone 1 who truly understands Holden ‘s state of affairs, at one point comments, “ I can really clearly see you deceasing nobly ” , one manner or another, for some extremely unworthy cause, perchance insinuating that Holden might non value his life plenty to avoid throwing it off. Phoebe asks Holden about what he truly likes about life, and all he can believe of is a immature male child named James Castle that commited suicide. At least one chapter finds him believing that he has malignant neoplastic disease, and rolling about believing he will surely ne’er do it to the other side of the street. One of the most allusions to suicide is when he walks around as though he has been shot, and subsequently, in Central Park, he convinces himself that he has developed neumonia and will decease really shortly. Then, he imagines his funeral, and the reaction of his parents and Phoebe. By the terminal of the novel, Holden has envisioned his ain decease by at least four different methods: neumonia, atomic warfare, homicide, and self-destruction. All of Holden ‘s jobs appear to hold been derived from alteration, one manner or another, and they all end up go forthing him baffled and down. It is his jobs with decease and maturity, that conveying his self-destructing nature into being. Holden Caulfield finds himself caught in the binds of decease, the grownup universe, and his personal self-destructiveness.


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