Looking For Alibrandi – realtionship with John Essay

September 11, 2017 General Studies

One of the most important relationships in the novel is between Josie Alibrandi and John Barton. The relationship alterations in assorted ways at different phases. It’s through this relationship that Josie learns much more about what is of import in life and learns to accept her individuality.

Initially they were the best of friends. but Josie wanted to be with John Barton because she thought he was the best adult male she would of all time run into. She sees him as an upper category adult male who is witty. capturing and everything she wants in a adult male. John Barton besides likes her and doesn’t experience any racism towards Josie at all. but he has mixed feelings between Josie and Ivy. Josie wants to be in the same jurisprudence category as John but he isn’t allowed to take what class he wants to analyze in because he is under changeless force per unit area to make what his pa wants him to make.

As the book progresses John Barton and Josie become closer together because John was passing more clip with Josie than with Ivy. so Josie believes that John is falling for a in-between category working adult female over a upper category prig like Ivy. Josie besides sees a side of John she doesn’t like. he was highly negative about life which Josie disagreed with and didn’t like what he was stating so they start to interrupt away a spot at that minute because of his negativeness towards life.

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Josie and John grew even closer when they wrote down their deepest feelings and gave it to each other to keep onto. which before so she was excessively afraid to state anyone what she was believing. which by this action of trust was a definite large measure towards their relationship. John wanted to travel against his father’s wants and take control of his ain life and enrole in the jurisprudence class. A twosome yearss after John decided what he wanted to make in life he committed suicide. most likely because his pa disagreed with his actions that caused him into a depression. John ne’er tried to acquire into a serious relationship with Josie or Ivy because he new the lone manner he could be free was to kill himself so he didn’t want to merely threading them along.

John’s self-destruction affected Josie in a figure of different ways. she started off Begin highly angry at John and everyone around her but when she was with her parents she was really frightened about deceasing so she had her male parent stay with her that dark. Josie besides realised that John didn’t unrecorded in such a perfect universe as Josie had suspected that she didn’t have it as worse off as John Barton did. besides that money doesn’t solve all jobs and by that Josie realises how lucky she is.

In decision Josie realises that John had to decease to be emancipated but Josie’s emancipation came from populating against all of her unfortunate events with her and her household.


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