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Chun Nam Yip Robert Reeves Eng 114-17 7th Sep 2011 Looking for work 1. Why is the narrator attracted to the kind of family life depicted on TV? What, if anything, does he think is wrong with his life? Why do his desires apparently have so little impact on his family? Responds: The family life on TV attracted the narrator because the family on the TV show was so uncomplicated in its routine. The narrator thinks that his life was complicated and was broken.

He thinks that he didn’t have a rich life. He wanted to become wealthy. He was attracted to the prefect life of the white family. As a result, he wanted to behave like a white family and want to be respected. However, his desires have little impact on his family because they didn’t understand why Soto wanted them to like whit people. Their family didn’t want to behave that way. 3. As Soto looks back on his nine-year-old self, he has a different perspective on things than he had as a child.

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How would you characterize the mature Soto’s thoughts about his childhood family life? (Was it “a good family”? What was wrong with Soto’s thinking as a nine-year-old? ) Back up your remarks with specific references to the narrative. Responds: Now Soto thinks that it was a good family when he was young. Actually when Soto was nine-year-old, he only defined wealthy as how much money you have. Now he knows that as long as one has a family, no matter how poor that person is, he is rich.



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