lord of the flys

January 3, 2017 General Studies

In the novel Lord Of The Flies by William Golding I found Ralph to be a dynamic character. Ralph began his life on the secluded island as a leader of a somewhat democratic society because the other boys voted Ralph to be their leader. By the end of the book Ralph was at his wits end, on the brink of a gruesome death. I will take you along as I share with you my ideas of why Ralph was a deteriorating character not because he wanted to be but because he had to be.

At the beginning Ralph showed leadership and power over the other boys. He made the rule of only being able to speak while the conch shell was in possession of the person wanting to speak. Piggy, however, was the one that told him how to blow into the shell for it to make the calling to the others. He used it to call the others to a meeting place, it gave power to Ralph because whenever he wanted a meeting all he had to do was blow into it and they would all come. Not all the boys especially Jack wanted Ralph to be his leader Jack begrudged Ralph for being voted leader over him. The conch represented power to whoever had it in their possession. During a conversation with Jack about the hunters organization Jack even had power with the conch because he simply waved it and the applauses were silent at the sight of the conch being waved (p. 43). At the end of the book when the conch was broken I think that the symbolized the end to Ralph saying that the conch was power. .

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With Ralph being voted in as the leader he took this job of president and father and friend to heart. He was president because he organized and told everyone else what to do if he didn’t like their ideas it was vetoed immediately. He stood out like a father figure not so much because he nurtured the so-called littluns but they looked up to him and gave him respect as they would an adult. Ralph was mean to Piggy but Ralph actually liked him, he fought back with Jack after they had stole Piggy’s glasses.


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