L’Oréal and product, the structure allows different

March 5, 2019 Marketing

L’Oréal has a unique matrix structure which aids to have develop new products along with effective marketing and communication throughout the whole organization (Uk essays, 2013). According to Business Dictionary (n.d.), matrix is an organizational structure with horizontal flow of skill and information to manage large projects or product development which draws employees from different departments to a team without removing them from their respective positions for a project. Employed by both function and product, the structure allows different product categories to be seen according to the corresponding provisions of various departments of power and responsibility in L’Oréal (Blabla Writing, n.d.). This structure shares technologies, improves coordination with the rest of the departments and allows information to pass quickly to get effective feedbacks (Uk essays, 2003). This structure allows direct contact between local managers of L’Oréal and the consumers to meet challengers of competitors or potential competitors (Blabla Writing, n.d.). Chimoriya, B (2015) states that the main responsibility of the project manager of matrix structure is to maintain coordination among interrelated factors of a project and communicate with horizontal and vertical authorities to achieve control and coordination. Similarly, functional managers are accountable to provide technical and administrative guidance to projects which leads to a better control over regular operation. The matrix structure allows supervisors to focus on their areas of expertise. Functional supervisors focus on hiring, training and managing employees in their field, while project supervisors can focus on achieving the goals of their specific projects or products.


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