L’Oreal : Strategies for the Indian Market Essay

August 13, 2017 Marketing

1. Evaluate L’Oreal’s entry scheme in the Indian market with regard to the merchandise. publicity. pricing and topographic point determinations? 2. What have been the alterations in the selling scheme of L’Oreal in the last 8 old ages? Measure them with regard to choice of merchandise / market and each component of the selling mix? 3. What factors helped the rapid acceptance of Excellence colorants among its mark clients? 4. Measure the options available to the direction to accomplish mark gross revenues of Rs. 1 billion in the twelvemonth 2000. Fix an analysis of assorted marketing mix options and determinations within single mix elements – mark market. merchandise. channel. publicity. and monetary value. a ) Show the computations and refer to these clearly as they are used in measuring options for determinations in the selling mix. B ) Which product/markets should the company concentrate upon?

Mediquip S. A.
Session 5: Preparation Questions

1. What were Thaldorf’s major strengths and failings as a representative of Mediquip? 2. Identify each member of Lohmann Hospital’s determination doing unit ( DMU ) ? 3. What were the demands. concerns and motives of each DMU member? 4. What was the comparative power place of each DMU member? 5. How good did Thaldorf interact with each member of the DMU? 6. On what day of the month did Thaldorf efficaciously lose the sale to Lohmann University?

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Rosewood Hotels & A ; Resorts:
Branding to Increase Customer
Session 9: Preparation Questions

1. Why is Rosewood sing a new trade name scheme?

2. What are the pros and cons of traveling from single trade names to a corporate trade name?

3. Will the move to corporate stigmatization maximise client life-time value?

SaleSoft Inc.
Sessions 10 & A ; 12: Preparation Questions

1. What is your program? Make you be after to go on with PROCEED or will you present the TH merchandise? Provide support for your program.

2. What is the purchasing rhythm for PROCEED? Who are the people involved in the purchase of a CSAS solution? What is the function of advisers?

3. What is SaleSoft’s current attack to selling PROCEED?

4. Quantify the benefits of CSAS to a client utilizing the information given in Exhibit 7.

5. What value does TH supply a client? How is this different from the client value delivered by PROCEED?

6. What is a Trojan Horse? How does it ease client acquisition and keeping?

7. How will you monetary value TH? Assume variable costs of $ 200.

8. How do you believe SaleSoft’s organisation construction will impact its ability to sell PROCEED or TH?

9. How will you back up the clients of PROCEED and / or TH?

HP Consumer Products Business Organization:
Distributing Printers via the Internet
Session 13: Preparation Questions

1. What sort of online presence do you believe HP should hold? Why?

2. What risks do you see in your scheme? How would you pull off them?

3. Should pressmans and printing supplies be treated otherwise?

4. What would the people at Best Buy think of your program? Would it be any different at CompUSA or the same? What reactions might they have to intelligence of your programs?

Session 15: Preparation Questions

1. How did the placement of Tanishq trade name evolve? What factors influenced the alterations in its placement? 2. Why was GoldPlus launched? How make you rate its public presentation? 3. What is your recommendation to Bhaskar Bhat to aim the field gold jewelry market in India? List the strategic. economic. organisational and trade name investing impact of your recommendation.

Centra Software
Session 16: Preparation Questions

1. What are the clients of Centra purchasing? What benefits are do clients acquire from Centra’s merchandises? How should Centra section its market? 2. Does Centra necessitate a scheme to make up one’s mind which clients to choose or should it angle where the fish are seize with teething? 3. Should Centra utilize all three channels to sell the three merchandises to all clients or should it utilize some merchandises and channels to aim some sections? 4. How would you decide the difference between Reed and Lesser on how to deploy the telesales squad? Would you spread out telesales?

Tata Ace
Session 17: Preparation Questions

1. What factors influenced the development of Tata Ace?
2. Is Tata Ace successful? Why?
3. Describe the attacks adopted to develop the Tata Ace. covering merchandise design. distribution. selling. service. sourcing. etc. which influenced its value to the company and the client. 4. Measure options to the directors of Tata Ace for growing and schemes to confront competition? Suggest options for growing in bing section. new markets. exports. etc.

Session 18: Preparation Questions

1. List the factors in the macro environment which impacts ICICI’s retail concern. 2. What is ICICI’s scheme in the retail fiscal services concern? 3. Why does ICICI desire to construct long term relationship with its clients? 4. How did it travel about selecting and implementing a CRM solution? 5. What lessons on CRM can be generalized from ICICI’s experience?


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