Louis Vuitton A French Fashion House Marketing Essay

In this peculiar instance survey, we are traveling to discourse the ground why people purchase luxury goods, particularly is LV ; and how the duality between a high-end merchandise and a low-income economic system to be reconciled. Then, the study will be continued with the external factors that impeding the purchase of luxury goods in India, civilization typically. After that, mentioned more in international selling, we are traveling to happen out the ground why luxury goods sellers form retail bunchs, why certain luxury goods look for shop locations in luxury hotel. And eventually, the study will be ended with the manner of a luxury promenade work for luxury goods sellers.

Presents, when the universe becomes globalisation, there are no more barriers in the integrating procedure of every state. Therefore, people are entitled to buy and utilize planetary merchandises made by international companies. Not the same as consumer goods or necessity goods, “ luxury goods are cyclical and correlative with GDP in specific parts, frequently overstating the up- and down-swings ; in roar times, consumers ‘ demand tends to turn faster than the growing of economic systems ( as measured by GDP ) ”[ 1 ]. More exactly, luxury goods are goods for which demand is non related to income. Basically, there are three chief factors that lead people by luxury goods. Particularly in today ‘s consumer-driven economic system, people spend proportionally less on basic necessities and more on things based upon emotion and desire.

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First, they buy luxury good because of its superior functionality and quality. Most of them were old because of difficult on the job clip period, so they were affluent plenty that willing to pay premium for merchandises that had digesting value. They normally conducted extended pre-purchase research, so doing logical determinations instead than emotional or unprompted. This action highlighted the messages of merchandise quality. And that message were information-intensive appealed to them. Dwelling of cognoscentes, this class was the largest.

Second, they are people who perceive luxury merchandises as a wages. They saw these merchandises as position symbols which make the personal statement that they had “ arrived ” . Highly driven, they were motivated by a desire to be successful, eager to showcase their success to others. They besides were acute on looking munificent or hedonic. They wanted to do apparently “ smart ” determinations that demonstrated the importance of their purchase while non go forthing them unfastened to societal unfavorable judgment of any sort.

Third, this is the smallest and consisted of younger consumers, with a higher proportion of males than the other classs. They saw luxury merchandises as a agency of self-indulgence. They enjoyed luxury merchandises for their feel-good factor. They were emotional in their purchase determinations and were non concerned with merchandise length of service or its digesting value.

Particularly, in India, people who buy luxury goods autumn into the 2nd class. As we know, maharajahs are the most affluent and powerful in India in the late nineteenth century. They are the 1 who prefer everything luxury to showcase their places as “ great male monarch ” . “ It was the on-going orders from Indian royal households, among other affluent clients, that had helps Louis Vuitton survive the Great Depression of the 1920s ”[ 2 ].After that, although the alterations in 1971, these maharajahs lost their traditional clasp in post-independent India and their wealths with the abolishment of one-year fiscal grants from federal authorities, many of them became entrepreneurs ; but by chance, the new coevals of clients for LV was formed in India including start-up proprietors of countless new concerns, professional CEOs in their mid-thirtiess and early mid-fortiess, non-resident Indian, little and average retail merchants, big-brand franchisees, Bollywood histrions and “ cupboard Spenders ” . This new coevals of clients could be the 3rd class of who purchase luxury goods. They are new and non excessively many of them are truly rich, but they still purchase LV as the feel good factor. Hence, they are really indispensable in long-run strategic development in Indian market.

Part III

Case Question 2

Louis Vuitton is a high-end merchandise. India is a low-income economic system. Can this dichotomy be reconciled?

“ India, throughout history, has been a land of extremes and known for the indulgence of its deluxe categories ”[ 3 ]. Typically, there are more than 600 maharajahs existed that clip. They are genuinely powerful and affluent plenty to be considered as “ great male monarch ” . As a positive consequence, most of planetary trade names were looking India as a market with long-run possible whereby there are high demands of luxury goods from Indian royal households. Louis Vuitton is besides non excepted. Until now, about luxury trade names are still survived in Indian market despite of planetary economic crisis. Clearly groundss are the Indian market has increased a important per centum of ingestion this twelvemonth when clients are more interested in walking into the mercantile establishments and, significantly, purchasing instead than merely looking.

Besides that, India is known as a low-income economic system, but there are truly have several affluent people who are superior to the mean population. Since Louis Vuitton made an of import observation that “ the rich in India were winging to London, Dubai, Singapore, New York, and Paris to shop because there were observing available in India for them to purchase ”[ 4 ], the company has articulated the clear long-run ends in India that is unfastened shop in every Indian metropolis so that the affluent category can purchase the needful points right in their place state. “ The World Wealth Report 2005-06, published by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, put the figure of dollar millionaires in India at 83,000 in 2005. The study besides said that India recorded the universe ‘s 2nd fastest growing in the figure of HNW persons, 19.3 per cent in 2005 ”[ 5 ]. Therefore, we can easy recognize the possible market of Indian consumers ‘ buying power.

Presently, due to the capitalist head set and turning immature population, India offers to luxury trade names favourable advantages such as more affluent people, increasing consciousness, increasing consumerism, and greater supply of luxury goods. First, luxury merchandise companies strategizing their entry into India were chiefly aiming high-net-worth persons because they are those with a million dollars or more in liquid fiscal assets. They are the largest class of disbursement on luxury goods as the figure of them every bit good as their demand increased. Second, India immature coevals is now going abroad more than earlier, therefore, the alien trade name consciousness is besides increasing. The more they go out of the state, the more they exposure with international trade names, particularly luxury trade names. Then, the demand of these sorts of planetary trade names is increased in India but domestic market can non fulfill their demand. That is the ground helps luxury goods by and large and Louis Vuitton peculiarly still existed and developed bit by bit in this market. Third, there are besides an increased Numberss in ingestion of non-essential points. The universe is acquiring globalisation twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ; the demand of human is non merely the demands but besides the wants, so that their life becomes more convenient and sophisticated. They do n’t afraid of giving a big sum of money to pass on a luxury merchandise that it is deserving for and satisfied their wants. Of class, there is no more guilt feeling associated with disbursement on luxury presents. Finally, together with the roar of spread outing planetary, luxury trade names opened more and more mercantile establishments in every bit many states as possible, including India.

By and large, in the universe of resistance, this duality wholly can be reconciled.

Part IV

Case Question 3

What are the external factors impeding the purchase of luxury goods in a state like India?

Depend on several conditions of each state ; the factors that are impeding the purchase of luxury goods are assorted. In this peculiar instance survey, we are happening out the external factors in Indian market.

Ad platform: Nowadays, “ Ad is a service to the community ”[ 6 ]. It is normally revealled the latest manners and the new popular freshnesss on the market. Therefore, the consequence of attending to the community is indispensable. Ad has the power of persuade and influence consumer. “ Advertising has short-run power ( conveying new information, edifice consciousness, heightening credibleness, etc. ) and long-run power ( conveying trade name image, attaching emotional values to the trade name, constructing positive repute, etc. ) ”[ 7 ]. Actually, there is deficiency of advertisement platform in Indian market. No celebrated magazines or newspapers are found in India at that clip. Hence, LV besides faced with this state of affairs of advertisement. This is the important factor that hindered the purchase of consumer in India, particularly luxury goods.

Credit card issue: As a underdeveloped state, Indian fiscal industry has forced strongly for the last few old ages. The fiscal sector in India has experienced increased bit by bit. However, recognition card is still a new type of banking in the state due to the immature industry. Not the same with the US or UK, recognition card in India has merely launched in 2008. With two old ages operation and development, recognition card is presently an issue that affects the buying of luxury goods. Simply cognizing that luxury good is the type of expensive-cost good for sophisticated consumers, but recognition card is non excessively popular in India. Without recognition card, it is non convenient for them to transport a immense sum of money to purchase luxury goods in home-country shops every bit good as abroad.

Topographic point for distribution: This is one component of the 4Ps in Marketing Mix which is considered as the nucleus manner for go throughing merchandise from production topographic point to ingestion topographic point. “ Effective distribution provides clients with convenience in the signifier of handiness ( what, where, when – the right merchandise, at the right topographic point, at the right clip ) , entree ( clients ‘ consciousness of the handiness and mandate to purchase ) , and support ( e.g. pre-sales advice, gross revenues publicity and selling, post-service fixs ) ”[ 8 ]. While luxury trade names, particularly LV, normally look for shop location chiefly in luxury promenades, luxury retail bunchs and luxury hotels. And these luxury topographic points are merely located in the state capital or the most crowded metropolis. It makes a hard attack for consumers when they want to purchase luxury goods.

Besides three chief factors, civilization is considered as the broadest and deepest factor influent on consumer behaviour, including India. Culture is an of import portion in every society and consequence straight to a individual ‘s privation and behaviour. The international sellers, particularly for luxury goods should understand the function of Indian purchaser ‘s civilization.

Part V

Case Question 4

Why do luxury goods sellers form retail bunchs?

Luxury retail bunch ( LRC ) which is spread over several blocks, normally in a metropolis ‘s business district nucleus, enabled a luxury merchandises company to showcase its offerings in a mode that highlighted it trade name personality. There are legion of grounds for luxury goods sellers form LRC. Among the grounds, “ clients are the retail bunch ‘s purpose – and its passion – with all merchandises, publicities, distribution and service geared at profitableness supplying superior value for them ”[ 9 ]. Retail ‘s findings consider clients as their unrelenting and ceaseless drive force. LRC besides enhances entree to clients by garnering merchandises from different classs. On the demand side, a LRC gives clients opportunities to buy several points that are related to each other in a individual trip. Simply when buying a luxury frock, so, clients besides want to buy more luxury accoutrements such as leather bags or high heels places that suited with the initial frock.

On the other manus, an single shop was reinforced by an image spillover from other vicinity shops inside LRC. Each luxury trade name additions benefits for its ain somehow when set uping LRC with well-known of high quality merchandises and value ironss. Additionally, on the supply side, “ LRC could pull traffic big plenty to give graduated table to single shop by the sheer figure of shoppers ”[ 10 ]. Surely, a LRC can inscribe clients more expeditiously and be efficaciously. Implementing new policies about finance or scheme for a LRC is considered as a key of success on salvaging costs and keeping the stable degree of clients.

Furthermore, all the shops inside the LRC are ongoing attempts to accomplish higher value. If an single shop does n’t make good on their public presentations, it will be left behind the others. Therefore, each trade name name and trade name seller has tried the best to keep and better the quality and its trade name value. Besides that, “ an LRC offered an chance for a trade name to utilize its shop design to make a alone image without intervention from other shops in the same bunch ”[ 11 ].

By and large, luxury goods sellers are right in organizing a luxury retail bunchs in the intent of sale and cost efficaciously.

Part VI

Case Question 5

Why do certain luxury trade names look for shop locations in luxury hotels?

“ The current luxury client is extremely sophisticated and trade name literate ”[ 12 ]. Therefore, the pick of location for luxury trade names is more particular than the others. There are two sides of benefits when certain luxury trade names put shop locations in luxury hotels.

First for consumer, these retail locations aim to pull the clients ‘ consciousness and do them experience particular when buying the merchandises. The ambiance around the retail merchant is besides of import in the purchaser ‘s attitude. More exactly, a luxury hotel is a assemblage point for society and a hub for those who travel. Furthermore, luxury hotel is a topographic point that affluent people would wish to come and bask their affluent life. They are affluence people, so the potency for them to purchase luxury goods is higher than other topographic points. Additionally, luxury hotels normally are the finishs of upper category on weekend or holidaies. It is convenient for them to hold both vacations and shopping at the same clip. They consider it as a wages after hard-working clip. Once restful and shopping are travel together, clients are more satisfied on the worth services. Last, buying luxury goods of luxury trade name in a luxury hotel can do the clients feel particular every bit good as their life style is proved someway.

Second, for the trade name itself, shop locations in luxury hotel besides support for the trade name position. The original as the luxury trade names with nucleus merchandises are luxury goods, they are seeking to better and develop their luxury image and position in the community. Furthermore, people ‘s consciousness about shop location of a luxury trade names must be at a luxury topographic point, can non compare luxury goods in other topographic points such as supermarket or little promenade. Simply, luxury normally goes with luxury. This becomes a normal consciousness of homo when believing about luxury. And more, it can assist people place luxury trade names easy. Additionally, the trade name itself is easy in aiming clients in this luxury location. The trade name know about their extremely possible clients, so it is more comfy for them to hold developed scheme or selling attack methods to these clients.

Besides that, there is besides disadvantage of looking shop locations in luxury hotels of certain luxury trade names. Hotel is an constitution of lodging services. It is besides the topographic point for people basking life and loosen uping themselves. Therefore, hotel is non a commercial topographic point for purchasing and selling activities. Sometimes, people see that these purchasing and selling activities in a luxury hotel are inconvenient for them when they are in vacations.

In brief, there are both advantages and disadvantages of shop locations in luxury hotels, but it seems that LV did do good usage of advantages to be successful in Indian market.

Part VII

Case Question 6

How does a luxury promenade work for luxury goods sellers?

Luxury promenade, “ a aggregation of shops bonded by shared installations and a common substructure ” , is a best alternate for shop location after luxury retail bunch. With the strength of garnering several different luxury trade names in one topographic point, luxury promenade is the ideal pick for busy clients. Retail infinite is rented by the shop proprietor, and they can plan and layout the shop followed to their standard quality. By puting these luxury trade name closer to each other, the luxury promenade attracts clients ‘ consciousness. It is besides deserving for each shop indoors. Furthermore, one time the luxury promenade is making good, the luxury goods are known good excessively. Therefore, luxury goods sellers do non necessitate to make many things on create consciousness, develop scheme and publicity gross revenues.

In term of 4Ps in marketing mix, there are clearly advantages that luxury promenade brings for luxury goods sellers. “ Marketing mix is tactical toolkit of merchandise, topographic point, monetary value and publicity that sellers manipulate in order to fulfill their clients and implement their mark market schemes ”[ 13 ]. First, luxury promenade is normally located on the crowded country with extremely selling possible, therefore, with the retail infinite is offered inside the luxury promenade, luxury goods sellers do non necessitate to happen the shop location in the intent of pulling clients and increasing gross revenues rates. Second, pricing at luxury promenade is determined at the same degree already. Sellers do n’t hold to make market research in order to place a suited monetary value at a particular point. Third, merchandises at luxury promenade are redefined as luxury goods, so, there is no more demand on seeking to make client head set about their luxury trade name. Finally, related to the seasonal demand of clients, luxury promenade already has assorted publicities that suited for each season. As consequence, the luxury goods sellers merely followed to the given publicities and adjusted someway in order to standardise with the trade name image.

In instance of Louis Vuitton, after opening shops inside two luxury hotels in New Delhi and Mumbai, Louis Vuitton teamed up with other western trade names to develop a luxury promenade. Surely, it ‘s playing an of import function in the success of Louis Vuitton in Indian market. “ India ‘s first luxury promenade was to open in New Delhi in a few months ” with entire of 130 pavilion trade names, including of class Louis Vuitton. In the developing scheme of the luxury promenade ‘s proprietor, LV is besides involved with all of the undertakings in following five old ages without the difficult attempts of the sellers. It is the important success of any foreigner house in Indian market, Louis Vuitton typically.



Part IX



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