Love in George Orwell’s “1984” Essay Sample

August 2, 2017 Communication

George Orwell. in his novel. 1984. has created a black totalitarian society in which The Party has become all powerful and their end is to command all ideas. all actions and to stamp down all individualism. Love of household. romantic love and sexual love are all cardinal to a person’s individualism and are. hence. wholly out within Orwell’s fictional society. The tensenesss that this creates amongst the chief characters in 1984. as the province believes that love of Big Brother is the lone acceptable love. is symbolic of the battle to last as human existences in this totalitarian province. Winston Smith. the supporter is this narrative. spends much of his life believing about what is lost and seeking to happen love. He knows that the Party’s end is that he and all of the citizens of Oceania attention merely for the State. He is told. “Never once more will you be capable of human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never once more will you be capable of love. or friendly relationship. or joy of life or laughter. or wonder or bravery. or unity. You will be hollow. We shall squash you empty and so we shall make full you with ourselves” ( Orwell 256 ) .

The Party consistently undermines and does off with every signifier of love in their society get downing with the love and bonds of household. They have instituted a group named the Junior Spies which persuades kids to descry on their parents and seek out marks of irregular behaviour or activities that they could describe to the thought constabulary. “It was about normal for people over 30 to be frightened of their ain kids. And with good ground. for barely a hebdomad passed in which the Times did non transport a paragraph depicting how some eavesdropping small furtive – “child hero” – was the phrase by and large used – had overheard some compromising comment and denounced his parents to the Thought Police” ( Orwell 24 ) The parents learned to value this behaviour as when Mr. Parsons is arrested. turned in by his girl. He tells Winston. “Pretty smart for a child of seven. eh? I don’t bear her any score for it. In fact I’m proud of her. It shows I brought her up in the right spirit” ( Orwell 233 ) .

Winston. in his hunt for his ain humanity. sees and understands this but. in his head. compares it to the swoon memories that he still has of his female parent and sister. He recalls how. while in concealment. his female parent gives off most of the cocoa that she finds to her two kids even though she. herself. is hungering. He besides knows that his female parent and sister. in some manner. died so he could populate. in an act of trueness that was no longer possible. He remembered a clip “when there were still privacy. love and friendly relationship. and when the members of a household stood by one another without necessitating to cognize the reason” ( Orwell 30 ) . Although Winston still has weak memories of a clip when household love and trueness were of import we see through his eyes how the bonds between parents and kids have been wholly severed.

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Merely as the Party has affected love between parents and kids they have besides poisoned the relationships between work forces and adult females. They created Junior Spies to sabotage the relationship between kids and their parents and they created the Junior Anti-Sex League as a propaganda organisation used to learn sexual orthodoxy and control desire. Sexual activity is merely allowed for gestating kids and sex for any other ground is considered a offense punishable by decease. If the Party could make away with sex and household all together they would make it in order to extinguish the hazard of fond regards other than those to Big Brother but. of class. they need more loyal and faithful party members. Winston’s ain matrimony was awful for him because there was no pleasance in the relationship. merely his married woman. Katherine. “doing her responsibility for the party. ” When Winston begins his matter with Julia she explains how the Party has manipulated sex to their ain terminals. “It was non simply that the sex inherent aptitude created a universe of its ain which was outside the Party’s control and which hence had to be destroyed if possible. What was more of import was that sexual want induced crazes. which was desirable because it could be transformed into war febrility and leader worship” ( Orwell 133 ) .

As Winston’s relationship with Julia deepens he becomes more and more in touch with his ain humanity and his ain individualism. His matter is both an emotional and a political act because the more he loves Julia the more he hates Large Brother. Once they are both captured. tortured and give each other up we see that they have besides lost their sense of ego. When they meet they have nil to state to each other and there love for each other has been wholly destroyed by their treacheries. At the very terminal of the fresh Winston is left a broken adult male and has learned to love Big Brother.

In add-on to dehumanising and trying to make away with all loving relationships as a manner to guarantee party trueness. the Party besides manipulates the linguistic communication of love to their ain terminals. The Ministry of Love is really a topographic point of barbarous anguish and the devastation of individualism is called “love for Big Brother. ”Throughout 1984 love is shown to be the antithesis of all that the Party bases for and hopes to carry through. All that they do and all that they believe in is designed to sabotage all types of love. fondness and individualism. They say. “We have cut the links between kid and parent and between adult male and adult male. and between adult male and adult females. No 1 dares trust a married woman or a kid or a friend any longer” ( Orwell 267 ) . We know that values like love. trueness. and unity are what make us human existences. George Orwell has shown how in the absence of these values people all become in human.


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