Love Is In The Air English Literature Essay

As the rubric suggests, love is in the air, and has been for centuries, as indicated in one of the universe ‘s earliest texts, The Old Testament, when Adam foremost fell for Eve in the Garden of Eden. Poetry has long been used as a tool to state a narrative, sometimes for merely capturing the poets ideas at the clip or more frequently for making a record of an experience of which they wished to portion with others.

The verse forms were sometimes in the signifier of a missive, or a narrative, or strictly a general contemplation of an incident important to the writer.

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Subjects were varied from childhood incidents, witnessed events, character surveies, of import turning points in life, but more frequently than non, the most popular subject was love.

Love of a kid, love of one ‘s spouse, love of a parent, the acrimonious sugariness of a first love. Poetry speaks the linguistic communication of love closest to the human experience.

“ How make I love thee? Let me number the ways. ”

These words have become ill-famed throughout history, a phrase that has served coevalss with complete flexibleness.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning captures the true kernel of love in her Sonnet 43.

This sonnet was the 2nd last in a series of 44 sonnets or love verse forms written to her hubby Robert Browning. She called the series, Sonnets from the Portuguese, because he adorably referred to her, as my small Lusitanian, because of her dark skin color.

The topic of the verse form was the intense love she felt for her hubby, a religious passion, which she gave freely and strictly.

The verse form has 14 lines, the first eight lines or octave, sets the subject of the verse form or description of how she loves him. She uses comparings or imagination as a step of the strength of her love. That her love is unchanged by dark or twenty-four hours, this image created by reference of the Sun and candle flame, and that she gives herself volitionally and truly, as referenced by a adult male ‘s confederation to his religion.

In the last six lines she reflects sentimentally of her life as a kid and the love that she has come to portion with him will last an infinity, even after decease.

The tone of the sonnet is sensitive and relevant to theme of love.

The word pick is appropriate with repeat of I love thee in eight lines of the sonnet, which weaves the temper of love throughout, stoping with a persuasive I shall love thee, in the concluding line to construct the emotion. The usage of personification is important to show the strength, honestness and beauty of love, whilst she draws on her spiritual religion every bit good, demoing committedness and passion to her feelings.

The sonnet is written in a melodious beat of 10 syllables per line which reflects the construction of the sonnet and its beginnings as a small Sicilian vocal with a beat that could be sung along to with musical concomitant. It besides follows the rime of ABBA, ABBA, in the first eight lines, with the rhyming of the words: ways, grace, tallness and sight, so everyday ‘s, congratulations, candle flame and right. The concluding six lines so rhyme in CD, CD, CD. There is besides some internal rhyming with deepness and comprehensiveness in line two.

Overall, this small sonnet is a important look of self-generated love that still is recited in the modern universe.

( Sonnet 43 )

The work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning follows in the footfalls of another English poet and dramatist, William Shakespeare. He is considered to be the greatest playwright and the finest poet the universe has of all time known. Many of his words and phrases have become portion of mundane address.

“ O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art 1000 Romeo ” and “ What ‘s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as Sweet. ”

( The Collected Works of Shakespeare )

These lines from Act II, Scene II of the great calamity, Romeo and Juliet, are doubtless ill-famed in any linguistic communication or civilization.

In the late 1500 ‘s it became stylish for English gentlemen writers to compose sequences of sonnets. These sonnets by and large were autobiographical and followed the sequence of events in the poet ‘s life. Shakespeare wrote a sequence of 154 sonnets, over a figure of old ages, although the last two are unrelated to the others, and some uncertainty that they were penned by Shakespeare. The single sonnets were nameless and were referred to as a figure in their sequence. The first 126 sonnets are addressed to a immature adult male and the staying 26 dressed ore on a brunette adult female referred to as the dark lady.

Sonnet Eighteen contains one time once more some ill-famed lines and “ the favorite buds of May ” really became a film rubric, so the work of Shakespeare lives on in the modern universe.

The topic of this sonnet is an reference to a immature Lord with whom he has an intense devotedness and contains dominant forms of imagination, similes and distinguishable personification as evident in the first line, “ Shall I compare thee to a summer ‘s twenty-four hours? ”

He describes the beauty of his beloved as enduring everlastingly, unlike the passing of the summers ‘ twenty-four hours.

The words of Sonnet 116 have besides lived on throughout history and have been recited by twosomes interchanging their nuptials vows throughout the universe. The imagination of the sonnet encapsulates how true love is changeless, despite fortunes that are continually altering as we journey throughout our lives. Even thou, superficial beauty slices with age, true love lives everlastingly.

( Shakespeare ‘s Poetry )

He wrote the verse forms in three units of four lines each, reasoning with a pair or two line unit. This is referred to as the Shakespearean sonnet which formed the footing for English sonnets compared to the sonnets of Barrett Browning which followed the basic Italian signifier or Petrarchan sonnet, with the first eight lines or octave organizing the basic subject followed by six lines of contemplation. The sonnet rimes in the form of abab cdcd efef gg. This construction or riming scheme accents certain words and links them to other words. The sonnets follow the traditional metre of rhythmic sounds in iambic pentameter, being a form of stressed and unstressed syllables which creates the beat.

( Sonnets, Poetry Overview )

Today, the literary value of Shakespeare has continued to greatly act upon our lives. From modern public presentations of his plants in unrecorded theater and in gesture images based on his dramas to talented immature lyrists seting his subjects to music and making worldwide award winning hits, such as Taylor Swift, with Love Story, based chiefly on the calamity of Romeo and Juliet.

As the rubric suggests this poetic musical narrative tells the narrative of a out love and like the traditional Italian sonnets of Elizabeth Barrett Browning has a beat that has been put to music. However this is non a sonnet, but an illustration of free poetry, in which the length of the stanzas is based on content, instead than convention. The lines of each stanza flows from one to the following capturing the beat.

The first stanza sets the scene as an debut to the plot line and there is repeat of the word Romeo, underscoring the importance of to whom the verse form is dedicated.

The technique of free poetry is used to copy the address form as the narrator is reciting the narrative around her ideas and thoughts.

There is grounds of a strong meter form of 10 – 15 syllables in each line maintaining with an surrogate strong and weak form and this assists in keeping the beat.

In maintaining with free poetry, the verse form has no form of rime and alternates the riming pair of the last word in the line, from the last two lines in some stanzas to the first two lines in other stanzas. There is a perennial chorus throughout the verse form which creates coherence to the plot line.

( Love Story, Taylor Swift )

Returning to our subject of Love is in the Air, non all modern poetry, particularly those used as wordss are illustrations of free poetry, but others are laies, such as the rubric of our treatment, was a popular 1970 ‘s hit vocal, penned by Harry Vanda and George Young. A simple lay of 4 line stanzas, in ABAB beat, that one time once more has a chorus that is insistent throughout and brings the plot line together. There are infinite illustrations of love verse forms, wordss, sonnets and laies stretching the length and comprehensiveness of our planet.

Every poet has his ain manner of construing the emotion of love and his ain typical manner of entering those sentiments.

Australia ‘s ain Judith Wright, wrote extensively from the 1930 ‘s and expresses her ain feminist reading of love in her verse form The Company of Lovers.

An illustration of clean poetry, with each line taking on to the following to state the narrative, the verse form discusses company and love, and the imminency of decease looming to portion them. How even a brief interlude serves to get away the mercenary challenges of world.

There is a contrastive image portrayed by the two distinguishable parts to this verse form. The first portion discusses love, aspiration and integrity in comparing to loss, decease and going in the last two stanzas.

The verse form is written in four stanzas with a riming form of ABCB DEFE.

There is extended usage of personification and imagination in the last two stanzas, speaking of decease as a leader of an ground forces, rounding up his military personnels. Describing their footfalls as the inevitable decease that is endangering all life. Darkness and the sound of crushing membranophones conjure up images of a decease March at an executing.

The lovers are seeking a brief minute of consolation together, prior to the unknown timing of their concluding going.

A similar verse form of clean poetry, written by the same poet, showing the delicate and gradualness of an intimate interlude with her lover was Woman to Man. This verse form besides uses extended personification and imagination to depict the minutes shared. This verse form was besides written in four stanzas, but with a riming form of ABBAA.

( Poetry Analysis, Judith Wright )

In decision, the art of showing love through poesy, in whatever signifier it takes has engaged the ideas of many poets across the ages. Many have left an waxy grade on society with their words, phrases and vocal and will go on to make so for many more old ages to come.

As Aristotle one time said, ” Poetry is superior to history, because it uses words in their Fuller potency and creates representations more complete and more meaningful than nature can give us in the altogether. ”

( Quotation marks, Aristotle )



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