Low Cost Air Travel In Europe Marketing Essay

Ryanair is taking trade name that has revolutionised low-priced air travel in Europe and was ranked 33 amongst the most fast growth and well-thought-of companies in the World. Ryanair adopted Low-cost Business theoretical account through debut of new paths to stand out in extremely competitory Air Line Industry that attracted 1000000s of clients describing rider growing and net incomes of 34 % and 19 % severally.

Ryanair was formed in 1985 and it began to present a low cost runing theoretical account under a new direction squad in the early 1990s. At September 30, 2002, with its fleet of 44 planes, including 21 Boeing 737-200A jet aircraft and 23 Boeing 737-800 “ following coevals ” aircraft, Ryanair offered about 300 scheduled short draw flights per twenty-four hours which serve 11 locations in England, five locations in Ireland, two locations in Scotland, one in each of Wales and Northern Ireland and 34 locations in Europe as per Securities and Exchange Commission on September 30, 2002

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Company ‘s chief focal point has been more gross chances and lower per place operating costs through debut of bigger planes with minimal fuel ingestion and care cost that besides deliver outstanding public presentation

Ryanair kept on detecting new cheaper paths and constructing them up to outpace other stronger but expensive paths, for case ; Gatwick-Irish Capital and Luton-Irish Capital, success of which resulted in tremendous net incomes being declared and consistent growing over the old ages. This was one of the most of import stairss Ryanair took and the determination on where to wing was dependent on which airdrome provided the Airline with a really good bundle of installations every bit good as efficient installations, but at low cost.

O’Leary stated: “ Whichever airdrome provides us with the best bundle is the following new path we open ”

Chief executive of Ryanair, Mr O’Leary, joined the company in 1988 and flew the trade name from a little air hose into a bearer that has more stanstead-Europe flights than BA flight from Heathrow. The company ‘s chief focal point has been systematically increasing net incomes and faster growing through extremely competitory menus.

Selling Scheme

Definition of Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is a procedure of use of limited resources available to an organisation that help increase gross revenues and finally achieve organisational ends. An organisation focuses on niche market through a combination of merchandise development, pricing, publicity, distribution and relationship direction that identify the trade name ‘s selling ends. Its effectivity lies in built-in constituent of overall house scheme, specifying how the organisation will successfully prosecute chances, clients and in the terminal rivals in the market sphere. As the client is the beginning of a company ‘s gross, selling scheme is linked with gross revenues in close propinquity. A cardinal constituent of selling scheme keeps selling in line with a company ‘s mission statement.

Ryanair ‘s Marketing Scheme

To maintain gait with the market a company operates in it chooses on what grounds to vie with challengers. Ryanair adopted a lost-cost leading selling scheme to derive competitory advantage. As a effect its riders rose by 35 % hence increasing Net incomes before Taxation by 37 % . This was an outstanding and appealing advantage compared to troubles experienced by Europe ‘s national flag bearers.

Ryanair ‘s success which is based on offering low-cost and no frills service is modelled on South West Airlines of the USA. Costss are lowered under this theoretical account as follows:

i‚· No in-flights repasts are served

i‚· Cabin crews do the cleansing, rushing up the turnaround times and leting aircraft to wing more hours everyday

i‚· The fleet comprises one type of aircraft, the Boeing 737, cut downing costs such as parts and care

i‚· Using secondary airdromes at which landing charges are low ( and sometimes zero )

i‚· By maintaining out of the market for linking flights, aircraft are non delayed waiting for riders

i‚· Emphasis is on direct gross revenues: in 2001/2002 70 % of Ryanair ‘s tickets were booked over the cyberspace, 22 % by phone and merely 8 % through travel agents ; this saved the company 62 % in merchandising costs

Ryanair ‘s selling consists of the followers:

i‚· Determining rider demands and Demands

i‚· Selling tickets

i‚· Communication with riders

i‚· Reacting to feedback

Core aim is to make ‘value ‘ for possible client. At Ryanair this needs to be achieved in a cost-efficient mode, suiting in with company scheme. Competitive advantage is basically based on low ticket monetary values. However, Ryanair claims that its success is due non merely owing to low menus, but besides winning combination of a good ‘on-time ‘ record is a well lending factor together with friendly and efficient crew and good service. The company besides believes that accent on client feedback is besides an built-in and of import factor of concern success.


It is reiterated that Ryanair ‘s primary selling scheme is to lodge to its widely-available low menus. Ryanair, to aim possible client, advertises its services in national and regional newspapers in Ireland and the UK both on wireless and telecasting in niche market whereas in Continental Europe, it advertises through both electronic and print media including hoardings and other local media. The pronunciamento “ Ryanair.com, the low menus Airline ” is conspicuously featured in all of the air hose ‘s selling to construct its trade name individuality and unity.

Other selling activities encompass the distribution of promotional and advertising stuff and concerted advertisement runs with other travel-related entities, including local tourer boards.

Runing of particular publicities in coordination with the startup of its service into new markets is Ryanair ‘s alone selling scheme. Ryanair undertakes a major advertisement run in the mark market and local media. It attentively advertises and makes stakeholders cognizant of its focal point on low menus about four to six hebdomads before it launches a new path.

Ryanair ‘s of import and distinguishing scheme is to do cognizant every possible caput of their services every bit shortly as they are launched, so that best possible end product can be obtained and therefore rapid net incomes released consequently. To give this scheme a practical touch Ryanair ‘s gross revenues squads visit mark countries with high footstep per centum that usually include: shopping promenades, saloons, nines, mills, offices and universities.


Ryanair converted its host reserve system from British Airways Booking System through a five old ages hosting understanding with Acenture Open Skies called Flightspeed. Subsequently the two companies jointly developed an cyberspace booking installation system called Takeflight that allows clients to pay for ticket menus online in existent clip through Ryanair ‘s official web site salvaging clients menu costs, clip and fuss where as gaining the company speedy gross and gaining fame hence pulling more and more clients. Ryanair shortly after it had developed Takeflight cyberspace booking system started to a great extent advancing its web site through all available media that had important rise in cyberspace engagements accounting for approx in surplus of 92 % of all reserves on a day-to-day footing compared to September 2002.

Presently web engagements at Ryanair history for around 95 % . This is the ground why is has been one of the most popular names amongst air hoses on Google. Owing to inordinate use of cyber reserves system and consumer industry ‘s tendency on clip and fuss economy, Ryanair placed accent on cyberspace selling and has invariably been presenting new path to update the in topographic point extended web. Ryanair web site has besides proven an appealing one halt store for travel / vacation clients supplying other extra installations such as: flight hunt, hotels. Cars and sails reserves, trades, travel ushers, involvement ushers. To enable client explore new attractive and hot finishs, Ryanair has besides included Top Finishs pages that help clients take their following vacation hot topographic point.

Strategic Issues

A strategic analysis besides includes probe of the strategic capableness, which is the ability to execute at the degree required for success ‘ ( Johnson & A ; Scholes 2002 ) . Firms must understand what clients want and follow product/service characteristics consequently. To win companies need: Critical Success Factors ( CSF ) , features particularly valued by clients and used to surpass competition ; alone resources, hard to emulate and generates competitory advantage ; nucleus competencies to run into the CSF, taking to competitory advantage. A figure of tools exist to analyze strategic capableness that can ease to place Ryanair ‘s Strategic issues.

Outbound logistics

1. Use of stray secondary airdromes frequently requires farther conveyance agreements for clients. Besides, some finishs are so geographically obscure that they ca n’t back up regular services ‘ ( Pratley 05/02/04 ) , as evident on some intra-Scandinavian paths for illustration ( Done 04/11/03 ) . This limits the degree of market portion Ryanair can accomplish. EasyJet does the antonym and flies to large metropoliss, but so has to pay higher landing charges which is reflected in their higher monetary values ( Bowley 21/07/03 ) .

Selling and Gross saless

2. Ryanair considers branding virtually irrelevant as it believes that monetary value is most of import to clients. This is reflected in its non ever so good image in the imperativeness. Southwest, contributes a big portion of its success to its good established trade name values ( Gilbert et.al 2001 ) , and EasyJet has won awards for its trade name ( Brand Strategy 2001 ) .


3. A really basic merchandise is offered and Ryanair now plans to take the last frills ( Gow 16/02/04 ) . The inquiry is how much clients are willing to waive before exchanging to rivals. Will it be possible to prolong the necessary burden factor with an even narrower mark market? Southwest is more successful than Ryanair but has non stripped off all frills ( Porter 1996 ) .

4. The low service amendss the trade name which leads to cut down concern. For illustration, Ryanair was taken to tribunal for bear downing handicapped riders ?18 for wheelchair use ( Tait 03/12/03 ) , and is known for reassigning riders to later or alternate flights without notice if original flight is non full plenty ( Johnson & A ; Scholes 2002 ) .

The Western European air conveyance market has historically been capable to important authorities ordinances, both from the EU and single states. However, in the 1980 ‘s, the EU commenced a programme to cut down the degree of ordinances, well cut downing the ability of single EU Member States to curtail entree to paths for air travel.

It must be noted the Ryanair ‘s concern would be adversely affected by any circumstance doing a decrease in general demand for air transits services in Ireland or the UK, including, but now limited to, adverse changed in local economic conditions, political breaks or force ( including terrorist act ) or important monetary value additions linked to increase in airport entree costs or revenue enhancements imposed on air riders.

Equally long as a important publicity the Company ‘s operation remain dependent upon paths between Ireland and the UK, the Company ‘s future operations and growing will be adversely affected if this market does non turn and by increased competition in this market.

Prone to bad imperativeness: Ryanair is perceived as chesty and the slightest incident gets a batch of imperativeness coverage. Niche market: Restricted enlargement possibility, Distance of some regional airdromes from advertised finish: Over clip clients may happen this a large incommodiousness, Poor service: people accomplishments. Ryanair is highly sensitive to alterations in charges that can sometimes be disadvantageous and Incur the Airline loss of clients and repute.

In nut shell the external factors such as: – Dependence on oil markets: Fuel costs depend on the oil market, Dependence on economic rhythm, Increase of low menu competition, European tribunal determination: This may do enlargement more hard and costs rise in the hereafter, Limited growing on the South European market, Regional airports addition bargaining power for “ 2nd unit of ammunition ” , Customers are really monetary value medium, Ryanair and Easy jet bound one another ‘s growing “ mob wise ” , need for peaceable coexistence, or paths could go battlefield ( e.g. : London-Rome ) , Face addition in air traffic control charges. As more planes fly in the sky, Powerless to forestall debut of responsibility for fuel or environmental charges: This would cut down its growing potency as it relies on monetary value stimulation.


The purpose of this study was to transport out a Selling Strategy and Strategic Issues of Ryanair, Europe ‘s largest low-priced no-frills air hose. From this it became apparent that the administration operates in a complex environment with fast altering influences that affect its concern both beneficially and unfavorably. It besides enabled designation of some of the beginnings of Ryanair ‘s competitory advantage: nucleus competences, alone resources, cardinal linkages and the superior cost public presentation compared to its closest rival. However, it besides became clear that the administration still has a batch to larn from best pattern. In general Ryanair ‘s schemes match its undertaking environment although it fails to turn to certain important issues. If these are non dealt with they could take to future jobs and decreases in net incomes.




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