January 14, 2017 General Studies

Lucky is a heart wrenching book about the worst possible thing that can happen to a woman. It is a gripping novel that takes the reader on a journey that is powerful, yet also disturbing and inspirational. Alice Sebold tells the horrors of her rape – both physical and emotional. Although she tried bravely not to let it ruin her life, she without a doubt felt set apart by the experience.

Alice Sebold was an eighteen year old freshman at Syracuse University, and still a virgin. It was the last day of classes at Syracuse and she went to a friend’s dorm room that was across campus for a final get-together before they said their goodbyes until next fall. Alice was walking home from the party through a park that conjoined the two dormitories. She heard footsteps behind her but thought nothing of it when suddenly; someone attacked her from behind and told her if she screamed he would kill her. He brought her into a tunnel that went under the entrance of the park, no light shined through there, just the moonlight cast shadows around them. “I laid there, helpless and scared, among the dead leaves and broken beer bottles.” Since Alice was forbidden by this man to not look at him, she tried to focus on the ground and study it. Something had caught her eye – it was a pink bow. She wondered how it had gotten there, and what the girl was doing when it was lost. Maybe she was having fun with her friends just joking around; she hoped it was nothing that had harmed the owner of that pink bow, yet she had a feeling something had happened to her. Alice’s attacker gave her a kiss goodbye and ran off into the night sky.

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Alice was cut up all over her back and the backside of her legs, she could barely move, but she knew she had to run; she had to get out of there. She ran to her dormitory and she went inside to find her dorm locked, so she ran next door. When the girls looked at her they knew something was wrong so they all sat down and she told them what had happened to her and they immediately called the police and went straight to the hospital.


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