Lydia, Queen of Palestine

June 30, 2018 General Studies

Lydia, a Jewish girl, was born in Bucharest, and during the World War II she went to Palestine. Her father was a Romanian journalist who was always “off somewhere”. Her mother stayed with her at home. But she was a terror. Her mother Ruth Hoffman tried to send her to kindergarten but it only last a day. She also attempted to leave Lydia with a nanny but still the three of them didn’t work. She always managed to find adventures and get her own way. But something happen that she cannot control- her parents separation, that woman, and the urgent decision of her mother to send her to Palestine.

Because of the war, she travelled alone with some children on a train. Upon arriving in the Kibbutz, she still manages to get around on her own. She lived their everyday waiting for her mother to arrive and to live together with her father. As days and months past, her mother still not there. She have knew that her father with “That Woman”, Lili, in Palestine. Lydia was so devastated with her but opposite with her expectation, she’s so nice. She stays there every weekend until her mother arrived. She is now Mrs. Lupo. Lydia loses her dream to live with her mother and father.

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She never thought it would happen. Now she has two sets of parents. And her mother was walking around the Kibbutz with a big belly that made her embarrass. She is a refugee, a survivor, and a terror. She even dreams to marry Prince Micheal and became the queen of Palestine. Lydia’s world may have turned upside down- but she always manages to come out on top! REACTION: In the novel written by Uri Orlev, as a child it just was a story about a funny little girl on an adventure, and how brave and grown up she became. It contained no violence, (except in the character’s twisted little imagination).

The overall story is a wonderful one describing the thoughts and predicaments of a precocious and mischievous girl. It reflects the child’s point of view in life. It may hard for her as you think because she is just a little girl but she still managed to strive on her own. She is a terror, yet a survivor. All year long without her parents, she still survives and proved that she can. Many people in this world give up every time they fall down. They even took suicide or being depressed. As you compare them to the attitudes of Lydia, they are much greater to be called losers.

As a quotation goes by Rick Hansen, “The goal you set must be challenging. At the same time, it should be realistic and attainable, not impossible to reach. It should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break. ” For me, Lydia is a little heroine. She became an inspiration and a little encourager in my life. As a college student, there are many obstacles which hinder my objectives. But looking at her, a girl who runs her own world, still come through it. If Lydia can do it, definitely I can.


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