Mabe Essay

December 31, 2017 Geography

How will MABE programme help me achieve my personal and professional goals. My personal goal in life is to own a top ten small size business which provide excellent products and services to customers. In this way, I hope to play a major part in developing the business to the point where it achieves tremendous success and can eventually help develop my country in terms of economic, environmental and images aspects.

In order to attain this goal, it is essential that I have knowledge which I can apply when I have opportunities to engage in practical business activities. I, therefore, choose to continue my study in business and management as the program will definitely broaden my view of business, equip me with strategic business lessons, and prepare me for a competitive global business world. I chose to study in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Geography for my Bachelor Degree due to the fact that I interested in the earth matter and can it be applied generally in daily life.

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I believe that knowledge I have gained from this faculty establishes a certain part of a foundation of management skills as it helps me develop my knowledge of natural resources, earth and human complexities, sustainable travelling and etc. Furthermore, I chose English languages as a minor studies as it can helps me develop the ability to communicate effectively. In additional, I have expanded my understanding of other human beings more profoundly, which I believe is a crucial factor of the art of management.

However, I need to have knowledge that is more concrete about business and management in order to realize my ambition. As I’ve seek program to support my requirement, I found that Chulalongkorn University’s MAs in Business and Managerial Economics program suits me best as it can develop my analytical and decision making skills, also it can give me the foundation of management to be able to deepen and focus on a specific field that I am interested in.

I am convinced that at Chulalongkorn University, I can best broaden my perspectives of management and advance my skills to a professional level. I am excited at an opportunity to work with colleagues from all around country or world. In conclusion, I firmly believe that studying at Chulalongkorn University’s MAs in Business and Managerial Economics program is a major step that will lead me to my ultimate goal as an entrepreneur.


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