Mac is better than Windows Essay

By July 18, 2017 Music

“Is Mac OS X better than Windows? ” Both Mac OS X and Windows are alone runing systems used in computing machines. Windows was launched by Microsoft whereas Macintosh OS X was launched by Apple. These runing systems give different degrees of characteristics with respects to customization. user interaction and security. Arguments have been made sing which runing system is better than the other which includes the followers ; Users of Macintosh OS X support that it is more practical and antiphonal to alterations in the Information Technology sector with its germinating chances and menaces than Windows.

Apple has improved Mac OS X independently from 10. 0 -10. 5 betas to day of the month while Microsoft took a long clip to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista. Macintosh is an first-class operating system that is well more unafraid than and free from unwanted background processing and analytical tools that use applications. Mac OS X I is really efficient with uncompelled fount superb functionality and requires minimum care ( Coursey 2003 ) . The job of deficiency of hardware support for Mac OS X has been removed by debut of hardware interface such as firewire and USB.

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Initially. hardware like scanners. used to hold different hardware interfaces such as SCSI and consecutive connexions which required production of drivers for specific runing system. The debut common criterion has made it possible for Mac OS X to run on all devices. Users of Windows support that it is the most efficient operating system due to its compatibility with about all hardware and package. In add-on. Windows provides the best customized concern applications. Windows 7 offers alternate gambling operations and where gambling is a major consideration for users Windows provides the best operating system.

Mac OSX is more stable than Windows since Apple has a higher grade of control of over hardware constellation ensuing to a by and large more stable merchandise. Both OSX’s S UNX base that had been under betterment for a longer clip than Windows and UNIX security theoretical account consequence to a more stable operating system. On security issues OSX is more secure from virus and spyware onslaughts. With respects to security issues. Windows XP is much targeted for malware than Macintosh. Due to the constellation of Windows. when a malware gets into the computing machine. it does more harm and it’s hard to take than in Macintosh.

This makes Windows less stable than Macintosh. The major strength of Apple lies with its content production. Since most users use computing machines to make something new. OSX provides the necessary characteristics and plans for making content the Windows. Mac OSX most sets use characteristics such as Pro Tools to make music and every print is created with Adobe Photoshop and most pictures are produced with Final Ct on Macintosh OS. Mac OS X can get down a cold boot within 25 seconds on the latest gen MacBook Pro.

In malice of all its advantages. Macintosh OS. is more expensive than Windows and provides less support to hardware jobs. In add-on. Macintosh OS. offers few hardware picks as compared to Windows such as scanners and cameras. Furthermore. OSX is more complex due to its UNIX base than Windows. therefore doing it less understanding to the terminal user. Rebooting Windows takes a much clip and is a painful experience and most users can detain the reboot de to the long clip it takes ( Lee 2006 ) . The pick of the operating system depends on the terminal user and the intent f the computing machine.

Both Macintosh OS and Windows have changing pros and cons including security. problem hiting. user interface and hardware support and complexness to the terminal user. therefore the computing machine user needs t select the operating system based on their demands. Budgetary strains can besides act upon the pick of which runing system to utilize since both Windows and Macintosh differ in cost. Mentions Coursey. D. ( 2003 ) . Mac OS X for Windows users: A Switcher’s Guide. Washington. DC: Peachpit Press. Lee. W. ( 2006 ) . Runing Mac OS X on Windows. New York: O’Reilly Media. Inc.


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