“Macbeth” Character Analysis Essay Sample

July 22, 2017 General Studies

Macbeth. the chief character in the Shakespeare drama with the same name. is a really complex and interesting character. Throughout the drama Macbeth exposes his overpowering thirst for power. Macbeth attains this power by a extinguishing those who stand in his manner. It is Macbeth’s of all time turning thirst for power that exposes him as a cruel hearted single and ultimately causes his ruin.

At the beginning of the drama. Macbeth is exposed as a coward. In the unfastened of Act 1. Scene 7. Macbeth ponders the impression of killing King Duncan before being interrupted by his married woman to whom he says. “We will continue no farther in this concern / He hath honored me of late. and I have bought / Golden sentiments from all kinds of people / Which would be worn now in their newest rubric / Not cast aside so soon” ( 1. 7. 32-35 ) . It is at this point in the narrative where Macbeth has non yet had a gustatory sensation of the power in which he will shortly come to love. He merely pursues the impression of slaying Duncan because of the force per unit area he was having from his married woman.

As the narrative advancements and Macbeth has attained the throne. his hungriness for power grows whilst his compassion for others finally disappears. Macbeth becomes more fearful of others around him and the possibility of releasing the throne. In Act III. in the conversation between Macbeth and the. Macbeth says. “So is he [ Banquo ] mine ; and in such bloody distance / That every minute of his being pushs / Against my near’st of life. And though I could / With bald power sweep him from my sight / And command my will avow it. yet I must non. / For certain friends that are both his and mine. / Whose loves I may non drop. but wail his autumn ( 3. 1. 119-129 ) . It is at this point ion the drama where Macbeth starts to demo his altering bosom. He is willing to bewray and kill off one of his closest Alliess in order to keep his place on the throne.

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In the Acts IV and V of the drama. Macbeth to the full evolves into the cold blooded. merciless male monarch that he has been turning to be. Malcolm describes him as “bloody. / Epicurean. covetous. false. fallacious. / Sudden. malicious. slap of every wickedness / That has a name. ( 4. 3. 59-61 ) . The one time sort. gentle. and darling Macbeth is now feared by others and trusted by no 1. In the shutting scenes of the drama. Macbeth describes the alterations he has gone through. “I have about forgot the gustatory sensation of frights. / The clip has been my senses would hold cooled / To hear a night-shriek. and my fell of hair / Would at a blue treatise rouse and stir / As life were in ‘t. I have supped full with horrors / Direness. familiar to my gory ideas / Can non one time get down me ( 5. 5. 9-15. ) . Macbeth’s ain ego disclosure about his alteration is the concluding phase in the development of his character before his ultimate ruin and death.


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