“Macbeth” – the only interesting character is Macbeth himself Essay Sample

July 20, 2017 History

“Macbeth” is a Shakespearian calamity focused entirely on the tragic hero Macbeth. All major events that take topographic point in the drama involve the presence of Macbeth. including the witches’ prognostications. the decease of King Duncan. and the return of the rightful King Malcolm. Being so elaborately tied to all facets of the drama allows the character of Macbeth to be wholly developed. and become of considerable involvement to the reader.

Because we foremost hear of Macbeth in the hurt captain’s history of his battleground heroism. our initial feeling is of a brave and capable warrior. This position is complicated. nevertheless. once we see Macbeth interact with the three enchantresss. We realize that his physical bravery is joined by a overwhelming aspiration and a inclination to self-doubt–the anticipation that he will be king brings him joy. but it besides creates interior convulsion. These three attributes–bravery. aspiration. and self-doubt–struggle for command of Macbeth throughout the drama. This complexness adds another dimension to the character of Macbeth. doing him much more interesting.

Before he kills Duncan. Macbeth is plagued by concern and about aborts the offense. It takes Lady Macbeth’s steely sense of intent to force him into the title. After the slaying. nevertheless. her powerful personality begins to disintegrate. go forthing Macbeth progressively entirely. He fluctuates between tantrums of fevered action. in which he plots a series of slayings to procure his throne. and minutes of awful guilt and absolute pessimism. These fluctuations reflect the tragic tenseness within Macbeth: he is at one time excessively ambitious to let his scruples to halt him from slaying his manner to the top and excessively painstaking to be happy with himself as a liquidator. This changeless inner battle provides a deep penetration into the Macbeth. doing the reader sympathise with him while strongly disapproving of his actions. This ability to acquire the reader involved makes Macbeth much more singular than other characters in the drama.

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As things fall apart for him at the terminal of the drama. he seems about relieved–with the English ground forces at his Gatess. he can eventually return to life as a warrior. and he displays a sort of foolhardy bluster as his enemies surround him and drag him down. In portion. this stems from his fatal assurance in the witches’ prognostications. but it besides seems to deduce from the fact that he has returned to the sphere where he has been most successful and where his internal convulsion need non impact him–namely. the battleground. Unlike many of Shakespeare’s other tragic heroes. Macbeth ne’er seems to contemplate self-destruction: “Why should I play the Roman sap. ” he asks. “and die … On mine ain blade. Alternatively. he goes down contending. conveying the drama full circle: it begins with Macbeth winning on the battleground and ends with him deceasing in combat.

Simply because Macbeth has been so of import in the drama. the reader has been able to sympathize with Macbeth many times. and feels a sense of acquaintance with him- every clip he appears in the drama. the reader is funny to cognize the province of head that he is presently in. This is in great contrast to other characters in the drama. For illustration Banquo’s son- merely looking two or three times during the drama. we are merely able to garner that he is in fact Banquo’s boy. and that he is fleet in get awaying from the three liquidators. His character has non been developed at all. and is merely a tool of the drama that is necessary for the plot line. Banquo’s boies. along with the bulk of the other characters in the drama have similar defects. and are of small involvement to the audience/reader. The deficiency of interior struggle besides makes the other characters really tiring.

Lady Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated and scaring female characters. When we foremost see her. she is already plotting Duncan’s slaying. and she is stronger. more ruthless. and more ambitious than her hubby. She seems to the full cognizant of this and knows that she will hold to force Macbeth into perpetrating slaying. At one point. she wishes that she were non a adult female so that she could make it herself. This subject of the relationship between gender and power is cardinal to Lady Macbeth’s character: her hubby implies that she is a masculine psyche populating a female organic structure. which seems to associate maleness to aspiration and force.

Lady Macbeth manipulates her hubby with singular effectivity. overruling all his expostulations ; when he hesitates to slay ; she repeatedly inquiries his manhood until he feels that he must perpetrate slaying to turn out himself. Lady Macbeth’s singular strength of will persists through the slaying of the king–it is she who steadies her husband’s nervousnesss instantly after the offense has been perpetrated. Afterward. nevertheless. she begins a slow slide into madness–just as aspiration affects her more strongly than Macbeth before the offense. so does guilt blight her more strongly subsequently.

By the stopping point of the drama. she has been reduced to somnambulating through the palace. urgently seeking to rinse away an unseeable bloodstain. Once the sense of guilt comes home to perch. Lady Macbeth’s sensitiveness becomes a failing. and she is unable to get by. Significantly. she seemingly kills herself. signaling her entire inability to cover with the bequest of their offenses. Like Macbeth. lady Macbeth’s behaviour and feelings alter throughout the drama. doing for really interesting screening. We besides get an in deepness position into Lady Macbeth’s personality through close focal point on her emotional battle.

Therefore. it appears that the scoundrels in Macbeth are the lone characters that are interesting to the spectator. The comprehensive development of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth throughout the drama. and the interior struggles between good and evil within these two characters render them much more interesting than the other characters in Macbeth. The deficiency of complexness and deepness in the other characters make them uninteresting to the spectator. ensuing in Macbeth and Lady Macbeth being the lone two interesting characters in Macbeth.


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