Machiavelli and The Qualities of the Prince Essay Sample

July 19, 2017 Communication

Generals and Princes A general is an person who leads work forces into conflict field. Generals are strong. brave. smart leaders who lead others in the clip of demand. A prince is a adult male with power to a irritant that is wise and feared amongst other work forces. Harmonizing to Machiavelli. a general should be the prince because the sense of treachery could fall into the general? s custodies. Therefore. a prince should be a general and a prince all in one.

In the article The Qualities of the Prince. the writer ( Niccolo Machiavelli ) states that the qualities of a prince should hold great moral rules because of the strengths that come with the power. Machiavelli believes a prince should be the wisest of all the wise work forces for that he should be feared largely alternatively of loved. This gives a sense of sacredness to others who dare to bewray a most powerful royal prince. In the other manus. their are generals who can be looked as a leader. The writer believes a princes function is to go that general which people love and be scared as they lead their people and soldiers into combat. The writer express most clearly that a prince can non be hated. The hate of the people can take to a destructible hereafter. Harmonizing to Machiavelli. a prince must be compassionate. trustworthy. sympathetic. honest. and spiritual to an extent. These features lie in a prince but ne’er in a general.

I agree with Machiavelli? s positions of qualities of a prince. I prince should be a baronial who is wise and apprehension. He is to be the leader. powerful wise adult male that can be looked upon in times of problem and demand. These qualities lie in a prince instead than a general. A general leads persons but still lacks the few importance of life ; honestness. trustworthy. compassionate and sympathetic. A general can non be successful as a swayer of a state because of the sightlessness of his eyes when it comes to understanding and pass oning other thoughts. For Example. during a 5th class category activity. a instructor ( Mr. Cukar ) had me stand up in forepart of a category and play a leader function in the group activity. My other friend ( Deryk ) was playing the function of the loved male monarch who was generous by giving other childs confect. As I was stating other people what to make. I had noticed that most of the childs started to detest me because of my bossiness to the other kids. Then. my Mr. Cukar asked Deryk if he needed me to stamp people around and he said no. This is an illustration of a activity which relied on a some kind of a leader but yet became more effectual when the swayer did it himself.

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A prince will ever be more of a successful leader than a general because his willingness to understand and larn new things. Bing willing to understand others can open your head and ideas so you can a better pick. For illustration. my male parent is a really unfastened minded person who understands me when I ask to make non so good things like partying. My m other in the other manus does non digest of any partying by me. . I genuinely think my male parent is a better parent because of his willingness to understand and be unfastened minded. In the universe of generals and princes. generals seem to thing one manner and merely do things their ain manner. They are non unfastened minded persons unlike princes. therefore doing them a bad leader. The qualities of a prince are a leader that is loved and feared. Making what you want to make without believe about other is what generals do which do them a despised leader. This brings an unsuccessful society when generals are unwilling to be loved.

The most of import facet of a leader is holding control of their district. The controlling of a piece of land shows a sense of power and duty. With holding a controlled environment. many disfunctions can accrue. As for a prince. commanding a general who has 1000s of ground forces work forces is non an easy undertaking. This can convey a menace to a society when a general has excessively much power. The rebellion of a power can be really avaricious.

Controling pieces of district is a hard undertaking for a prince. That is why the qualities of a prince needs to be a general and prince in one.

Machiavelli? s thoughts symbolize strength and power in a prince. These qualities are merely found in a prince instead than a general. The inability of a general to go a swayer of a state should educate those who do non understand the value and moralss of being a baronial prince. Therefore. it is a prince who stands house in a society under force per unit area and leads work forces as a leader in the nowadayss of a battleground. The understanding a communication differs a general than a prince in clip of a controlling society. So. there is merely one thought which needs to be remembered. A general by and large ne’er works. but a the qualities of a prince is ne’er forgotten.


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