Machismo and Relationships

Machismo and relationships Thesis Statement: To describe and prove the male dominance in the Colombian society and the freedom of men. Reflective Statement: In the Colombian Society men had all the rights to do the things of their choice without any objections. The women had no other option but to surrender to them. In this essay I am going to talk about the Male Dominance in the Colombian society which kind of leads to suppression of women. The author of this book, Gabriel Garcia Marquez has indirectly depicted this aspect through the character or his friend Santiago Nasar.

Not just Santiago but as well through the other character’s such as the Vicario brother’s. These characters show strong masculinity and also their behavior with the women (Santiago Nasar). This can be reflected on to the age or society the book was written in. This topic can be strengthened by examples from the text such Santiago’s behavior with Divina Flor and Ibrahim’s affair with Victoria and also the brothels convey a very strong sense about the men and their relationships.

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According to the text, it shows that men usually visit Maria Cervantes’s brothel. And they feel proud about this rather being shameful as the Colombian society accepts those sort of sexual desires and deeds. Also the importance of chastity amongst women reflects onto the male dominance. It proves that women had not much freedom to do what they like as they were under the control of men.

The poor classes such as servants, talking about the women again such as Divina Flor they had no other option but to accept the things done by Santiago because they work for him. Also the scene when Angela is returned back home by Roman describes machismo again proving the fact that chastity is of a great importance. The murder of Santiago by the Vicario brother’s is an other scene where the machismo is put out clearly. Not just these many other scenes from the book expose this aspect in a more detailed way making the reader reflect on the kinda of society.



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