Macroeconomic Analysis Of South Africa Economics Essay


The fiscal crisis, in fact, affects the planetary universe since 2008. There is high rising prices, increasing unemployment rate, low export, diminishing GDP and so on. In every state every bit good as in South Africa that besides faces the macroeconomic jobs, stand foring by the falling of the end product, high rising prices, and the microeconomic jobs besides affect to the economic market.

Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyse and concentrate on the macroeconomic environment and explicate a scheme in reacting to the Economic crisis in South Africa. The ground to cognize and analyse the macroeconomic in a state is, because the microeconomic, institutional alterations are improbable to be implemented if the economic system is in a province of macroeconomic chaos-plummeting widespread unemployment and hyperinflation. Macroeconomic stabilisation must and can predate the more cardinal microeconomic, institutional transmutation.

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Macroeconomicss in footings of concern is covering with the public presentation, construction and the behaviour of national or regional economic system as a whole. It is besides a survey about GDP, unemployment rates, national income, end product, rising prices, nest eggs, investing, international trade and economic growing.

Macroeconomic Background

South Africa

Located in base of the continent of Africa, South Africa is a diverse state with an appealing mix of people, civilization, religion and linguistic communications. Despite the people, South Africa ‘s physical province besides has its ain typical characteristics. It has its ain alone geological formations that AIDSs in bring forthing the mountains, fields and seashores. South Africa besides has big sum of fertile land. Furthermore, a more extraordinary characteristic about South Africa is that it is home to the rarest species of wildlife and works life.

The state has a entire country of 1, 127 200 square kilometres and it is divided in four states, which are the Cape Province, the Transvaal, the Orange Free State and Natal.

Bing located in a semitropical country, South African by and large enjoys warm conditions all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Naturally, being located in Southern Hemisphere, winter is experienced during June and summer is experienced in December.


South Africa has a population of 49 billion people ( 2009 ) . It has peculiar demographic due to the heterogeneousness in population base, apartheid, cultural groups and out-migration

Table: Population % ( Wikipedia, 2010 )

Basically the black people they ‘re the cultural group like Zulu, Xhosa every bit good as immigrant signifier the other parts of Africa ( largely from Nigeria and Zimbabwe ) . The Whites they ‘re the posterities of French, British or German colonists whom arrived to Cape Town from the late of seventeenth century. Some of them are from immigrants from Europe and Portuguese settlements left over. Coloureds are the posterities of earliest colonists, their slaves and autochthonal people. The last portion of racial population can be counted as Indian or Asiatic ( Chinese )

Table: Age construction % ( Wikipedia, 2010 )

The mean entire birthrate rate from 2001s to 2009s is 2.41 kids born per adult female. So that ‘s why each household in South Africa normally has more than 2 kids

In the state they have about 11 functionary linguistic communications, the most spoken linguistic communication of black people is 30.1 % speak Zulu, 22.3 % speak Xhosa while most the white occupants speak Taals at place ( 59.1 % ) , 39.3 speak Englishaˆ¦ ( Wikipedia, Demographics of South Africa, 2010 )

Political state of affairs

South Africa has multi-party system where the President Jacob Zuma is the caput of authorities and the parliament. The African National Congress is the governing party in the national legislative assembly, which received 65.9 % of the ballots during the 2009 general elections and has 74.25 % of entire seats in the parliament. Democratic Alliance is the 2nd major party that received merely 16.66 % of the ballots and has 11.75 % of entire seats. All the other parties represent less than 20 % . From this immense spread between the governing party and the Democrats ‘ we can see that political state of affairs is stable and will remain like that in close hereafter. ( Parliament supervising group 2009 ) ; ( Number of Political Party Seatings: National Assembly – May 2009 | Parliamentary Monitoring Group | Parliament of South Africa monitored )

Laws & A ; ordinances

South Africa has progressive legal model. The legal system is based on Roman-Dutch jurisprudence and English common jurisprudence. Commerce and labour statute law is good developed while Torahs associating to competition policy, right of first publication, patents, hallmarks and differences conform to international norms and conventions. South African commercial Torahs and company Torahs are similar to the Torahs of the United Kingdom. Sanctity of contract is protected under common jurisprudence, and independent tribunals guarantee regard for commercial rights and duties. The independency of the bench is guaranteed by the Constitution.

South Africa ‘s fiscal systems are sophisticated, robust and good regulated. Banking ordinances rank with the best in the universe, while the sector has long been rated among the top 10 globally. Foreign Bankss are good represented and electronic banking installations are extended. ( South Africa info 2008 ) ; ( South Africa: unfastened for concern – )

South Africa ‘s economic system

South Africa is one of the most stable economic systems in the Arican continent. It ‘s a middle-income state, emerging market with rich supply of natural resources. The state has to the full developed substructure back uping efficient distribution of goods throughout the southern African part, with well-developed fiscal, legal, energy, communications, a stock exchange ranked among the top 20 in the universe. The primary sector, based on fabrication, services, excavation, and agribusiness is good developed.

Economic growing was strong from 2004 to 2008 due to macroeconomic stableness and a planetary trade good roar. Because of universe fiscal crisis in the 2nd half of 2008 economic system began to decelerate down. GDP was turning 5.1 % in 2007 and 3.1 % in 2008. In 2009 it fell about 2 % . Unemployment is high ( 24 % in 2009 ) . Daunting economic jobs remain like poorness ( 47 % in 2009 below poorness line ) , deficiency of economic authorization among the deprived groups. South African economic policies, which are focused on commanding rising prices and achieving budget excess, are efficient. Inflation rate in 2009 was 7.2 % . To welcome the foreign investing in South Africa, the authorities has made it clearly by investor- friendly policies. Corporate revenue enhancement is 29 % . VAT on hotels and retirement inns are charged at 8.4 % .A

South Africa has a immense potency as an investing finish, offering the first universe developed substructure with a critical emerging market economic system. It is besides one of the most advanced and utile economic systems in Africa. ( CIA World Factbook 2010 ) ; ( CIA – The World Factbook — South Africa )

Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate

Monetary policy can be defined as the steps taken by the pecuniary governments to act upon the measure of money or the rate of involvement with a position to accomplishing stable monetary values, full employment and economic growing. The South African Reserve Bank conducts pecuniary policy in South Africa. ( About SA – Economy, 2009 )

Exchange rate: Rand ( ZAR ) per US dollar – in 2009 ( 8.54 ) , in 2008 ( 7.95 ) ; ( About SA – Economy, 2009 )

As we know the macroeconomic treatment focuses on pecuniary policies in the state. And any determination of the authorities can impact the business-cycle alterations in end product, rising prices, exchange rate or employment.

South Africa emerged out of a recession in Q3 2009. A choice up in capital influxs and support from expansionary pecuniary and financial policy is lending towards its recovery: ( Euromonitor & A ; # 8217 ; s Economic Review of Emerging Market Economies: January 2010 )

A recoil in the fabrication sector and increased authorities disbursement on the building of roads, railroads and substructure for the 2010 World Cup helped excite growing. The fabrication sector, which accounts for 15 % of GDP expanded by 7.6 % over the old one-fourth in Q3 2009 ;

The South African rand appreciated to R7.48 per US $ in December 2009 from R9.97 per US $ in the same month of 2008, proposing a addition of 25.0 % in 2009. It has been one of the best executing emerging market currencies in 2009 pulling capital influxs due to lifting liquidness and trade good monetary values. However, this limits the recovery procedure as a stronger rand weakens exports. So far, the authorities has non intervened in the foreign currency markets to assist control the unprecedented rise in the rand ;

In November 2009, the one-year rate of rising prices eased for the 9th back-to-back month to 5.8 % , below the cardinal bank ‘s mark rate of 3.0-6.0 % for 2009. The South African Reserve Bank is likely to maintain its cardinal involvement rate ( repo rate ) unchanged at 7.0 % in the beginning of 2010, despite calls from labour brotherhoods for an involvement rate cut.

Unemployment job

: Picture 1.png

( South Africa – State Profile – 2010, December )


Unemployment rate


Percentage Change

Date of Information


37.00 %



2001 est.


31.00 %


-16.22 %

2003 est.


26.20 %


-15.48 %

2004 est.


26.60 %


1.53 %

2005 est.


25.50 %


-4.14 %

2006 est.


24.30 %


-4.71 %

2007 est.


22.90 %


-5.76 %

2008 est.


24.00 %


4.80 %

2009 est.

( South Africa – State Profile – 2010, December )

The unemployment rate was 24 % ( 2009 est. ) and was highest among 15 to 24 twelvemonth old, at 48.4 per centum, and lowest among 55 to 64 old ages old, at 6.8 per centum. Of South Africa ‘s estimated 49.3-million people, around 31-million people are between 15 and 24 old ages old. Today, the authorities gives some alteration for SA ‘s unemployed who do n’t hold instruction by make the preparation of unemployed undertaking that aims to minimise the negative effects of the recession. The undertaking trains people as linemans, boiler-markers, welders and mechanics, so when they are trained and easy to acquire the occupation and confronting with the universe with assurance.


Degree centigrades: Documents and Settingshim.STUDENTMy DocumentsDownloadsSouth-Africa-Inflation-Rate-Chart-000002.png

Market construction

Automotive industry

The state is one of the best executing car market in the universe. In 2006, it brought around R118 billion of increasing to gross revenues. In 2007, vehicle exports were approximately 170 1000 unit gross revenues which were expected to leap up to 285 1000 in 2008. The vehicle market had a immense development when comparison to twelvemonth 1997, the unit exported merely 20 1000s. The sector is about 10 % in history of fabrication exports, 7.5 % of part in GDP with the employment of around 36 thousand people. The authorities aims to increase the vehicle production to 1.2 million units by 2020 because of the definition of the automotive industry is a cardinal growing sector

Many of transnational companies such as Ford, Toyota, GMaˆ¦use South Africa as beginning constituents and assemble vehicles for both the local and abroad markets. From 2000 to 2006, the investing in production and export substructure was multiplied by four, which was R1.5-billion to R6.2-billion. An R4-billion in investing was expected in 2008. Most of the investing came from foreign where the parent companies wanted to use the local operations to better merchandise capacity, support export and substructure ( Large Media Publishers, South Africa ‘s automotive industry, 2008 )


Table: Automotive gross ( Large Media Publishers, 2008 )

Mining and mineral resources

South Africa is well-known in the universe by its wealthy in mineral resources. The wealthy of the state has been built on the state ‘s huge resources. There are assorted sorts such as: Platinum, Chrome ( which the quality is the 1st in the universe ) , Gold ( 1st largest manufacturer ) , Diamond ( 4th largest manufacturer ) aˆ¦but merely rough oil and bauxite is those that the state does n’t hold. Mining was an industry that contributed 21 % entire exports of goods in 2006

Gold was one time the anchor of South Africa but it has been diminished in importance due to economic system ‘s diverseness. From 1970s to 1980s, the exports of gold were the prevailing beginning of state foreign exchange net incomes which made up a 14 % of entire value added in economic system. In the twelvemonth of 2007, this shifted to 5.8 % part to state GDP of excavation and quarrying. The excavation industry is South African biggest employer. It attracts more than 860 thousand employees of labour force

Presently, more than 70 % of excavation industry ‘s labour force is black. Opposite of that figure, it ‘s merely merely less than 5 % of managerial places belongs to black people. The excavation sector ‘s cardinal issue is transmutation. The mark has been set by the authorities that an expect of 40 % managerial places would be held by South Africans in all excavation companies ( Large Media Publishers, 2008 )


Table: Mineral resources ( Large Media Publishers, 2008 )


South African agribusiness is n’t dominated by subsistent agriculture. In fact, it has both good developed commercial agriculture which is prevailing and more subsistent influenced in deep countries. The state has more than adequate end product to export monolithic sums of agricultural green goods. Because of the variousness of climes, there are good conditions ( such as mix agriculture in winter rain autumn and in summer rain autumn ) for turning different harvest production in South Africa. The diverseness in clime, which is tropical, sub tropical and desert allows diverseness in merchandises either. South Africa besides has advantages in Marine resources which is 3000km of coastline that is appreciated to develop mariculture and aquaculture. The chief agribusiness export production can be listed as: corn ( some southern African states rely on this import ) , vino ( South Africa is the fifth largest manufacturer worldwide ) , fruits ( grapes, pears, peachesaˆ¦ ) , livestock agriculture ( sheep, cattleaˆ¦ )

Agricultural part represents less than 4 % of GDP but 10 % of entire reported employment in histories while farming is 8 % of state ‘s entire exports. The cardinal agricultural merchandising spouses of South Africa are America and some states in EU. They gain the benefit from the market by exporting through figure of trade understandings. The agribusiness sector is extremely protected and evolved to authorities ‘s control. In 1996, the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act they closed agricultural selling boards, eliminated subsidies and put the import duties to protect South African agriculture from unjust international competition. So the South African husbandmans and agriculture could be placed themselves as participants in a globally competitory environment. Nowadays there are still some factors that even though the authorities has tried to implement, these could n’t convey any attempts to the remainder of the economic system. For illustrations: most of autochthonal people are subsistence husbandmans, subsidies from other developed states, clime changeaˆ¦are cut downing sector growing ( Large Media Publishers, South African agribusiness, 2008 ) ( Wikipedia, 2010 )


Energy substructure

Among the states that have the lowest cost of electricity, nevertheless South Africa has to confront its job of the demand for power surpassing supply. The economic system grows strongly, a batch of rapid industrialisation development, the electrification programme is being mass led and distinguishable deficiency of investing are all the issues which cause the power supply crisis in South Africa. As a consequence, the province energy company Eskom and the authorities has come up with a projected ZAR 343 one million millions over five old ages to fund new power Stationss for energy increasing such as atomic and electricity storage. Eskom besides aims to cut down the demand of electricity by 3 000 megawatts in 2012 and 5 000 megawatts more in 2025

Table: Energy Overview ( Large Media Publishers, 2008 )

There are some idea about utilizing natural energy as air current or solar. Despite South African sunny conditions, the thoughts have n’t truly taken off and there are some concerns that the state somehow is n’t appreciated with the air current energy. Energy contributes an sum of 15 % state GDP. The state is 11st state in the universe that has highest commercial primary energy strengths due to its big scale economic system construction, mining industries and some benefit based on minerals activities which push the use of energy above norm ( Large Media Publishers, South Africa ‘s energy supply, 2008 )

Beginning: EIA

Transportation system

The conveyance web has been identified and highlighted as a competitory advantage in planetary market. The route system in South Africa has a sum of 754 thousand kilometer in which 9.6 1000 kilometer is national route. 2.4 thousand kilometers are toll roads. However the route substructure needs to be constructed due to overloading of heavy vehicles and volumes increasing of route cargo vehicles. It has about 95 % of state trading concern are done by go throughing through the sea every bit good as the traffic from others states like Europe, Asia, America and even Africa itself. The railroad system is besides one of the chief transit which is 10th longest in the universe. It connects all the parts in the state together so it can be used for transporting goods or even touristry. The air hose industry carries about 33 million riders a twelvemonth. There are a batch of airdromes such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban which are the 3 chief international airdrome and the others at South Africa ( ArriveAlive, 2010 ) ( Publishers, 2008 )

Technology sector

Technology sector is good developed with modern fabricating sectors like machinery, scientific equipment and motor vehicles. South Africa has strong technological research centres. South Africa has developed a figure of taking engineerings, chiefly in the Fieldss of energy and fuels, steel production, excavation, and telecommunications. There is all necessary engineering for cordial reception industry. ( South Africa info 2008 )

Tourism in South Africa

South Africa ‘s major attractive forces for tourers are chiefly involved with nature. They are the big assortment of game Parkss, nature Parkss and a brilliant scenic diverseness of landscape changing from desert fields blossoming with spring flowers to mountains overlooking vineries, vales and big farming areas, tribal communities and modern metropoliss.

The state ‘s coastline, which represents many names to our universe today, such as ; Africa ‘s southern most coastline and the base of the big continent, is 3000km long. This 3000km long coastline is nil but calm flaxen beaches with magnetic seaboard resorts scattered along. Some of these locations are celebrated beaches and surfing countries. For animate being lovers, there are other attractive forces that are available. For illustration, in Pretoria there are assorted botanical gardens, bird sanctuaries, fish tanks and menagerie. The National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria is ranked to be the top 10 menagerie in the universe. Some illustrations of daytime activities are manager Tourss, ocean sails, museums, art galleries and a broad scope of athleticss. Other celebrated attractive forces in South Africa are the vinos produced. South African vinos are categorized under New World Wines. These vinos are celebrated all over the universe. South Africa is the universe ‘s most known hunting finish. It offers runing at big land countries that are protected under legislative Torahs and huntsmans can happen many rare species. Hunting seasons are normally between May to July. And the Professional Hunter ‘s

Other out-of-doorss activities for tourers that are celebrated in South Africa are canoeing, river rafting, campaign, wilderness trails and joging. Hiking every bit good has a lifting popularity as the National Hiking Way has been developed and improved.

All activities mentioned are easy accessible by the by and large good substructure in South Africa. Overall, most tourist attractive forces in South Africa are non for the swoon hearted and for nature lovers.

Harmonizing to some studies, international travel to South Africa has increased, in 1994 the twelvemonth South Africa ‘s first democratic elections, merely 3.9 million foreign tourers to the state. By 2004, the international visitants have more than doubled to 6.7 million. And in 2007 the entire figure of 9.07 million aliens visited South Africa- 8.3 % addition compared to 2006- as the state broke its one-year tourer reachings record for the 3rd twelvemonth running. In South Africa, today, Cape Town has become an of import retail and touristry Centre, and attracts the largest figure of foreign visitants come here for their vacations. ( South Africa ‘s touristry industry – )

International tourer reachings ( in 1000000s )

nternational tourer reachings in South Africa

( Beginning: Department of Tourism ) ; ( South Africa ‘s touristry industry – )

Tourism is besides one of the fastest turning sectors of economic system in South Africa, and it contributed to the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) of state increasing from 4.6 % in 1993 to 8.3 % in 2006.

Tax system


Table: Paying revenue enhancements ( IFC, 2010 )

SWOT analysis


South Africa has a universe category substructure as their competitory input, like 3 deep H2O ports, 3 international airdromes, a web of roads and high ways, good developed cold concatenation installations and a sophisticated fiscal sector. These substructures are even comparable to first universe developed states and its cost is favorable ( the cost of electricity is still remain cheap and competitory in labour rates every bit good ) ( Large Media Publishers, South African agribusiness, 2008 )

The free trade understanding and high engineering, high substructure offering are the cardinal values for international investing from America and European Union

The strength includes the mineral resources every bit good as South Africa is considered as a major excavation state. It ‘s the universe largest manufacturer and exporter of gold and Pt. They besides have a high degree of engineering ( such as a ground-breaking procedure that converts low-grade superfine Fe ore into high-quality Fe units ) and production expertness ( the natural stuffs such as Fe, C steelaˆ¦were added more values before exporting ) which make excavation industry is one of the cardinal sectors of the state


South Africa has a high ratio of unemployment which is from 30 % – 40 % . The instruction of the labour force is still really low, particularly black people. A consequence showed us that merely 22 % of Black Africans have completed high school. When we do comparison, it has difference sum of 70.7 % of White persons have completed high school

More than 5.7 million South Africans are infected with HIV in which 350 1000s have already died of Aids with 1000000s of South Africans have been victims of violent offense


The FIFA World Cup 2010 will be held at South Africa this summer so this will be non merely the chances for the South Africa itself to increase their international images and reputes. It ‘s a good alteration to publicize and advance the values of the state so it ‘ll pull more investing and partnership from foreign and internal either. For the FIFA World Cup 2010, South Africa has a program to include a Bus Rapid Transit system which will advance the usage of public transit between host metropoliss as Cape Town, Durban with other metropoliss. They besides received an sum of R9 billion investings and an inducement from FIFA to better the substructure in the nine host metropoliss due to the expected monolithic visitants. It means a batch of ascents to state ‘s airdromes and general transit including cab system, rider trail and coach ( Osec, 2010 )


Because South Africa is an export led economic system, it ‘s really easy to be influenced by planetary demand. The depreciation in monetary value of trade goods which go deeper to really low degrees could be resulted to occupation losingss

The power supply crisis leads to demands of diverseness in energy mix including natural gas, atomic power and assorted signifiers of renewable energy every bit good. The autochthonal beginning of energy is coal which use to bring forth electricity and it ‘s one of the causes of nursery gases. The activity to increase electricity by utilizing coal can foul the environment and it requires the authorities have to hold programs to forestall planetary heating

The roads system needs to be constructed because of monolithic traffic and transit. An official study said that it would be cost around R65 billion for pressing fix. Otherwise the cost for a twelvemonth due to overloading will be surpassed R650 million in devastation to roads ( Osec, 2010 )

Future development

When South Africa decides to put into other states of Africa, they are assisting to diversify African economic systems and cut down the dependant on primary sector industries. South Africa does n’t concentrate merely on oil and gas, but they concentrate about telecommunicating, banking service, excavation besides. They enter the African market, but making them every bit good by constructing substructure, reassigning engineering and cognition, promoting the foreign state to implement Torahs and beef up democratic establishments. For illustrations: South Africa exported to the remainder of Africa a R43 billion worthy, most of involved import related to oil from Nigeria which was R5 billion. That figure show an instability in South African goods and services with African consumers. The state ‘s companies besides try to incorporate themselves with the local economic systems by engaging local staff or purchasing stuffs from local processs. In return, South Africa received the favor by investing from the other African states which is good for South African ain domestic economic system. That ‘s why South African engine is really of import for economic development across the African continent ( Leon, 2004 )

In 2009, the authorities spent a entire sum of R787 billion on public substructures over the following 3 old ages which would force the state ‘s budget shortage to 3.8 % of GDP in 2009. They explained that it was necessary to borrow the financess to finance planned public substructure undertakings due to the reduced demand for South African trade goods and lower end product. In the R787 billion:

R390 billion would be spent on province owned endeavors

R25 billion for Rail Computer Corporation

R12 billion for the Bus Rapid Transit system

R1.6 billion South African Airways


After we analyzed the economic system of South Africa and predict the hereafter of the state, we realize that South Africa has possible to put money in this state which can make net income for us every bit enterprisers every bit good as for the state ‘s economic system. South Africa has many strong sectors but we decide to put our money in wellness attention sector which is presently non strong in this state. We believe this is the right determination which will convey to us return on investing and net income for the hereafter.



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