Mad Girls Love Song Commentary

January 2, 2018 General Studies

She lived in England. She was very depressed when she wrote this poem. The “Mad Girls Love Song” is a very depressing and sad poem. The main theme or idea of this poem is love, insanity and imagination. She is reflecting on a relationship she had. The speaker is talking to herself. The most important poetic techniques are alliteration, personification and metaphors. These techniques will be used a lot during this poem.

The setting of this poem is probably in the dream of the character. The speakers attitude is very depressing and melancholy. The poem is an early Belleville from 1953 by Sylvia Plate. The structure of the poem helps us know that it is a Belleville because there are 5 teeters and one quatrain. The writes uses a lot of “l” to refer to herself. There is a rhythm in this poem which lets us know that there are traumatizing and harsh accented words. The writer also repeats lines from earlier stanzas. This could be one of her patterns in her poem.

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In stanza two the personification “The stars go waltzing out in blue and red, And arbitrary blackness gallops in”, creates the impression that she’s in a dream or that she’s looking at something in and suddenly everything turns black because she closed her eyes. This short phrase “God topples from the sky, hells fires fade. Exit Seraphim and Satin’s men” tells the reader that there is a moment of chaos and danger. In stanza three she talks about her lover bewitching her into bed. This shows a sign of passion and enchantment.

The alliteration “Fires Fade” emphasizes the idea that everything dies at one point. This helps us imagine the context in our heads. The repetition of “l shut my eyes and all the world drops dead” throughout the second, fourth and six stanza helps us get to our aim or point. Another sign of repetition is on stanza’s one, three, five and six when she says “l think I made you inside my head. ” This insists that she is mentally insane or that she dreamed of it. The mood of this poem is very sad, formal, negative, furious and very depressing.

These attributes show that this poem is very negative because it’s strong word context like “dead” or “Seraphim” proves this. The poem is very melancholy. The line “l fancied you’d return the way you said” shows that she is sad and disappointed. The phrase “l should have loved a Thunderbird instead; At least when spring comes they roar back again,” tells the reader that she was disappointed with her lover so she’s making up a new one inside her head. In conclusion I think that this poem’s message is not to leave or cheat on a loved one.

It will break and haunt hearts forever. I think it is effective because it has lots of strong accented words. This makes the poem interesting. It is relevant to today’s readers because they either feel the same way as the character or they’re using it for a school project. I think that imagination can save your life if you have nothing else to lose. I also think that love can make you crazy. The poem shows that Sylvia Plate did not have a unhappy life, this might be the cause of her suicide.


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