————-The story starts as we see Charles Bovary entering a new school in the town of Rouen inFrance. People laugh at him because he isn’t sure what to do and how to act. He is the son of adoting mother and a very strict father. Charles isn’t sure what to do with his life andtherefore does as his mother advices him; to go to medical school. He fails at first because hedidn’t work for it in class, but the second time he does and he passes the exam and becomes adoctor in the town of Tostes. He is well liked in town because people see him as a hard workingman. Because he is still single and his mother thinks he shouldn’t be, she arranges a marriageonly for the money with an ungly widow, Heloise Dubuc.

One day Charles is called to a farm because someonehas broken his leg. On the farm he meets Emma Rouault, the daughter of the farm owner. He likesher very much and keeps coming back to her father to check up on his leg, even after his leg hasfully healed. They get on very well and they dicide to get married, even with protest of hisformer wife which dies soon after because of a stroke. They arrange a huge wedding and loads ofpeople are invited to it. They party on for days and days and there’s food enough for a wholearmy. Because his practice isn’t where the farmer lives, they return to Tostes. And this iswhere are the misery starts for Emma. When Charles is out in the country for house visits, Emmajust sits at home doing nothing. All she does is read, watch the rain and she used to play thepiano, but quit because she feels that nobody listened to her anyway. She hoped to get the lovefrom her husband in the same way that the main characters in the novels she read get love, butthat doesn’t happen. She is bored to death. She is starting to get irritated by Charles’ wayof living and the way he behaves sometimes.

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One day they go to a party of the maquis and thereshe meets the life that she wants to live. She doesn’t want Charles to dance because she feelsthat it would embarras her and instead dances the night away with a Viscount and meets all therich. When they return back home, she becomes even more miserable because she misses all thosethings now. Charles notices this and talks with another doctor and together they conclude thata change of scenery might be good for her and they decide to move to Yonville. At the time thatthey move, Emma discovers that she is pregnant.

In Yonville, life isn’t that much different fromthe life she’d lived before, but now she meets someone who is interested in the same things asshe is; Leon Dupuis, a clerk. Emma is now close to giving birth to a baby and she is hoping thatit’s going to be a boy so that he can be strong and free, but her hopes are lost when it turnsout that it is a boy; Berthe. As time passes, Emma continues her life and finds out that she isin love with Leon, but they don’t start any relationship. Eventually, Leon moves to Paris tostudy there and Emma is again left in misery. Rodolphe meets Emma and she really isattracted to her, but in a sexual way; he thinks that Emma is beautiful. He manages to talk Emmainto seducing her and it works. Emma starts to get more and more interested in Rodolphe and theystart spending more and more time togeter, for example, they go to the agricultural showtogether. Emma starts meeting him in secret and he even comes to their house where they makelove. Rodolphe decides that to keep the love going, he should leave for a few weeks and that’swhat he does. And it seems to work, because after six weeks, Emma can’t wait to see him again.

One day when Emma decides to go back to Rodolphe, she passes passed by Bines, who knew that shehad nothing to look for over that side of town because Rodolphe’s house was the last one therehe knew that she wasn’t supposed to be there,



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