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August 30, 2018 English Language

One of the most important things a high school student can learn in today’s world is read. Reading helps one gain knowledge essential to living in today’s world. It is necessary to know proper English to participate in government and most jobs. Literature teaches a student various life lessons through literary devices, and the structure of the English language.

Most people would argue that reading magazines would be a waste of time and money because there is no educational value. I would agree because the limited amounts of money we have to spend should be used to help students grow academically rather than read magazines with no academic content. However, the libraries subscribing to the magazines is not the best way to address this issue because they have little educational value and the limited amounts of money available at schools should be used wisely.

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Classic such as Shakespeare’s plays have been used in English classes for centuries now. These pieces of literature educate the student about various areas of the English language with its complexity, tone, and diction while also learning about the human life. Such complex books raise analytical questions, which helps them grow as intellectuals and human beings. Such deeper level thinking cannot be achieved from magazines and tabloids, which only serve as a distraction from what the student should really be working on.

Limited funds are a common problem in all schools nowadays. Money should be used sparingly on what is essential to a student’s academic needs. Although magazines may be less expensive, they are of less educational value, so there is no point in spending money on them. Today’s time magazine will be just about useless a year from now compared to a book.

Some people may argue that magazines are simply used to get a student to start reading so he/she can move on to reading better literature, but they are more likely to be a distraction than an educational lesson. Student’s may get used to the simple/slang language of the magazines and become perplexed and bored when they read more serious literature. The magazines could possibly make a reader lazier and in a way, “dumber.” That is why the focus of a school library should be to get the students to focus on academic

Knowing the English language thoroughly is a major asset into getting into a good college education. This requires serious literature. This can only be properly learned through real novels, not magazines. A library subscribing to these magazines merely gives a student the option to look away from great works of art and science and to sink into the world of pop culture and gossip.


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