Maintain Medicare Essay

August 11, 2017 Medical

Like it or non we are all aging! It is a chilling idea for some. However. cognizing that my grandparents. parents. and one twenty-four hours myself will hold the option to obtain Medicare is really soothing. Medicare is a federal wellness attention plan that was put in topographic point by Congress in 1965 to supply wellness insurance to Americans 65 and above. Medicare was so expanded in 1972 to besides cover younger persons who are disabled ( Kaiser. 2012 ) .

Traditional Medicare provides coverage to all Americans 65 and older without taking into account income. Prior to Medicare a humongous 50 per centum of seniors lacked wellness coverage ( Center for Medicare Advocacy. 2009 ) ! To believe of all the persons who could non afford wellness attention or had preexisting wellness jobs and where unable to be cared for is merely unacceptable. Private insurances felt taking attention of those with anterior unwellnesss and people 65 and older would be excessively dearly-won.

Medicare has put a halt to that issue. With this federal wellness attention plan Americans have a stable sense of security cognizing that their insurance will non revoke their benefits if an unwellness arises or excessively many claims come about. It is my strong belief that after working 40 old ages or more Americans have earned the right to hold wellness attention insurance. Peoples deserve to harvest the benefits of holding paid their revenue enhancements for at least ten old ages. As a consequence of the new wellness reform there will be some alterations go oning to Medicare.

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To better early sensing there will be one-year well-visit medical examinations. colorectal malignant neoplastic disease showings. mammograms. and colonoscopies covered by Medicare ( Health Policy Briefs. 2010 ) . Due to early sensing of chronic unwellnesss which necessarily cost one million millions. such as bosom disease and diabetes will be lowered. The initial end of Medicare still stands today. “to provide just entree to wellness attention. through a stable incorporate plan ( Center for Medicare Advocacy. 2009 ) . ” It is imperative that we stick together as a state to keep Medicare for our hereafter. Health Care Costs: A Primer ( 2012 ) .

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