Major Immigration Countries To The Us History Essay

Major Immigration States


Harmonizing to 2000 nose count 881,300 Africans are populating in the United States. Among them, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone cover the largest part ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The African in-migration increased after 1965 act and to boot the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act besides provide more add-ons by giving amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Due to 1986 act approx. 31,000 Africans were granted amnesty. Diversity in-migration visa plan, which was introduced in the in-migration act 1990 ( Pub. L. 101-649 ) , allowed maximal 55,000 immigrants each twelvemonth to the low rate in-migration states by random lottery ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # overview ) .

Among this about 20000 Africans were able to use this chance. In 2009, 24,122 African immigrants were entered in the US through diverseness visa plan ( yearbook 2009 ) . In add-on, assorted political instabilities made it possible for many Africans to come in as refugees and asylee in recent old ages. For illustration, in 2009, 45,315 refugees and asylees entered US from Africa ( twelvemonth book 2009 ) . Endemic poorness and economic prostration is one of the major push factors for the Africans to migrate to the US ( Gordon, 1998, p. 89 ) . Other major push factors for the migration of Africans to the US are the higher degrees of instruction and unemployment ( Ibid ) . Most of these African immigrants are form former settlements of British and can talk English.

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They do non stand for a massive entity, instead characterized by their place land civilizations. Despite the intra-group diverseness, they portion some common characteristics such as spiritual beliefs, nutrient and music. Many of these immigrants are good educated professionals who contribute extremely in the countries of medical specialty, higher instruction, and technology ( Arthur, 2000, p. seven ) .

Most of the African immigrants settled in urban countries in the US. The chief finishs for the African immigrants are New York, Florida, New Jersey, California and Illinois ( Arthur, 2000, p. 42 ) .

The African in-migration, harmonizing to Logon, contribute in development of their place land by alleviating unemployment and having the remittals from abroad which increases the foreign exchange ( Logan, 1987, p. 598 ) .


After 1965 amendments of Immigration and nationality act provided no numerical limitations in the Western hemisphere which attracted about 10,000 Canadians yearly during 1970s. In 2009, 22,508 immigrants entered the US lawfully and about half of them came under employment-based penchant ( twelvemonth book 2009 ) . By and large the Canadians used to migrate to US for the moneymaking occupations and the migration follows by and large the economic and labour demand state of affairss. Most of these immigrants are extremely qualified and working in extremely skilled businesss. Most of these immigrants come to the US to hold higher incomes, better occupation satisfaction and lower revenue enhancements. The US-Canada Free Trade Agreement in 1989 and the North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ) in 1994, allowed for comparatively free cross boundary line motion by certain professionals and concern people. Harmonizing to this NAFTA understanding, 99,018 Canadians and Mexicans together, major part by Canadians, admitted to the US in 2009 ( twelvemonth book 2009 ) .


The inflow of Chinese in-migration started to increase since 1965 when the in-migration and nationality act of 1965 provided an equal allocation to each state throughout the universe and gave penchant to household reunion.

Between 1960s and 1970s the figure of immigrants 14,060 and 17,627 severally, entered from China, where as this figure is increased quickly in ulterior old ages. In 1980s, this figure increased tenfold as compared to 1970s which is 170,897 so it doubled in 1990s to 342,058. From 2000 to 2009, the entire figure of Chinese immigrants 591,711 entered into the US and 41.7 % ( 246,867 ) came as immediate relations of US citizens ( yearbook 2009 ) . Recent Chinese migration comprises non merely chief land China but besides from greater Chinese Diaspora-consists of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Vietnam, Columbia and Malaysia ( Zhou, 2009, p. 47 ) .

Congress passed the Taiwan Relations act ( TRA, Pub. L. 96-8, 93 Stat. 14, enacted April 10, 1979 ; H.R. 2479 ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // d096: H.R.2479: ) in 1979 which gave separate one-year in-migration quotas to the People ‘s of Republic China ( PRC ) and the Taiwan. Since 1978, Chinese authorities opened up and relaxed the limitations on international migration which lead Chinese to migrate to the US easy ( Liu, G. , 2009, p. 315 ) . Many Hong Kong and Chinese Chinese immigrate to the US for higher instruction as they find limited chances for high quality higher instruction in their place land ( Pang and Appleton, 2004, p. 500 ) .

Congress passed the Chinese pupil protection act of 1992 ( CSPA ) wake of the Tiananmen incident in 1989 which permitted Chinese to use for lasting colony to the Chinese subjects who arrived on or before April 11, 1990. Harmonizing to this act more than 60,000 Chinese granted the lasting residence ( hypertext transfer protocol: // pid=23556 # axzz1HnTVq1OG ) .

The Chinese immigrants came from different socioeconomic background and every bit good as with intra-group diverseness by topographic point of beginning and societal position ( Zhou, 2009, p. 47 ) . The recent Chinese in-migration are by and large coming from two utmost socioeconomic backgrounds such as the people with low income, less instruction and with few occupation accomplishments who tend to take low paid occupations and settle in the China towns as their initial finishs. On the other manus, the people who are good educated, holding high degree of occupation accomplishments and with the household nest eggs, normally have much more chance to obtain good paid occupations and are good integrated into the American society ( Ibid ) .

The recent Chinese immigrants followed the early coevalss of Chinese immigrants in the choice of their finishs in the US. They normally settle in on the West seashore and in the nor’-east. For illustration, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco covers more than half of the Chinese population. The top five metropoliss of the largest Chinese American population are in New York, San Francisco, Los Angles, Honolulu, and San Jose ( ibid 48 ) .

Immigrants from Hong Kong and Taiwan are largely extremely educated professionals. During 1980s many endeavors in New York ‘s china town had increased ( lin 1999, p 111aˆ¦ Lynn Pann? ? ? ) . Some of the Chinese and Hong Kong immigrants have actively participated in the cultural activities such as musical, theatrical, and movie productions ( Ng, Franklin, 1998, p. 71, 119 ) . Ng stated that the Chinese immigrants built new temples, for illustration Mazu temple in San Francisco, Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles and Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, New York ( Ibid, p. 87, 90 ) .


Immigrants from India, besides termed as “ Asiatic Indians ” in the US Census, began to migrate to the US in great Numberss after the 1965 Immigration Act. Since 1965, big inflow of Indian immigrants arrived to the US and most of them with immediate relations of US citizens as Indian households are big and closely knitted. For illustration, in 2009 54,360 immigrants entered the US and among them 20,608 are under immediate relations of the US citizens ( yearbook 2009 ) . The figure of immigrants from India rose from 147,997 in 1970s to 231,649 in 1980s, to 352,528 in 1990s, to 590,464 from 2000 to 2009 ( twelvemonth book 2009 ) . Most of these immigrants are urban, professional, extremely educated and rapidly engaged in paid employment in many U.S. metropoliss.

The figure of Asiatic Indians by 2009 in the United States harmonizing to the US nose count, American Community Survey 2009, is 2,602,676, doing them as 2nd largest foreign born group after Chinese. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Most of these Indian immigrants are extremely educated and fluent in English speech production. Besides this study found that 70.7 per centum held at least a unmarried man ‘s grade, and 66.8 per centum reported working in direction, professional, and related businesss ( ibid ) .

Although most of the Indian immigrants spread all over the US part, many of them settled in California, New Jersey, New York, Illinois and Texas ( Dinnerstein and Reimers, 1999, p. 112 ) . This is mostly due to the handiness of occupations in larger metropoliss every bit good as the personal penchant of being a portion of an urban and ethnically diverse environment. Yet, there are ample Asiatic Indian communities in suburban countries besides such as Silver Springs in Maryland, San Jose and Fremont in California, Queens in New York and etc. .

As India is a big state with assorted civilizations, linguistic communications and faiths, the Indian immigrants display diverse socioeconomic and spiritual nature. They come from majorly Hindu spiritual beliefs, nevertheless there are many from different faiths such as from Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. Hinduism has a major impact on the American civilization through yoga and brooding patterns, even though which is non considered as spiritual or Indian nature presents ( thirty ) . South Asiatic Muslims, chiefly from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are extremely educational and good socioeconomic position and some had begun to take active engagement in American Muslims ( xxx ) . As Indian immigrants represent traditional caste and communities, they are largely involved in assorted lingual associations, community organisations and spiritual groups ( thirty ) . Some of them still maintain their traditional music and dance. In add-on, Indian movie ‘Bollywood ‘ is besides became celebrated. Some of the Indian Americans are besides actively involved in Hollywood media, for illustration, Mira Nair and Night Syamlal ( xxx ) .

Most educated Indian immigrants succeeded good economically to obtain high professional places and besides some are actively involved in enterpriser and concern particularly in motel concern. For illustration 80 % of California ‘s single motels operated by Indians ( Dinnerstein and Reimers, 1999, p. 113 ) . Some of the recent Indian immigrants are actively involved in political relations. For illustration in 2004, Bobby Jindal, an Indian descent won a congressional place from Louisiana ‘s first destrict ( xxx ) .

In footings of household stableness, immigrants from India have one of the highest rates of matrimony and the lowest rates of separation and divorce. For illustration in 2009, the separation and divorce rates are 2.6 and 0.7 % merely ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .


Harmonizing to US nose count about 2.475 Million Filipino immigrants are populating in US doing Philippines is the 3rd largest state among Asia in footings of the figure of Filipino immigrants in the US after China and Asiatic Indians ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

The in-migration act of 1965 opened the Gatess for a enormous inflow of Filipino immigrants to the US through the preference-based system on household and business ( Posadas, 1999, p. 36 ) . After 1965 Filipino immigrants efficaciously utilised both occupational and household penchant every bit good as sponsored their other relations ( Reimers -golden Gatess pp. 88 ) .

The push factors for recent Filipino out-migration are due to the slower economic growing, political convulsion, broad spread corruptness, poorness and unemployment in their state. At the same clip, the pull factors to migrate to US are attractive and moneymaking occupations with broad chances ( Sterngass, 2007, p. 66-67 ) .

Most of the Filipinos who come to the US are extremely educated professional workers. For illustration, approximately 51.5 % Filipino immigrants were admitted on occupational penchant while 48.4 % were admitted on household penchant in between 1971 and 1975 ( Waters, etal. 2007, p. 564 ) . However, from 1976 to 1980 the household penchant per centum increased to 79.8 % while occupational penchant decreased to 19.3 % and this tendency continued in 1980s excessively ( Ibid ) .

More than 230,000 Filipino immigrants arrived to the US during 10 old ages following the 1965 act. Most of these immigrants entered on the household based and occupational penchant system. Among the immigrants who came on occupational penchants system were Physicians and nurses and settled in large metropolis infirmaries and started patterns in little towns ( Posadas, 1999, p. 37 ) . The inflow of wellness attention professionals was limited in 1976 by the section of labour.

Since passage of the 1990 jurisprudence, Filipino immigrants efficaciously utilized all the employment-based slots available to them ( Ibid, p. 42 ) .

Recent Filipino immigrants preferred to settle in the Pacific and West Coast parts of the U.S. In recent decennaries California has attracted the largest figure of Filipinos ( 47.7 per centum in 2000 ) ( Waters, etal. 2007, p. 557 ) .


Since the terminal of the Vietnamese war in 1975, a big figure of refugees and immigrants arrived to the US from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Unlike most of the Asiatic immigrants, Vietnamese in-migration is different while most of them came as refugees but non as immigrants. In the twelvemonth 2009, the Vietnamese immigrants entirely numbered about 1.48 Million doing them the 4th largest immigrant group from Asia ( US nose count ) .

During the last yearss of the Vietnamese war in 1975, about 130,000 refugees fled to the United States without any ownerships or commissariats ( Sonneborn, 2006, p. 32 ) .

Most of the refugees were hapless and non able to take flights or choppers after 1975 and had to utilize boats to get away from their fatherland due to fear that they might be slaughtered by the Communist government. These people who fled or escaped by boats are called “ Boat People ” . About 500,000 fled to all different states in the late 1970 ‘s and 1980 ‘s ( Ibid, p. 123 ) .

The refugees, who arrived in 1975, were distributed to all the US provinces harmonizing to the handiness of sponsorship by authorities and voluntary bureaus. ( Wu and Min Song, 2000, p. 291 ) . Most of these immigrants were less educated people from rural countries.


Harmonizing to American community study 2009, Korean population in US histories for 1,335,973 doing the 5th largest immigrant group among Asiatic immigrants after China, India, Filipino and Vietnamese. The Korean in-migration steadily increased after 1965 in-migration act was passed.

Due to economic jobs, societal and political insecurity in South Korea led many Koreans to immigrate to the US during 1970s and 1980s.

Recent Korean immigrants were attracted to the some of the West seashore and port metropoliss similar to their ascendants due to constituted Korean American communities. Harmonizing to US agency of nose count, 2000 nose count data the top 5 provinces with the most Korean Americans life in California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington. Among the entire Korean American population, 30 % , i.e. 409,412 Koreans are populating in the province of California in 2009 ( 2009 American community study 1-year estimation, US nose count ) and many live in heavy Korean American vicinities in Los Angles known as Korea towns ( Thomas, 2009, p. 12 ) .

One of the features of the Korean immigrants is self employment. Harmonizing to the nose count study, Korean immigrants are one of the top 5 largest ego employed groups widely concentrated in labour-intensive little concerns, such as food market shops, little stores of imported goods and garment fabrication ( Waters, etal. 2007, p. 495-496 ) .

West Europe

Mass migration entered to US from Western Europe particularly from the states Germany, Italy, and Ireland in between 1850 and 1930. However it started to worsen since 1965 due to its increasing economical growing and political stableness. Congress expected that 1965 act may pull more immigrants from western hemisphere from the penchant system of household reunion

After WW II the economical state of affairss and life criterions in western Europe improved. In 1960s and 1970s Germany became more attractive for the immigrants through ‘Gastarbeit ‘ plan ( ref ) . in a similar manner Italy besides provided a batch of occupation chances for the Italians every bit good as for aliens. In the same line Spain and Greece besides attracted many immigrants from Asia and Africa. The turning economical and political state of affairss in Europe created many chances for their indigens every bit good as for immigrants during 1960s and subsequently.

Obviously it had an impact on US in-migration due to this grounds the in-migration to the US decreased since 1965. Congress passed the amendments of INA 1965 in order to extinguish discriminated policy and introduced household reunion in hope to pull the immediate relations of earlier European immigrants ( ref ) . However most of the Asians took advantage of the household reunion system than Europeans.

The German migration was monolithic before the 1960s and later it easy decreased. For illustration the in-migration statistics shows that in the 1950s the German migration was 576,905 and this figure decreased more than half to 209,616 in 1960s. In 1970s the figure of the German immigrants significantly dropped to 77,142 and at present 122,373 immigrants entered to the US from 2000 to 2009. ( Year book of in-migration statistics 2009 ) . In recent old ages, the major part of German immigrants is coming on the footing of immediate relations of US citizens. For illustration, 4,663 are came under the immediate relations of the US citizens out of 8,612 entire German immigrants who entered in 2009, which shows that the older German immigrants playing major function in recent in-migration by maintaining the ties to their cultural background ( yearbook 2009 ) .

As Germany served for American military bases, many American military mans married German females ( war brides ) after WW II which brought many German migrators to the US who were born in Germany ( ref ) . This aged German migration became older during the ulterior 4 decennaries from 1960s. However major part of recent migration are migrating to US on the footing of immediate relations of the US citizens.

Many Germans are come ining the US on the footing of nonimmigrant admittances for the intent of sing, concern, survey and impermanent employment. Harmonizing to 2009 in-migration statistics, about 2 Million nonimmigrant Germans entered to the US doing the 4th largest nonimmigrant group after UK, Mexico and Japan ( yearbook 2009 ) .

Most of the recent German immigrants are scattered along the Sunbelt provinces and the Pacific seashore similar to Americans. Most of them are householders and considered as a group who can incorporate and absorb rapidly.

The Italian in-migration was monolithic during 1900 to 1930 which histories for 3.6 Million. Later the figure of Italians to the US aggressively decreased likewise to the instance in Germany. Due to better economical state of affairss after WW II, Italy is besides one of the European states in pulling more immigrants to their fatherland than the Italian out-migration. For illustration, harmonizing to in-migration statistics in 2009, merely 3,143 Italians entered in 2009 to the US with a major part, 1,824 immigrants on the footing of immediate relations of US citizens ( yearbook ) similar to Germany keeping ties with their cultural background.

The of import feature of the recent Italian in-migration is the individuality of their ethnicity and most of them proclaim their cultural background. For illustration, in 2000 nose count, 16 Mi Americans claimed that they have Italian roots ( Burgan, Michael and Robert Asher, 2004, p. 83 ) . Many of these immigrants have invariably maintained their civilization with their linguistic communication, festivals and nutrients even though they are easy integrated and assimilated with the American civilization. Similar to Germany, over 1 million Italians are come ining on nonimmigrant base to the US. Italian Immigrants followed the same colony form of the old immigrants and preferred more in New York and environing provinces.

Similar to recent German and Italian in-migration, the recent immigrants from Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain decreased dramatically. The statistics of in-migration in 2009 shows that 2,118 signifier Spain, 1,708 from Ireland, 1,076 from Greece and merely 966 from Portugal immigrated to US ( Yearbook ) . The reversal of Massive Immigration in recent old ages is due to the development of their socioeconomic criterions.

United kingdom

In their book Legacies, Alejandro Portes and Ruben Rumbaut write:

“ A well-established sociological rule holds that the more similar new minorities are in footings of physical visual aspect, category background, linguistic communication, and faith to society ‘s mainstream, the more favourable their response and the more rapid their integrating ” ( Portes, Alejandro and Ruben G. Rumbaut, 2001, p. 47 ) .

Unlike most immigrants, the British immigrants have common cultural lingual, spiritual and cultural features with Americans which makes them easy to incorporate and absorb into American civilization. Due to this ground Charlotte Erickson ( Erickson, Charlotte J. 1972. Invisible Immigrants: The Adaptation of English and Scots Immigrants in 19th Century America. Leicester, Eng. : Leicester University Press. ) described the British as “ unseeable immigrants, ” .

Even though the economic growing and life criterions are far better than the remainder of the universe from the WW II to 1980s, there was much out-migration than in-migration in the UK. During that clip, lifting unemployment and economic recession excessively added for increased out-migration to the US which was more attractive in moneymaking occupations and in instruction during 1960s and 1970s.

Recent British in-migration comprises chiefly work related grounds and immediate relations of US citizens. For an illustration, the US in-migration statistics in 2009 histories for approximately 51 % work related and 45 % immediate relations of US citizens.

Like other European states, most of the British immigrants are come ining the US in big figure as nonimmigrant admittances every twelvemonth late chiefly for survey, visits and impermanent employment. UK stood on the 2nd in nonimmigrant admittances after Mexico in recent old ages. It can be observed that the nonimmigrant British citizens in 2009 are 4.4 milions. The transnationalism and cultural exchange is the chief carrying characteristics by this big figure of nonimmigrant British people. Some of these impermanent immigrants are altering to lasting immigrants by get marrieding US citizens and sometimes by acquiring high skilled occupations.

The major features of these immigrants are easy integrating and assimilation into American civilization and rate of exogamy with native born Americans. The British immigrants are spread throughout the America, though most of the British have preferred California and Florida similar to their place conditions.

Soviet union

Even though Soviet Union and the US were Alliess during the WW II, subsequently they became competitory in economic system, military and political relations made each other a portion of cold war until 1991. Later the Soviet Union disintegrated into a big state Russia and many other states which changed the regional definitions. This became a critical issue to place the Russian immigrants ‘ ethnicity in recent times.

Harmonizing to the one-year ORR ( office of refugees resettlement ) studies to congress in 1999, stated that 527,297 Soviet refugees, largely Jews, Catholics, and Armenians entered to the US in between FY 1975 and FY 1999 doing them the 2nd largest portion of refugee admittances after Vietnamese. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ( HIAS ) which was established to assistance and aid for the colony of Jews in the US. Harmonizing their study that HIAS brought about half million Jews from the Former Soviet Union to the US since the start of the Soviet Jewry motion in 1968 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

These refugees were settled chiefly in New York, Washington and California ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The chief grounds for emigrating from the former Soviet Union were chiefly the push factors such as economical jobs, Political instability and spiritual favoritism or the combinations of these factors. Many Jews emigrated due to Soviet Jewry motion during 1960s and 1970s ( Orbach, 1979, p. 110-112 ) .

The recent in-migration to the US are majorly professions who are extremely educated and extremely skilled and immediate relations of the US citizens which include majorly acceptance of Russian orphans by the American household. The acceptance of Russian orphans in recent old ages by the American households is really big in figure, doing Russia on top most states in acceptance after China and Ethiopia. For illustration, DHS in-migration statistics, from 2000 to 2009, 39,444 Russian orphans by American households ( ref ) .

Harmonizing to the 2000 US census 2,652,214 Americans claimed that they have Russian roots.


Mexico is an of import and particular state in footings of in-migration to the US. A mass migration influxed into America from 1900s to now. Particularly this mass migration increased since 1965 after passage of INA 1965.

The chief grounds of this mass migration are that Mexico is one the boundary line state of the US with the socioeconomic jobs. Apart from the adjacent state broad economic spreads between these states lead to hold the pull factors for the mass migrators from Mexico. Another ground of this mass migration is lower cost and lower limit hazard to come in the US and at the same clip, it is easy to travel to and fro to keep their household ties.

Merely earlier WW II, due to bracer plan big figure of immigrants migrated to the US to work tempererorily for two old ages in agribusiness. As the big figure of migrators used to acquire larger sum of rewards than the rewards from their state attracted many more Mexicans to the US.

Even after the expiration of bracero plan huge bulk of Mexicans who are already in the US tried to see new employments and who are willing to come to the US tried to come undocumented.

Harmonizing to pew Hispanic Centre study based on 2010 US nose count counted 50.5 Mi Hispanics ( people who speak Spanish from South and Central America ) in the US which accounts about 16 % of the entire American population ( ref ) .

Harmonizing to 2009 nose count 30 % of immigrants from Mexico were among foreign born immigrants. Recent Mexican immigrants statistics from 2000 to 2009 shows that about 1.7 Mi Mexican immigrants entered to the US. This figure nevertheless 1 Mi less every bit compared to the old decennary which accounts about 2.7 Myocardial infarctions from 1990 to 1999 ( ref ) .

From the 1980 ‘s the US Government made its attempts to beef up the boundary line control in order to diminish the figure of undocumented immigrants from Mexico. In recent old ages due to this boundary line beef uping the figure of undocumented immigrants besides dropped in comparing to the old undocumented immigrants ( Keedle, Jayne, 2009, p. 36 ) .

In 2009 among 153,364 came on the footing of household sponsored penchants and immediate relations of the US citizens which show the stopping point knitted and strong ties among the Mexican immigrants which besides makes them immigrate massively.

6.6 Mi Mexicans entered to the US on nonimmigrant admittances. These monolithic impermanent immigrants might be one of the chief grounds for the addition of unauthorised migration ( ref ) .

The recent mass Mexican migration characterized with great diverseness and maintained their cultural traditions. Though the recent immigrants from Mexico portions common features with earlier in-migration, they differ in their colony forms, harmonizing to their topographic point of profession.

Most of the recent immigrants spread, unlike their ascendants who settled in south west provinces, most of the provinces such as Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Washington. However by 2000, California is most concentrated topographic point for Mexican immigrants which histories for 8.5 Mi, 5 Mi in Texas and 1.1 Mi in Arizona ( ref ) .



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