Malcolm X Citation Essay

August 7, 2017 General Studies

“The hereafter belongs to those who prepare for it today. ” This quotation mark by Malcolm X showed that he was ready for the hereafter. whatever it may be. ( Moncur ) . Malcolm X greatly affected the bend of black de-segregation in the fiftiess. He had strong beliefs. suffered a ghastly blackwash. and a singular bequest.

Malcolm Little had many strong beliefs in himself and in people all over the universe. Malcolm Little educated himself. so was able to happen out what he believed. For one. he changed his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X because X was the original family name of the slaves from whom he had descended. He insisted that Blacks had the right to protect themselves. He had ever believed that force was on occasion sensible. Even though he was put into prison in 1946 for burglary. and got out in 1952. he was still a really significantly of import individual.

Malcolm X became really interested in the State of Islam. The State of Islam is based on conventional instructions. Black Nationalism. and self-help plans that helped the Blacks life in the ghettoes. He believed in and studied Elijah Muhammad. who was the leader of the Black Muslims and popularized their philosophies. He shortly became a Black Muslim and as one. he encouraged other Blacks to organize all-Black communities. After being a Black Muslim for awhile. he became the “Top Dog” and representative for them. On March 8. 1964. Malcolm X broke with the State of Islam and made a spiritual journey to Mecca. Saudi Arabia. In Mecca. he took the name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. When Malcolm broke with the State of Islam. he became a mark for decease menaces and force per unit area.

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On February 21st. Malcolm X was shot and his life was taken off from him in Harlem. No 1 thinks it is a happenstance the February 21st. was the first twenty-four hours of National Brotherhood Week. He was shot by a double-barrelled shooting gun and two handguns. Malcolm’s attorney. Percy Sutton. said after he was proclaimed dead. “Malcolm knew he would be killed. He told me repeatedly-and every bit late as yesterday- that his life was in danger” ( Finkelman ) . There were three work forces involved in the blackwash of Malcolm. They were all members of the Nation of Islam. The chief 1 who shot him in the thorax was Talmadge Hayer. Hayer was born in 1943. doing him 22 at the clip of Malcolm’s decease.

Earlier in his life he was detained in prison for ownership of guns and disorderly behavior. He testified that his confederates were non guilty. but they were all convicted. The Audubon Ballroom was the topographic point where Malcolm was shot. The Audubon Ballroom adjoined a theater found in Washington Heights. NYC. Washington Heights is in a neighborhood North of Harlem. Recently. it was obliterated to do manner for the new Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. the topographic point were Malcolm X was taken when he was shot. Everyone that walks in the doors of the Hospital will see the commemoration which was placed at that place for Malcolm X. Malcolm X was one of the most combative individuals of the century.

He had met many people. traveled many topographic points. and influenced many lives. Many immature Black militants supported him. Malcolm X was capturing and witty. while his words gave hope to all who heard them. He was an unbelievable talker and many people wished to cite him. Malcolm X one time said. “How can anyone be against love? ” ( “Malcolm X” ) . I agree with him. no 1 can be against love. This is one of the many grounds Malcolm X supported the Blacks and helped them to believe that they had the right to be safe. the right to protect themselves. and the right to love.


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