malcom x and martian luter kin

By January 14, 2017 History

During the 1960’s civil rights protest took place. In particular two civil rights leaders stood out the mos,. Malcome X and Martian Luther King Jr. Although both fought for black freedom, each had different theories of getting it.

Malcom X was born in Omaha, Nebraska 1925. While growing up Malcome moved to many of the United States major cities, a main effect of this was turning little Malcom into a hardened criminal. At the age of 20, he was arrested for burglary and served seven years in prison. While in prison Malcom found that the white society was oppressive to the black people. From then on Malcom started to preach for black power, he spoke at “non violent movements” saying he was becoming impatient because equity wasn’t coming fast enough. Malcom disagreed with all the early race protest saying they didn’t spread the black word out fast enough. In February 1965 Malcom X was shot dead in New York City during a rally.

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Martian Luther King Jr as Malcom X set his sights on stopping segregation that had been around for ages. Threw Matians life he felt the full fury of racism as a result of growing up in the deep south. Martian was arrested over 20 times for participating in many civil rights movements. In 1963 Martian along with others organized a march that would end up in front of the Lincoln monument at the heart of Washington, DC. This is where Martian made his powerful “I have a dream speech” which made him a part of history forever. Martian believed in non violent .

movements and said violence was not needed to spread the word of black freedom. In April 1968 at the age of 39 Martian was shot down and died shortly after. A man named James Earl Ray was convicted with Martian Luther King Jr, death. .

Martian Luther and Malcom although led short lives they significantly influenced this great land forever. Martian along with other Baptist clergymen started an organization (The Southern Christian Leadership Conference).


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