Malunggay and Spinach Powder Essay

October 21, 2017 Medical


He gives us that huge goodness of nature and flora is among those. As adult male propagates for copiousness ; he deserves to harbor enormous benefits from it. Man inhabited Earth with all its profusion laid before him. With his gladfulness. inventiveness and changeless hunt for cognition he discovered legion ways to enrich his head of eternal thoughts. organic structure for wellness and length of service and spirit to carry through his close relation with his shaper and humanity. Thus. adult male discovers infinite ways and makes usage of accessible resources to fulfill his yearnings for wellness and health.

The find of herbal workss made the possible being of modern medical specialty. Modern medical specialty makes usage of these workss in doing capsulated herbal medical specialty or nutrient addendums. It is scientifically proved that legion of vitamins and minerals are found in herbal workss that can provide the demands of life things. specifically worlds. These vitamins and minerals help provide energy within a person’s organic structure. which is needed for mundane activities in order for them to execute good. Herbal workss presents are non merely made as medicative intents but besides as nutrient ingredients so that it may add a alone and healthier spirits to nutrients.

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Malunggay or Horse radish ( Moringa oelifera ) was one time considered a “poor man’s vegetable” but now it is known as a “miracle tree” or “nature’s medical specialty cabinet” by scientists and wellness attention workers from around the universe because itis loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be an effectual redress against many sorts of complaints such as arthritis. anaemia. ovarian malignant neoplastic disease. heartcomplications. kidney jobs. asthma and digestive upsets.

This works thrives in tropical states. chiefly in Southeast Asia. Central and SouthAmerica and Africa. It is so widely cultivated. It grows up to ten ( 10 ) metres tall and its cusps are ovate to elliptic and are two ( 2 ) centimetres long. Each ounce of Malunggay contains seven times the Vitamin C found in oranges. four times the Vitamin A of carrots. three times the Fe of Spinacia oleracea. four times every bit much Ca as milk and three times the K of bananas. It is said that these workss require small care. which makes it easy for cash-strapped people to derive wellness without thought of budget concerns.

Spinach ( Spinacia oleracea ) is an comestible blossoming works in the household ofAmaranthaceae which originated from Central and South western Asia and is now widely cultivated throughout the universe. It grows to a tallness of up to thirty ( 30 ) centimetres and its foliages are simple. surrogate. ovate to triangular-based and varies in size from two ( 2 ) to three ( 3 ) centimetres long and one to fifteen ( 15 ) centimetres wide. Besides of it being considered as an herb rich in Iron. it isalso a rich beginning of Carbohydrates. Dietary fibre. Fat. Protein. Vitamin A. Beta-carotene. Lutein. Zeaxanthin. Folate. Vitamin C. Vitamin E. Vitamin K and Calcium.

It is well-known in stabilising the blood sugar among diabetics. it serves as an anti-oxidant. an anti-cancer agent. it prevents from coronary artery disease or thickener and hardening of arterias and it aids in the formation of the blood substance required for blood curdling. The combination of both herbs can certainly do a alimentary addendum for all ages. This survey presents the consequence of the good mix of Malunggay and Spinach known as Malunggay and Spinach pulverization. A power couple. a merchandise of nature. harnesses within range and concocted with simpleness.


The survey aspired chiefly. to seek for alternate ways of using the common backyard workss Malunggay and Spinach so that it won’t be placed into waste. Secondarily. do a different and simple readying of it right in one’s place aside from the usual capsule and tablet signifiers. which presently dominate in the market. Last. to circulate the information on how to augment a nutritionary demand within in range and friendly to the pocket.

The survey addressed the following specific inquiries:

1. What are the processs in fixing the Malunggay and Spinach pulverization?
2. Is at that place a specific termination for this merchandise?
3. Are at that place different procedures of drying each sort of foliages?
4. How long can the terminal merchandise be stored?
5. Is it advisable to dry the Malunggay and Spinach leaves under direct sunshine?
6. What are the utilizations of the Malunggay and Spinach pulverization as an additive?
7. What specific sums of Malunggay and Spinach to be prepared to run into our nutritionary demands?
8. What are the nutritionary values from the combination of Malunggay and Spinach?
9. Can this research work perchance be pursued in the hereafter?

Significance OF THE STUDY

Health consciousness is the premier investing. inventiveness is the investors fall ining attempt and health is the net addition. Most people think that accommodating a healthy and well-conditioned life is expensive and hard to accomplish. The significance is merely how one resourcefully utilizes the cheap. the natural copiousness of nature. and the hardworking pursuit to options and redresss.

Malunggay and Spinach are sort of veggies that are rich with vitamins. minerals and aminic acids that are needed for optimal wellness. The purposeful cahoots will function as a addendum Malunggay. touted as “All- around miracle tree” or “Natures medicine cabinet” contains a broad assortment of foods in high sums and Spinach. known as “Powerhouse of Nutrients” fill in indispensable Potassium. Phosphorus and Niacin that Malunggay does non hold.

This powerful combination in pulverization signifier add nutrition to our deficient diet due to modern farming methods. nutrient-deficient dirts. high degrees ofpollution that topographic points more emphasis. and busy life styles that make it difficult to fix healthy balanced diet. It acts as an cheap insurance against nutritionary lacks.

This survey will advance consciousness on the relevancy of helping of vegetable repasts. soup. staff of life. sweet. shingles. juices and mixes with Malunggay and Spinach pulverization. It encourages families to works Malunggay and Spinach in backyards for persona lconsumption. Furthermore. it supports the Department of Agriculture on their plan of propagating vegetable garden e. g. Malunggay and Spinach as a revenue-generating industry under its biotechnology plan where it presently enjoys broad array ofMalunggay. Spinach and other veggie based merchandises manufactured in the Philippines and being sold in local and international markets. Finally. it inspires people to analyze and seek for benefits on veggies and other agricultural green goods.


The survey promote consciousness on the relevancy of helping of vegetable repasts. soup. staff of life. sweet. shingles. juices and mixes with Malunggay and Spinach pulverization. It encourages families to works Malunggay and Spinach in backyards for personal ingestion.

The Malunggay and Spinach leaves dry up good when stored in a well-ventilated room without the direct exposure of sunshine and are easier to lb in order to be made as an all-natural nutrient pulverization. Due clip. the foliages of both works chaff fell down. And by the usage of howitzer and stamp in powderizing the foliages make it into a healthy nutrient pulverization. And in conclusion. the terminal merchandise was sealed in a clean container ready for ingestion or even for commercial productiveness.


The survey focused on the specifications of how to secure the major quality ingredients. the Malunggay and Spinach foliages and scrupulously observed the proper storage and care of suited room temperature. It took two ( 2 ) months and a half to acquire the finalresult of the research work utilizing the method of experimentation. As Malunggay wasreadily cultivated in the backyard on the contrary. Spinach was a difficult discovery. It started froma given bantam seedling from cragged Busay and was replanted. The Spinach was boringly tended since it was ne’er been spared from the mannerism


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