Manage healt and social carepractice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals Essay

Understand the theory and rules that outcome-based pattern 1. 1 – Explain “outcome based pattern? ”
Outcome based attention is described as seting the individual/ service user/tenant at the Centre of the attention service and non ordering a generic service for everyone. It is about presenting high quality meaningful results to every person guaranting they live meaningful. carry throughing lives to their fullest potency. Outcome based pattern is the manner in which we can authorise staff to look at and promote individuals/service users/ renters to take an active portion in the bringing of their attention. Empowering them to dispute their ain abilities. learn. do informed picks and set accomplishable and mensurable ends and get positive results.

1. 2 Critically reappraisal attacks to outcome based pattern?

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Outcome based patterns are reviewed on a regular basis for persons /service users by reexamining attention programs. for staff it is through supervising and assessment. Both are reviewed looking at what has been done good what we have learnt and how we have adapted to better countries over the past hebdomads. months and even old ages. It is besides reviewed through quality confidence as the renters. their households and staff give feedback. Any issues or struggle that arise as a consequence can be resolved by working together. The quality confidence director besides audits information to guarantee countries are in topographic point and to a high criterion. the director writes studies and feedback is given to back up the squad.

1. 3 Analyse the effects of statute law and policy on result based pattern? Government statute law ( the wellness and societal attention act 2008 ) is to guarantee that result based pattern is adhered to. Examples of this include the attention and protection of vulnerable grownups. safeguarding. regard and self-respect. These results are besides covered in company policies and processs and ordinance which is governed and enforced by CQC. The intent of these is to guarantee all services users and their households and staff regardless of age credo. coloring material and gender are treated as peers. To advance equal chances and authorise all to take and active function and duty in their ain lives puting mensurable and accomplishable ends to do a positive alteration.

1. 4 Explain how result based pattern can ensue in a positive alteration to single lives? It demonstrates how good support. guaranteed by person-centered planning. can alter the way of a person’s life in a positive manner. If people who use services are to hold positive control over their lives. if they are to hold autonomous lives within their ain communities so those who are around the individual. particularly those who do the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work demand to hold individual centered thought accomplishments. Merely a little per centum of people need to cognize how to compose good individual centered programs. but everyone involved demands to hold good accomplishments in individual centered thought. in the value based accomplishments that underlie the planning. Discussion of a theoretical account that local governments could travel frontward from purchasing a volume of proviso eg hours. yearss. etc to a procedure based on the supplier presenting a set of pre-determined results. This has ensured greater user satisfaction. greater flexibleness of service and support provided. For illustration one of our renters has a preset sum of hours per hebdomad of staff support which she utilizes as she wished and from her position can to the full run into her support demand as it can be flexible and authorise her to populate a fulfilling life in the manor she wished to at a clip that she chooses.

Result 2

Be able to take pattern that promotes societal. emotional. cultural. religious and rational well-being

2. 1 Explain the psychological science footing for wellbeing?
There is no inquiry at all about the fact that psychological wellness is of import with regard to how we function and adapt. and with regard to whether our lives are fulfilling and productive. What the research workers argue about is whether psychological wellness is a individual factor. or whether distress and well-being are really two separate issues. While the statement continues. the finding of fact is clear: general wellbeing does non merely intend that you are free from anxiousness and depression. It involves something more. But for general intents. it can normally be said that it’s two sides of the same coin. Normally. people are either happy or they’re non. and if their temper isn’t good. they are frequently distressed to some extent. Psychological wellness and wellbeing should besides non be confused with the inquiry of whether or non you suffer from mental or emotional upset. The research on wellbeing concerns itself with the feelings of normal persons. or topics from the general population. When we talk about psychological wellness. we are mentioning to how ordinary people are making in life. In other words. if you are experiencing distressed. that doesn’t needfully mean that you are mentally sick. Psychological well-being is a more sustainable pattern and character driven position of well-being: Self-acceptance – a major beginning of well-being and populating a happy life is self-acceptance. or the attitudes that we hold about ourselves. Self-Growth – Turning as a individual and spread outing 1s cognition is a life long procedure. This is about taking a funny position of life and interceded position which enhances us to seek chances as a individual.



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