Management Communication: Case Study

May 12, 2018 Management

I believe that we need to address three very important challenges in order to persuade all the employees to participate in our wellness program. First, making the employees understand that this program is entirely for their benefit, second, convincing them that the results of the physical will be entirely confidential and third, persuading the employee’s spouses also to participate in the program.

I believe that the following communication strategies can be useful.

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Sending letters to each employee well before their birthday and persuade them by offering the wellness program as a birthday gift from the company to them and their spouse. This letter should include all the information about the program, why it is needed for the company; explain how the health reports will be entirely confidential and how it will benefit the employee as much as it benefits the company.

Meeting the employees personally or calling them to wish them on their birthday and requesting them to participate in the program might also work very well.

You could persuade them by letting them know that you participate in the program every year and how you feel about it personally and also by highlighting that their colleagues in the same department or whom they are friends with have also participated in the program. This will make them feel safe about the program and will give us an opportunity to clear their doubts and gain their trust.

Quarterly meetings can be arranged with the employees whose birthday falls in that particular period to explain them about the program and increase their confidence level in the program.

Family day events that we organize yearly to meet and know about our employee’s family can be used as a platform to persuade their spouses to participate in our wellness program.

With regard to our first strategy I would like to request you to consider using the attached letter.

Attached: Letter to Employees

The Employee
Whirlpool Corporation
Benton Harbor

Dear Employee,

I wish you a very happy birthday in advance!

I’m pleased to inform you that our company would like to offer a wellness program to you and your spouse as a birthday gift. Our wellness program is all about investing in your health and helping you live a healthier lifestyle and make better choices. We believe that healthier the employee and his or her family happier he or she is and a happier employee can serve our customers better and help our company prosper.

This program includes a free mini-physical done by our company doctor. This is a screening program designed to let you know the general condition of your health. It is fairly comprehensive. The doctor will record your physical details, test various functions and reflexes and provide you a complete work-up. After the test is completed he will doctor see the results and mail them to you. You can then contact your family physician and seek appropriate treatment, if needed.

I would like to stress and assure that the results are confidential and neither the doctor nor the company keeps any record of the same. You will receive the originals and no copies will be made.

Since the company sponsors this program you could save the money that you might spend on the physical and since, it covers your spouse’s physical also you could even save more.

The benefit of participating in this program is that it will help you identify any critical illness at an early stage before it has a chance to progress very far since, a number of different illnesses and diseases can develop without any outward symptoms and can only be identified by a physical examination. This will save a lot of stress time and money for your family in the long term.

Please, feel free to contact our company nurse or me if you have any doubts or need more information. Your health and well-being is very important to us.


Ms. Dana Donnley
Director of Employee Communication


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