Management Control Systems at Reliance Industries Limited Essay

October 13, 2017 Management

Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL ) is world’s taking and India’s no: 1 Private Ltd. Company. RIL group is a extremely diversified group and is in to multiproduct concern like oil / gas geographic expedition. retail of petro / consumer merchandises and mfg. of petrochemical / refinement and fabric merchandises. Besides. in to substructure and transit sectors. he Reliance Group. founded by Dhirubhai H. Ambani ( 1932-2002 ) . is India’s largest private sector endeavor. with concerns in the energy and stuffs value concatenation. Group’s one-year grosss are in surplus of US $ 44 billion.

The flagship company. Reliance Industries Limited. is a Fortune Global 500 company and is the largest private sector company in India. Backward perpendicular integrating has been the basis of the development and growing of Reliance. Get downing with fabrics in the late 1970ss. Reliance pursued a scheme of backward perpendicular integrating – in polyester. fiber intermediates. plastics. petrochemicals. crude oil refinement and oil and gas geographic expedition and production – to be to the full integrated along the stuffs and energy value concatenation.

The Group’s activities span geographic expedition and production of oil and gas. crude oil refinement and selling. petrochemicals ( polyester. fiber intermediates. plastics and chemicals ) . fabrics. retail and particular economic zones. Reliance enjoys planetary leading in its concerns. being the largest polyester narration and fibre manufacturer in the universe and among the top five to ten manufacturers in the universe in major petrochemical merchandises.

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Major Group Companies are Reliance Industries Limited ( including chief subordinate Reliance Retail Limited ) and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited Organizational Structure of Reliance Figure [ 1 ] Reliance Major Subsidiaries * Reliance Petroleum Limited ( RPL ) was a subordinate of Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL ) and was created to work the emerging chances. making value in the refinement sector worldwide. Currently. RPL stands amalgamated with RIL. [ 7 ] * Reliance Life Sciences is a research-driven. biotechnology-led. life scientific disciplines organisation that participates in medical. works and industrial biotechnology chances.

Specifically. these relate to Biopharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals. Clinical Research Services. Regenerative Medicine. Molecular Medicine. Novel Therapeutics. Biofuels. Plant Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology. [ 8 ] * Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited ( RIIL ) is engaged in the concern of puting up / runing Industrial Infrastructure that besides involves renting and supplying services connected with computing machine package and information processing. 9 ] * Reliance Logistics ( P ) Limited is a individual window solutions supplier for transit. distribution. repositing. logistics. and supply concatenation demands. supported by in house province of art telematics and telemetry solutions. [ 11 ] * Reliance Clinical Research Services ( RCRS ) . a contract research organisation ( CRO ) and entirely owned subordinate of Reliance Life Sciences. has been set up to supply clinical research services to pharmaceutical. biotechnology and medical device companies.

Equally far as Board construction of RIL is concerned there are 8 Non executive managers and four executive managers. hence RIL is purely following suggestions given by Kumar mangalam Birla commission sing corporate administration. Figure [ 2 ] Reliance Board Structure Figure [ 3 ] Reliance Reporting Hierarchy Functional construction Employees within the functional divisions of an organisation tend to execute a specialised set of undertakings. for case the technology section would be staffed merely with production applied scientists. This leads to operational efficiencies within that group.

However it could besides take to a deficiency of communicating between the functional groups within an organisation. doing the organisation slow and inflexible. As a whole. a functional organisation is best suited as a manufacturer of standardised goods and services at big volume and low cost. Coordination and specialisation of undertakings are centralized in a functional construction. which makes bring forthing a limited sum of merchandises or services efficient and predictable. Furthermore. efficiencies can farther be realized as functional organisations integrate their activities vertically so that merchandises are sold and distributed rapidly and at low cost.

For case. a little concern could get down doing the constituents it requires for production of its merchandises alternatively of securing it from an external organisation. But non merely good for organisation but besides for employees religions. Hence Reliance is Having Highest Operational efficiency every bit compared to rivals. Management Style And Culture At Reliance Industries Limited Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL ) has emerged as India’s largest private-sector endeavor and carved out a distinguishable topographic point for itself in planetary Fortune 500 companies.

Reliance’s concern success and competitory place reflect the leading provided by its laminitis. Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani who said. “Growth has no bound at Reliance. I keep revising my vision. Merely when you dream it make you acquire it. ” The leading system defined by Ambani is based on value creative activity towards both its clients and stakeholders. The same vision has been taken up and forwarded by his boy Mr. Mukesh Ambani. current Chairman and Managing Director of RIL. Reliance believes that any concern behavior can be ethical merely when it rests on the nine nucleus values of Honesty. Integrity. Respect. Fairness. Purposefulness. Trust. Responsibility. Citizenship and Caring.

The being of the civilization in RIL is driven towards accomplishment of excellence in systems. procedures. engineering and people and besides toward the fulfilment of their corporate vision i. e. “To go a globally competitory endeavor. driven by the market. making and keeping a lead over competition through quality merchandises and set uping itself to be the preferable provider of its clients. ” With the perpendicular integrating of concatenation from refinery to fabrics. RIL has unique to the full incorporate construction.

Basically it is a procedure centric organisation that maximized synergisms across all interfaces. purchase nucleus competences of assorted subjects to maximise value from current assets and make growing chances while leting people to develop and lend to their full capablenesss. When we talk about the organisation civilization. specifically RIL focuses on high public presentation work civilization which fosters invention. entrepreneurship. inclusiveness. teamwork and uninterrupted betterments. Among all RIL fundamentally focuses on invention and has a advanced council for advancing the same.

The company believes hat it is the invention in thought and executing that has made RIL make where it is today. The steadfast belief of invention being the discriminator for future and the beginning of competitory advantage shows the importance that is given to it. RIL in the early 1990s did endure from low employee engagement in betterment activities and low client satisfaction. The debut of assorted quality betterment tools in the installations like the Total Quality Management ( TQM ) . Kaizen Activities and client focal point attack led to the betterment in quality. productiveness betterment and client satisfaction in the organisation.

RIL recognizing the importance of human and rational capital for concern success. has given more importance to the usage of its human potency and the creative activity of Learning organisation to assist in continued success in future. RIL in its importance to the wellness and safety besides has besides initiated Safety. Health and Workplace Environment Program ( CASHe ) – which is an inaugural to advance healthy workplace and cut downing wellness and safety hazard has been instrumental in making a civilization of implementing wellness. safety and environment undertaking on a precedence footing.

This plan has besides been able to better the public presentation of the company on the occupational wellness and safety forepart. The Health and Safety Principles that were put frontward in this respects to joint the stakeholders expectation along with the bing values of the company underpin both the corporate civilization and cooperation across the company. The turning importance of Corporate Governance by RIL shows its precedence towards a transparent and accountable organisation therefore being able to run into the demands of all the concerned stakeholders.

The publication of one-year corporate administration study is one of import facet demoing its turning disposition towards it and its purpose to hold just and just intervention of its employees. stockholders. clients and investors. They aim to supply seasonably and balanced revelation of all material information concerned towards stakeholders. Furthermore they aim to hold a sound system of hazard direction and internal control.

The being of codification for board of managers and board commissions. codification of concern behavior and moralss for director/management forces signifies the being of the civilization driving the whole organisation towards effectual corporate administration. RIL has a long and strong tradition of back uping the larger communities that it connects with – from instruction. wellness. imbibing H2O. large-scale development of employable accomplishments. to assistance during natural catastrophes such as temblors and cyclones.

The Reliance Foundation would turn to societal development jussive moods of India. specifically quality. formal and vocational instruction. low-cost high-quality wellness attention. meaningful rural development and urban reclamation. and protection and publicity of India’s invaluable heritage of humanistic disciplines and civilization. Management in simple words are characteristic ways of doing determinations and associating to subsidiaries. Different direction manners and employed by different organisations depending on the prevalent civilization. the nature of the concern. the nature of the undertaking and the personality and accomplishments of the leaders.

RIL is an organisation which is operation in multiple aspects. They have multiple fabrication installations at multiple locations where by covering in different merchandise ranges. The supreme authorization of the company is Board of Directors. But they have given much more independency to the single units at different degree to take determinations at their degree. There is a good mix of corporate degree scheme ( taking RIL as a whole which is set up by the BOD ) every bit good as appropriate concern degree and operational schemes at each section every bit good as concern units to carry through the corporate degree scheme.

Every unit which is a portion of RIL has its ain hierarchy. headed by the CEO or the President. but a more of a democratic manner of leading is seen. Since they promote invention and value their human capital they promote participative environment at different degrees of direction to be able to do a better and informed determination. Empowering the employees in RIL is relevant. However the degree of determinations and strength of jobs are defined whereby determinations can be taken at peculiar degree of direction.

Management Control Systems Internal Controls RIL has a comprehensive system of internal controls to safeguard the Company’s assets against loss from unauthorized usage and guarantee proper mandate of fiscal minutess. The Company has an thorough budgetary control system to supervise all outgos against approved budgets on an on-going footing. The Company’s accounting procedure is based on unvarying accounting guideline that sets out accounting policies and important procedures and deadlines on a company broad footing.

There are inding directives for internal rapprochements and other accounting operations. The Company maintains a system of internal controls designed to supply a high grade of confidence sing the effectivity and efficiency of operations. the dependability of fiscal controls. and conformity with Torahs and ordinances. RIL has good established policy towards keeping the highest criterions of wellness. safety and environmental norms while keeping operational unity. This policy is purely adhered to all RIL fabrication installations.

The Company has an internal audit map. which is empowered to analyze the adequateness and conformity with policies. programs and statutory demands. It is besides responsible for measuring and bettering the effectivity of hazard direction. control and administration procedure. The direction duly considers and takes appropriate action on the recommendations made by the statutory hearers. internal hearers and the independent Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. Internal Checks and Balances.


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