Management Information System

Filipino-owned corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since June 2009. It is a three-story building along Quezon Hi-way. Situated at the techno hub district of Quezon, its presence has helped spur the current thrust and development of other areas going farther north. This synergistic relationship has given several competitive advantages, which are translated into profits for the sustainable operation of the hotel. OLUS HOTEL has a database manager, customized software that serves as the company’s property management system.

It is powerful software platform that provides the hotel with immediate access to electronically updated rates, availability, and stay controls. It also provides access to hotel inventory along with the ability to deliver reservations through several distribution systems. By using such, there is an increase in efficiency in sales and effectiveness for the revenue management controls are literally placed in properties’ hands. The cores of the system are the following: the front desk, where they input check in or check out, the second is the accounting where they audit revenue daily and third is housekeeping who inputs the status of the rooms.

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These stand alone programs are due for linking in 6 months time. The data are backed-up. Dates are backup daily and stored in a fire proof place. Weekly back-ups are also done that are stored off-site using hard drives to ensure data backups. The only one who can access and monitors the whole data base in their MIS officer, he sees to it that there would be no interruption in the distribution of electricity and the computer where the database is managed. In case of blackout, the UPS or uninterrupted power supply is used to avoid loss of information.

To maintain logical security, access is only permitted by the use of a valid and unique identity (ID) and password combination. Password are made complex and are changed regularly to ensure that only the authorized users can access the systems. Also, when an employee leaves the company, Log-on IDs and passwords should be revoked. To protect the data, a virus software is installed which has a daily automatic self-update of virus definitions, which also updates its scan engine weekly, and performs a full file system scan once a week.

Virus scan utilities are also automatically invoked at every log-on. Downloading is prohibited and all systems should be protected from the Internet. For physical security, separate room servers are required and the Network Server is located away from hazardous operations and in a clean and stable environment. Access to the Network Server room should be restricted to authorised officers with access cards. All computer equipments should be tagged and accounted for in the Fixed Assets Register. Organizational structure and management leadership goes hand in hand.

In order to promote effectiveness and efficiency in leadership one has to be clear of the duties and responsibilities he posses. In this way, clearer borders are set and more defined actions are placed. Leadership has always orders or chain of commands. And for these orders to be passed on down the bottom line workers of the organization, they have to know who to take orders from. In this systematic and organized manner, it promotes responsibility value to those who take part on the higher level of the organization structure.

The kind of leadership one organization chooses has a direct effect on the structure that they will create. An autocratic kind of leadership requires its structure to be designed in such a way that feedback from its employees will be minimized. With the clear division of work using organizational structure, the business will create specialists in each department, thus making their employees more effective and efficient. The company’s people are carefully hired. The interviewers or evaluators must see the applicant’s potential to handle a specific task or be part of the company’s operation.

Authorization gives power; and the power given to personnel responsible for information systems often exceeds the one responsible for manual systems (Data backup, system design, etc). All personnel, whether from the accounting, housekeeping or front desk undergo proper training before getting assigned to whichever department. Accounting personnel are trained on how to do bookkeeping, auditing, reconciliation and others. Housekeeping employees are taught and trained the right way of cleaning rooms, the arrangement of the things inside it, and other standard operation procedures.

The front desk clerks, aside from being aware of the SOPs related to the system, are also trained to be very hospitable, are educated on how to attend to guests’ needs with confidence and care. Most importantly, the MIS officer should be well-informed about Information Technology or a graduate of such program, and must be trained before officially starting the job. Employees are also taught about different tasks and how to apply them according to the hotel’s goals; and to ensure that these goals are met, the management regularly sees to it that the employees are effective in their tasks.

The service of these hotel employees are expected to be of high value. Tender greetings and smiles, kindness and care towards the guests are expected. Whenever employees’ performance evaluations are exceptional, rewards are given to them. Aside from that, their pictures and names are posted on the bulletin board to let everyone know about the quality of work they render to the company and their customers. Front desk jobs can carry the title of receptionist, information clerk, registrar or guest relations.

A front-desk person could also be responsible for appointment setting and follow-up, message taking and the like. Furthermore, duties include responding to complaints, service issues and other general questions or concerns. The hotel accounting department keeps track of every financial transaction that occurs in the hotel, they make sure to record and accurately handle all the incoming and outgoing money. Inconsistencies need to be investigated, corrected and reported as to why they happened. For example, mistakes need to be dealt with and solutions for future situations could also be eveloped. Fraudulent activity needs to be thoroughly examined and may involve liaison with legal authorities. Hotel accountants handle wage and salary calculations, as well as employee payouts and payments. Based at the hotel, the accountant usually works closely with the hotel manager and property accountants to answer financial questions as they arise. The housekeepers are responsible of confirming rooms at the front desk. They are also responsible of keeping guest rooms clean by providing clean linens and beddings, vacuuming and removing trash.

After guests check out, they also are to perform a thorough cleaning of the room. Housekeepers may also be called upon to answer telephones or run errands, such as taking laundry to the cleaners. Housekeepers are expected to be reliable and in good health. The management database also has all the important information of OLUS Hotel. So to ensure the safety and security of the database, only one person is authorized to monitor the whole (the three stand alone programs: Accounting, Housekeeping, and Front Desk) database, the MIS officer. One of his duties is makes sure that no information is lost.

Upon check in of guests, the front desk staff checks the database for available rooms and checks which rooms are ready for occupancy. If available, the front desk encodes and prints three copies of Room Confirmation document. One copy is retained in the front desk while the other two copies are forwarded to the housekeeping department and accounting department. The same procedure is made when checking out. The guest are to check out at the front desk, and then the front desk checks the housekeeping for clearance and separate fees (i. e. mini bar, rented blow dryer, broken glass, etc. . The housekeeping then prints three copies of Room Clearance to be kept for records of the three core parts of the MIS. After the payment, the front desk prints three copies of the official receipt: one for the guest, the other for the front desk and the last one used for reconciling the Room Confirmation and Room Clearance with the nightly auditing done by the accounting department. The guest is then automatically checked out by the front desk. Nightly audits are done to verify cash collections and daily balancing reports by the accounting department.

There has also been an instance where one of the emloyees forgot to encode a payment in MIS. This is the reason why the hotel management decided to employ night auditors to prevent fraud and for other safety measures. As part of the hotel’s monitoring, nightly audits done by the accounting department, verify cash collections and daily balancing reports to prevent fraud and for other safety measures, for the reason that sometimes, employees forget to encode payments in the MIS. In this way, the clerks close the day’s accounts in the midnight so that the day’s account and the following’s get separated.

In this nightly process, one of the auditors’ tasks is to make sure that there is proper segregation of duties within the employees. This means that no single employee must have control over more than one phase of a transaction or operation, in order to prevent or detect errors or irregularities on a timely basis. The employee assigned to review and authorize transactions shouldn’t be the one who also reconciles and verifies the transactions and records, nor should the one who has access to any physical asset such as cash, checks, etc. does the record-keeping. This nightly audit is every night after the restaurant outlet closes. Another measure for their monitoring is the checking of inventory every two (2) days. The management checks their stocks, their inventory every day. Lastly, the management also conducts an external audit. An external auditor is sent once a month by the company to check on the books, the inventories, the stocks, and so on.



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