Management Information System Uses At Unilever Information Technology Essay

September 20, 2017 March 25th, 2022 Information Technology

The universe is well really little because of globalisation. The practical intimacy of the states has made the trade and commercialism an international event. Global concerns make every community more closely around the universe. The treatment in this study shall affect the strategic function and analyse the information demands of an organisation operating in a competitory planetary environment, determination devising at each of the managerial degrees, the critical relationship between the Business schemes, Information System ( IS ) scheme and the Information Technology ( IT ) scheme in an organisation and the latent ethical issues of information systems. In this instance, the state of affairs environing Unilever will be taken into consideration. The undermentioned notes and propositions discussed in this treatment are supported by claims on diaries, books and Unilever website.

The modern engineering is truly assisting those concerns where is utilizing a Management Information System in the assorted degree of managerial attack. The chosen company is Unilever to depict in this study how Unilever is profiting utilizing Management Information System in assorted degree of the company.

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The treatment in this study shall affect the strategic function and analyse the information demands of an organisation operating in a competitory planetary environment, determination devising at each of the managerial degrees, the critical relationship between the Business schemes, Information System ( IS ) scheme and the Information Technology ( IT ) scheme in an organisation and the latent ethical issues of information systems.

Table of Contentss

Executive Summary 2

Table of Contentss 3

Background of the company 4

Analyzing Mission Statement 4

PESTEL Analysis of Unilever 4

Political Factors 4

Economic Factors 5

Socio-Cultural Factors 5

Technological Factors 5

Environmental Factors 5

Legislative Factors 5

SWOT Analysis of Unilever 5

Strength 6

Failings 6

Opportunities 6

Menaces 7

Recommended Information Systems 7

Strategic Level 8

Management Level 9

Knowledge Level 9


Operational Level 9

Ethical issues related in utilizing Information System at Unilever 10

Decision 11

Mentions: 12

Background of the company

Unilever is a Dutch-British transnational company which acquired many consumers ‘ merchandise trade names in nutrients, ice-creams, drinks, cleaning agents and personal attention merchandises. Unilever got two headquarter one in Rotterdam, Netherlands and other one in London, United Kingdom. The Unilever is a double listed company which has same managers and runs efficaciously. The current non-executive president of Unilever is Michael Treschowand and Paul Polman is Group Chief Executive. The chief Rivals for Unilever are Proctor & A ; Gamble, Nestle, DANONE, Reckitt Benckiser, Kraft Foods, S.C Johnson and boies ‘ and Henkel.

Analyzing Mission Statement

The mission statement of Unilever UK represents two dimensions of their company, one is how Unilever merchandises attached to the people mundane life and the other portion is what Unilever wants to make in the nearest hereafter. Everyday around the universe, more than 150 million people in over 150 states utilizing Unilever merchandises because people know they can assist themselves experience good expression good and can acquire more out of life, a few illustrations, Flora helps maintain Black Marias healthy, a cup of PG Tips refreshes, Magnum gives an indulgence dainty, Persil to clean household ‘s apparels, Domestos keeps sources free, Certain helps unbeatable protection and hair wash with Sunsilk helps looks great besides gives assurance to take on life. The company is committed to supply a healthy life style, assortment, gustatory sensation, quality merchandises, enjoyment back uping progressively cherished trade good. The company is besides committed to the verve of the environment and the communities. The Unilever making concern in a responsible manner has a positive benefit besides working in partnership with authoritiess, international bureaus ( such as, UNICEF ) and nongovernmental organisations ( such as, WWF ) to do a difference.

PESTEL Analysis of Unilever

Political Factors

Unilever runing their concerns in globalise environment around the universe. Unilever now operates their concern over 150 states around the Earth. The public presentation of Unilever is extremely influenced by legislative and political conditions of single helping states. If see the employment statute laws, the regulations is different for every states at that place need to be followed a regulations for supplying a mix occupation chance including flexible, lower paid locally based occupations, higher paid centrally located occupations etc. Besides at that place has to be run into a demand from huge population classs like pupils, working parents and senior citizen, handicapped people.

Economic Factors

Unilever is concern about economic factors because this is related with demand, costs, monetary values and net incomes. There is another most influential factors of economic system is high unemployment which is straight related with the demand of many merchandises and adversely affected on that may merchandises. Those sorts of economic factors can non be controlled by the Unilever

Socio-Cultural Factors

The consumers demand the type of goods and services on the footing of consumer ‘s societal status, attendant attitude and beliefs. Now a twenty-four hours, the consumers are more cognizant of wellness related affairs and the attitudes towards merchandises are invariably altering.

Technological Factors

Technology is a macro-environmental variable which help the development of the Unilever merchandises. The new engineerings are good for both companies and the clients ; client satisfaction rises because merchandises are readily available. Unilever uses latest engineerings for illustration radio devices, intelligent graduated table, wireless frequence designation etc. The usage of Electronic Point of Sale ( EPoS ) , Electronic Fund Transfer systems ( EFTPoS ) and electronic scanners have greatly improved the efficiency of distribution and stocking activities etc. ( Finch 2004 )

Environmental Factors

There are some issues endangering the manufacturers and retail merchants have been environmental factors. In 2003, there was an increased force per unit area on many companies and directors to admit their duties to the society and act in a manner which can assist society ( Lindgreen & A ; Hingley 2003 ) . Unilever corporate societal duty has to be concerned in this manner where any organisation exceeds minimal duties to stakeholders specified through the ordinance. ( Johnson & A ; Scholes 2003 )

Legislative Factors

There is the jurisprudence of land and policies have a direct impact on the public presentation of Unilever. There is an enforceable Code of Practices have to be followed to put up censoring many of current patterns, for illustration, the payments from providers and altering agreed monetary values. ( Mintel Report, 2004 ) The powerful rivals established trade names creates a menace of intense monetary value wars and a strong demands for merchandise distinction. The authorities ‘s policies for monopoly controls and decrease of purchasers ‘ power can restrict entry to this sector such controls on licence demands and bounds on entree to raw stuffs. ( Mintel Report, 2004 ; Myers, 2004 ) .

SWOT Analysis of Unilever

Successful concerns build on their strengths, correct their failings and protect against internal exposures and external menaces. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ( SWOT ) analysis helps concerns to understand overall concern environment and work new chances more quicker than any other rivals.


The market Share is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours because of playing a great profitable part the universe economic system.

High reputes for quality merchandises are a cardinal strength.

Unilever got first-class merchandise safety in wellness, beauty and nutrients.

Unilever is a planetary concern which do concern more than 150 states around the universe.

There is a high public presentation of distribution where the providers are located around the UK.

Competitive pricing is besides a cardinal strength in Unilever.

Unilever uses latest engineering which helps the company to present consumer ‘s good merchandises.

Unilever got experient and qualified research and development squad for merchandise development.


Brand image some clip impact the common client.

High pricing for assorted merchandises causes low gaining client to purchase another company ‘s less monetary value merchandises.

Customer Relationship Management must be a qualified squad as there have no retail store company concern ever depends on exclusive distributers.

Lack of market research in Unilever reduces entire gross revenues figure in a fiscal twelvemonth.

They do non hold retail and on-line store, it some clip causes high pricing of merchandises in the distributers retail store.

Depends on the distributers where some clip does non take proper enterprise to increase the gross revenues.


Increasing market portion comparable to the rivals is truly a good chance which can assist company to increase the growing rate.

Unilever can open retail store which will assist to near direct consumer.

Increasing trade name value by supplying good quality of merchandises.

Unilever can get more company ‘s trade names and services which can be a cardinal measure to increase the value in the market.

Greater publicity of some merchandises can acquire more clients to utilize their merchandises.


All successful concerns attract competition so the rivals would be a menace.

International rivals may besides irrupt as Unilever expands.

Every merchandises can non be marketed every states because of different race of people around the universe.

Natural catastrophe could damage many country of the concern, for illustration, temblor in Haiti and Chile.

Recession causes loss of occupations where people less usage of branded merchandises, for illustration recent recession in USA, UK and Europe caused a huge impact in universe economic system.

Recommended Information Systems

The following cross-functional system constructs and how they can supply important concern value to Unilever will be discussed in this papers:

The operational degree is for taking twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours determination. Transaction Processing System can assist to take operation degree determination like supermarket, Biometric device etc.

The cognition degree of determination is takes for research, design and procurance. Knowledge Work System can assist to take cognition degree determination.

The tactical or managerial control degree determination takes for 1 to 3 old ages, it is for resource allotment. Management Information System or Decision Support System can assist to take the managerial degree determination.

The strategic degree determination takes for 3 to 10 old ages, it is for long term. Executive Information System can assist to take the strategic degree determination.

Figure 1

Strategic Level

Complex Mathematical Model: Unilever can utilize a Complex Mathematical Model for supervising operations, costs, grosss, market portions, portion monetary values etc. Unilever is categorized as fast traveling consumer goods, speedy acquisition, processing of market information. The information of market is normally collect from research companies, historical information and single analysis.

Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution: In order to derive a clear position of concern public presentation across Unilever ‘s companies in around the universe.

Unilever Information Program: When transmutation is taking topographic point in the administration, information systems are necessarily involved. Presently Unilever is reshaping operational duties for greater lucidity between what is better done by the local company, at regional degree or planetary administrations. The Unilever Information Program ( UIP ) is to develop an substructure to back up the Path to Growth scheme, with the cardinal precedence of happening a speedy information integrating solution to let user entree to any figure of informations beginnings for in-depth analysis.

Management Level

Supply Management Information System: Unilever can incorporate a supply direction information system which will assist local, regional and planetary supply directors make appropriate sourcing of determinations, leting them to collate and analyse information ‘s more rapidly and easy. The system enables directors to negociate with providers in a transparent and efficient manner where profiting both parties.

Knowledge Level

Procurement System: The procurance is inevitableness for future supply concatenation optimization the supply market, peculiarly in Europe is still enduring from under-development. The Procurement System can assist entire supply concatenation operation instead than merely transactional activity. The Procurement System provides a accelerator for positive betterment in supply direction profiles.

Supply-Chain Management Systems: The utilizing of a assortment information system and several other supply concatenation direction engineerings, Unilever can heighten the serviceability of the supply concatenation.

Research & A ; Development System: Used for expression development

Operational Degree

Specifications System: Specification System will assist in packaging, expression, natural stuff, finished merchandises and procedure specification.

Manufacturing Planing System: Fabrication Planing System can assist in production orders, purchase orders, criterion costs, stock list, fiscal minutess, and production coverage.

Planing System: Planning system can assist in Demand Planning ( DP ) , Demand Requirement Planning ( DRP ) , Constrained Product Planning ( CPP ) , Finite Scheduling.

Order and Cash System: Order and Cash system can assist in order entry direction, footings of sale, tax write-off trailing, stock allotment and invoicing.

Finished Goods Management System: Finished good direction system can be used for transportation, warehouse, transit, production and traceability.

Ethical issues related in utilizing Information System at Unilever

A new engineering introduces some new ethical quandary. Computer engineering is used for assemblage, hive awaying, pull stringsing informations and spread the processed information which is information. Information system uses local and planetary webs, databases, plans for treating information. Information is a cardinal to prosperity and it is a beginning of power besides. This is really of import to believe about ethical considerations, how information will be used in an information system because there is societal and political issues involved. There are terrible societal jobs exist today because authorities and concern administrations have failed to continue the highest moralss criterion in Management Information System usage. These jobs exist in such signifiers as invasion of privateness and package buccaneering. The most widely publicized categorization of human rights in the computing machine country is Richard O. Mason ‘s PAPA. The letters in PAPA base for Privacy, Accuracy, Property and Accessibility. ( McLeod and Schell, 2001 )

Privacy: The right of privateness is threatened by two forces. One is increasing ability is of the computing machine to be used for surveillance and other one is the increasing value of information in determination devising. Decision shaper sometime invade person ‘s privateness to acquire the information. Unilever need to make market research in demand to cognize what type of merchandises clients truly need or what they use. There is a ethical issue concerned because of Data Protection Act, UK 1998.

Accuracy: The Management Information System is given recognition for doing possible a degree of truth and which is non unattainable in manual system. Most of the clip errors cost much greater.

Property: There is some rational belongings like computing machine plans. The package or the systems Unilever utilizing are they copyrighted, agreed to utilize from the sellers.

Entree: There are some information is available to the general populace in the signifier of printed paperss or microform of images stored in libraries which includes intelligence narratives, consequences of scientific experiments, authorities statistics and so on. Access right is required to entree some other databases to acquire information. A right to entree is a Contemporary ethical issue.


Finally it can be said that Unilever can do their market place stronger than earlier by utilizing different information system at different degree. But Unilever must hold adequate consideration in assorted sectors to utilize Management Information System.


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