Management performed. Organizing: The second function of

April 21, 2019 Management

Management is defined as a continuous process in which organizational goals are achieved by the efficient utilization of resources, materials, and manpower.
There are 4 main functions of management:
• Planning
• Organizing
• Leading
• Controlling
The first function of management is planning. At this point, the leader or the manager creates a complete action plan. He outlines the goals and objectives of the organization and chooses the tasks that are needed to be performed to achieve the desired goal. Planning also involves how and when the tasks should be carried out. For example, a manager in the company first outline the goal and then he will decide the steps or the task to achieve the desired goal he will also decide that at a particular stage which task will be performed.
The second function of management is organization. It involves the distribution of resources and materials and the organization, classification, and assignment of tasks. Organization is known as a mechanism that puts the plans into actions. For example, at this stage, the manager of the company assigns the tasks and gives resources to his workers which in turn lead towards the achievement of goals.
The third function of management is known as leading. At this stage, the leader or the manager supervises the whole task and also give guidance and feedback and various points if necessary. The leader communicates with his team members about the task; it also includes encouraging, stimulating and motivating his team members towards the highest level of productivity in order to achieve the desired goal. For example, the leader or the manager at this stage supervises the employees work that if workers are doing their task with responsibility or not. He will also give guidance to his workers if they face some difficulty in the accomplishment of the task. The leader can influence his workers so that they can see the situations from their point of views.
The fourth function of management is controlling. At this stage, the manager or the leader monitors the tasks and activities. He will measure the level of achievement against the set norm. He will also monitor the issues that hinder the process of achieving success and make alterations and corrections where needed. For example, at this point, the leader or the manager will supervise the whole situation that if they are achieving the set goals by accomplishing the tasks or not. If not then what is the reason behind this. Then he will try to resolve the issues and implement modifications.


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