Managing Your Boss

July 1, 2017 Project Management

Name :- Akshay Patil NCSU ID# 000994855 ID :- apatil4 Case 2 (Managing Your Boss) 1) List the issues and their importance to Project Management, why are they. 2) Are these points only applicable to your relationship with your boss? If so, why and if not, in what other scenario would these be applicable and why? Ans 1) Managing your boss or the relationship is an important part to the Project Management. If you are a Project Manager, then there are many issues to be taken care of in case of “Managing Your Boss”.

Here are few issues:a) You should understand the relationship between you and your boss :A key to make project management easy is to understand your relationship with your boss. There should be proper understanding about his demands and his expectations. You should do your part in meeting those demands and those expectations. With doing so, you can gain his trust which is a key for any project. Being a Project Manager, your boss can help you regarding decisions and your demands.

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If your boss trusts you completely, he can complete your demands regarding any resource you want or any job to be done which is easy for him. Thus, it helps in managing any project. b) You should understand his work style, strength and weaknesses :Any boss has some strengths and weaknesses which you should be aware of. You should help him regarding his weaknesses and also take advantage of his strength. For eg. Suppose a boss is not that communicative, then you should arrange meetings and take information from him instead of waiting for his decisions.

Being proactive in such a situation will make your boss comfortable and you can get more out of him. You should also know what your boss is capable of i. e. his strengths especially and if possible can take points from him regarding any issue in which your boss can be helpful. Understanding his workstyle is also important because you know how to interact with your boss so as to not waste his time and make your meetings fruitful. Eg. Suppose you know beforehand that your boss requires info or agenda of meeting then you can arrange so hus he can be active in the meeting in making decisions or solving issues. c) You should understanding yourself and how you deal with other people :As the case correctly suggests, that other half in this relationship is you and should know your own needs, strengths, weaknesses and style. You cannot deal in the same way with your boss in the way you deal with others. There are different ways of handling people when you are a manager. For eg, being a manager part of your work is also making people work in a productive way for the project.

The way in which you do it is different for people under you and people above you. d) You should take care of other things like being dependable and honest, keeping your boss informed and using his time carefully :Key to a strong relationship between you and your boss is the points that are mentioned above. Other than understanding your boss and your relationship, you should also take care that your boss always sees you as an honest and a dependable person. Meeting deadlines and giving honest opinions will make your boss trust you more and will help towards project management.

You should also keep your boss informed about the work or the project progress so that even he can make progress in the right direction. Also his time is very precious as he has many projects or managers under him and thus you should make sure you use his time carefully. Ans 2) These points are not just applicable between your relationship with the boss but also towards other people. a) Some of the points are also applicable for relationship between you and your subordinates.

Understanding their strengths and weaknesses forms a major part of this relationship because you want to get more out of them and make their work productive. So assigning a particular person for a right job needs good understanding of his work style. You should also understand that the way you deal with them is completely different then the way you deal with your boss. There also has to be mutual understanding between you and your subordinates for the project to go smooth and be a success. ) Some of the points are also applicable to other managers working at the same level as of you. Having good knowledge of their capabilities ca nalso help your project incase you need help from them or want to get some work done. c) Also these points are applicable to maintain a good relationship between you and your boss’s boss. Though your boss may be immediate point of contact in case of higher authorities, you should also take care of these issues when dealing with your boss’s boss.


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