Manifest Destiny A Historical Expansionist Doctrine History Essay

Manifest Destiny was an historical expansionist philosophy or belief prevalent in the nineteenth century that the United States had the God-given right to spread out into and possess the whole of the North American continent. This thought of Manifest Destiny strongly influenced the attitudes of the people and the policies of the U.S. authorities. American ‘s believed that they were conveying God and civilisation to the lands in the West ; nevertheless, Manifest Destiny besides had negative effects. This paper will concentrate on how the significance of manifest fate has evolved between 1840 and 1920 from the thrust for territorial enlargement to going the publicity of ego finding and democracy for other states. What caused this alteration in intending? Historians have given assorted causal factors for this alteration – some of which we will dig into.

The expansionists had a desire and demand for westbound enlargement and believed it was a god-given right for the U.S. to turn to its full possible geographically.A Expansionists besides wanted to forestall Great Britain and Spain from claiming more of the North American continent for themselves.A They besides wanted to avoid the overcrowding, poorness and wretchedness that plagued the landless British laboring category. A European in-migration into the Eastern U.S. increased land hungriness and farther propelled westward migration.A The Monroe Doctrine preempted European states, particularly Spain, France, and Britain from the farther colonisation in the Western Hemisphere.A A In 1823, Mexico opened up Texas to colonisation which enabled U.S. emigres to flux into the sparsely populated state.A Along with the Monroe Doctrine ‘s announcement, the 1818 Anglo-American Convention between the U.S. and BritainA opened up the Oregon Country to west edge emigration.A Adding vastly to this migration was the Homestead Act of 1841. A Later theA Cushing TreatyA of 1844 allowed nautical trade with China ‘s major havens fueling more westbound migration to California.A The appropriation of Texas followed by the US – Mexican War in 1846 resulted in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo giving the U.S. , Arizona, California, New Mexico, and parts of Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.A In 1853, the Gadsen Purchase bought southern Arizona and southern New Mexico for $ 10,000,000 from Mexico to hold a path for a proposed southern transcontinental railway.

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As a consequence of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsen Purchase, expansionists so wanted to annex countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and the Pacific ( particularly Hawaii ) . A That same twelvemonth the Gold Rush inflow swelled into California, speed uping its population growing, giving farther impulse for due west migration.A America ‘s West expanded further with the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867, followed two old ages subsequently by the completion of the first transcontinental railwaies.

In 1892, the Republican platform stated “ We reaffirm our blessing of the Monroe philosophy and believe in the accomplishment of the manifest fate of the Republic in its broadest sense. ”[ 1 ]When they won the presidential term in 1896, “ Manifest Destiny was cited to advance abroad enlargement ” .[ 2 ]Theodore Roosevelt in 1904 stated his “ Roosevelt Corollary ” to the Monroe Doctrine ( under which United States Marines were often sent to Central America ) . Under this Corollary “ if any state in the Western Hemisphere appeared politically and financially so unstable as to be vulnerable to European control, the United States had the right and duty to step in. ”[ 3 ]

This extension of the Monroe Doctrine extended the U.S. ‘s domain of influence to the full Western Hemisphere and was nicknamed the “ Big Stick Policy. ” “ The Big Stick ” was used to step in in Latin America and as justification for “ geting the Panama Canal through forced revolution. ”[ 4 ]

Manifest Destiny ‘s ideological chase as an instrument of national policy, nevertheless, caused negative results following some abroad ventures inspired by American concerns and their diplomatic protagonists. An anti-imperialistic motion led by Andrew Carnegie and Mark Twain was organized in opposition to such expansionist strategies. They feared such feats would do states involved to go indocile and more prone to internal civil discord. The Boer War atrociousnesss were cited as illustrations for keeping farther abroad expansionism. Contrary to the anti imperialists was the widely held belief by many that the “ shutting of the frontier ” had produced widespread fright that America ‘s natural resources would dwindle, asking foreign options ” ( Brinkley ) . Following the appropriation of the Philippines in 1898, “ United States military personnels fought a barbarous war against the same Philippine independency motion it had encouraged to contend Spain. The war dragged on for 14 old ages. Before it was over, approximately 120,000 American military personnels were deployed and more than 4,000 died ; more than 200,000 Filipino civilians and soldiers were killed “ ( Brinkley ) .

The forced remotion of Native Americans between 1814-1858 was a tragic effect of Continental enlargement. Likewise, the westbound migration of colonists to the Southwest U.S. and California caused the autochthonal population, particularly the Mexicans and Native Americans to go the victim of barbarous supplanting, poverty, and indefinable human wretchedness. The colonisation of the North American continent and its Native American population has been the beginning of legal conflicts since the early 1800s. Surviving Native Americans have been resettled onto separate piece of lands of land ( reserves ) , which have been given a certain grade of liberty within the United States federal authorities. Consequently, many of those impacted are still enduring, economically and heath-wise from these wants.

Prior to World War 1, President Wilson used U.S. military force to step in in both Mexico and Central America states whenever American companies or citizens were endangered. After that war, Wilson shifted off from his focal point on oversea expansionism toward stanchly doing the World safe for bing democracies and furthering the constitution of new-post war 1s. In his 1920 reference to Congress, he stated “ I think we all realize that the twenty-four hours has come when Democracy is being put upon its concluding trial. The Old World is merely now enduring from a motiveless rejection of the rule of democracy and a permutation of the rule of autarchy as asserted in the name, but without the authorization and countenance, of the battalion. This is the clip of all others when Democracy should turn out its pureness and its religious power to predominate. It is certainly the manifest fate of the United States to take in the effort to do this spirit prevail ” . { Safe for democracy ” ; 1920 message ; Wilson ‘s version of Manifest Destiny: Weinberg, p. 471. } “ This was the first and lone clip a president had used the phrase “ Manifest Destiny ” in his one-year reference. Wilson ‘s version of Manifest Destiny was a rejection of expansionism and an indorsement ( in rule ) of self-government, stressing that the United States had a mission to be a universe leader for the cause of democracy ” . { Weinberg } .

Roosevelt ‘s Corollary would subsequently steer U.S. hemispheric diplomatic negotiations by wining Presidents from prior to World War I until the Cold War epoch under Reagan. As an ideologist of manifest fate, in 1988, he stated that the U.S. should “ colonise the galaxy, in an optimistic entreaty to carry through our manifest fate. It is merely in a existence without bounds that we will happen a canvas big plenty for the enormousness of the human imaginativeness ” ( Brinkley ) .

American ‘s took the land believing we could go a democratic society.

And there is no terminal to it. What US did itself to go itself has expanded beyond it ‘s boundary lines,

Focus on the effects the enlargement had thirties

We try to alter their Torahs, take their land, patrol them, go democratic

What they brought, in fact, was decease, disease and wars to the Native Americans and Mexicans who occupied these lands. Americans used the thought of Manifest Destiny to warrant their dishonest, cruel, and racist intervention of the Indians and Mexicans who already occupied these lands. Americans looked upon Native…

It forced 1000s of indigens off the land

Countless wars were fought with Native Americans and the Mexicans

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