“Manifest Destiny” and Slavery Essay Sample

July 23, 2017 Media

Manifest Destiny in combination with the bondage issue greatly contributed to sezession and Civil War. Manifest Destiny was the thought that the US was chosen by God to dwell the Americas. The 1800s were a clip of enlargement but every clip the US gained land they had to cover with the issue of bondage. Some believed the US should cover with the new lands by doing them break one’s back provinces. free provinces. or by the thought of popular sovereignty. The chief factor that contributed to provincialism and the split of the US was that a republican Northerner was elected as president. The South strongly felt that they could last on their ain and that the North was traveling to get rid of bondage so they succeeded from the brotherhood.

Manifest Destiny stated that God chose America over all of the other states in the universe to spread out and go stronger within the Americas. There were different degrees that Americans thought they should dwell America to but the chief subject was to spread out and turn stronger. This created struggle because Americans did cognize how to cover with the slavery issue. Harmonizing to Document A. Emerson states “The United Stated will suppress Mexico. but it will be as the adult male [ who ] swallows the arsenic…Mexico will poison us. ” The appropriation of Texas created a batch of contention and some believe it contributed to the Civil War. The United states at this point was merely focused on geting land and did non cognize how to cover with it.

Many of the presidents feared that if they dealt with the bondage job that it would acquire worse. Anything associating to bondage was by and large ignored in authorities. The authorities could merely prohibit bondage or let it in the new provinces. The North wanted to halt the extension of bondage into new districts because they believed it would take away from the occupation chances. The new western provinces were decided by popular sovereignty. This caused struggle to originate because Northerners and Southerners were hotfooting to these western provinces to vote for or against bondage. The South besides craved for a harsher fleeting slave Torahs. Slaves ran off from their Southern Masterss and hoped to happen safety in the North which created struggle at the boundary line provinces. The slaves thought they would be free in the North but Document E states a slave is a slave no affair where he is.

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The US tried to equilibrate the free and slave stated for many old ages but this via media started to profit the North in the southern point of position. The Southerners felt that the North was deriving more free provinces because they could acquire to the province in clip to vote because of the thought of popular sovereignty. The lone thing maintaining the US together was that the Executive Branch was non wholly controlled by the North. When Lincoln was elected he believed in restricting bondage. He did non desire to acquire rid of it. but he wanted to halt it from distributing. This caused the South to believe he was traveling to get rid of bondage. Lincoln being a northern Republican besides influenced the South to believe he favored the North. The Northerners were holding economical jobs and because the South did non endure from these same jobs they thought they could interrupt off and still be able to prolong themselves.

Together Manifest Destiny and the slavery issue caused the US to divide and war with each other in the Civil war. The two are strongly linked because the more land that the US gained the more the argument bondage was raised. The presidents chose to disregard the job until it could non be contained and the US separated. The thought of popular sovereignty raised much struggle because it caused the Northerners and Southerners to come together in one province. The Southerners thought they could interrupt away from the Union and sustain themselves so they did. Lincoln so waged Civil war on the South.


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