Manipulating Meaning Worksheet Essay

July 25, 2017 General Studies

Part A: Twain’s Family Tree

Use all the accomplishments you have learned throughout this class to finish a close reading of the description you’ve chosen. Use context hints to do sense of things that are non clear at first. Pay attending to Twain’s tone and the wit devices he uses.

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1. Which of Twain’s ascendants did you choose?

Charles Henry Twain

2. What is the ACTUAL narrative of that man’s life? Provide back uping grounds from the text.

“lived during the latter portion of the 17th century he converted 16 thousand South Sea island-dwellers. and taught them that a dog-tooth necklace and a brace of eyeglassess was non plenty vesture to come to divine service in” He was really good liked by his flock of people.

3. What techniques does Twain utilize to make sarcasm in the description you selected? Provide back uping grounds from the text.

I think he used humor and wit. when calling it “twains demented household tree”

Part B: Make Your Own Sarcasm

For this portion of the assignment. you will allow Twain’s technique and compose a burlesque of an event in your life or in the life of a famous person. Remember. a burlesque plays on contradiction between a topic and the manner it is treated. Twain used wit to depict serious. sometimes atrocious. events. but you can turn it about and present something merriment or happy in a really serious manner – the pick is yours.


Incorporate at least two wit devices
Write a lower limit of five sentences
Glue your completed burlesque here:

One clip I was siting a really high powered four Wheeler. Yamaha bird of prey 700rr. This motorcycle topped out at approximately 95mph ( no hyperbole ) and I was traveling about 60-70mph down a dirt/rock route. When I needed to decelerate down I tapped the forepart brakes a small to hard and the motorcycle stood up on its front two wheels. now in my caput. instead than acquiring eaten by a 400lbs motorcycle I decided to leap away to my right. I tumbled and tumbled lost my places and curiously plenty ripped my shirt off ( couldn’t even find it ) . Had route roseola from caput to toe and everyplace in between. Though I was really fortunate non to interrupt anything I was non in the best status. When I got place ( after forcing the motorcycle place ) I tell my male parent what happened and he says “well that was smart. dumba $ $ ! ” to which I replied “it was decidedly one of my smarter moves! ” He so helped me acquire cleaned up. picked the stones and crushed rock out of my lesions so spent the following 3 hebdomads in my bed. ; /

After you have written your burlesque. reply these contemplation inquiries in complete sentences: 1. Factually describe the event you wrote about in your burlesque. I was to in experienced on a high experience motorcycle.

I’m far more experient now ( pro )
I’m lying about the pro portion. but decidedly cognize how to sit

2. What humor devices did you integrate? Why did you take them? I used irony ; I used irony because I am fluid in that peculiar literary device. I besides used irony because it’s a true narrative and that’s how it went. precisely. So I felt it was merely appropriate.


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