Man’s Evil Nature in “Lord of the Flies” by Golding Essay

When immature male childs are abandoned on an uninhabited island without grownups. even they are capable of slaying. This is the scenario depicted in the British writer. William Goldings novel. Lord of the Flies. written and published in 1954 during World War 2. Comparing the characters of Jack. Ralph. Piggy and Simon with Freud’s theory of Idaho. self-importance and superego. one can turn out that adult male has an implicit in evil nature. The characters are represented with Jack as Idaho. Ralph as self-importance. and Piggy and Simon as superego.

Freud’s theory of Idaho. self-importance and superego influences the domains of 1s being. The Idaho represents force. and the thrust to kill. The Idaho is the desire to ache others. and to rule. In contrast the self-importance persuades one to do actions that make one’s actions acceptable by others around them. It besides controls the demand for credence and the demand to be in control. Though different. the superego lies within one’s spiritualty and demand for order. It values regulations. and commandments.

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Jack as Idaho. represents the animal thrusts in adult male. He illustrates this through painting his face. By painting his face. Jack suppresses his self-importance and superego. doing Jack to be capable of Acts of the Apostless of force without holding any reverberations. Jack portrays this force in different ways. First. Jack enjoys hunting because he gets to kill hogs. Often. in Lord of the Flies. Jack is consumed by killing hogs. and desires nil more. The thrust to kill regulations his ideas. In Jacks statement ”We’re strong-we Hunt! If there’s a animal we’ll Hunt it down. We’ll stopping point in and round and round and beat-” ( 83 ) . he demonstrates his animal desire to suggest and kill. Following. Jack besides strove to command others.

He would even fall back to torment. ”What d’ you mean by it. eh? ’ said the head ( Jack ) forcefully ‘What d’ you mean coming with lances? What d’ you mean by non fall ining my folk? ’ The goad became rhythmic. Sam yelled. ‘ ( 166 ) . The desire to kill is what proves that Jack has an evil nature. and the fact that he came from a civilised society shows that anyone can go like him.

Ralph displayed himself as being ego through his demand for credence and his leading. Ralph’s demand for credence is so strong that he would even travel every bit far as to diss an other so all the male childs would wish him. and see him as adjustment in. An illustration of this is when Ralph said ”He’s non Fatty. ’ cried Ralph ‘his existent name’s Piggy! ” ( 20 ) when he had promised Piggy earlier that he would state no 1 else his name is Piggy. Ralph’s desire to be one among the crowd made him crouch so low as to diss and ache another. merely so he could look better.

When Ralph begins to fall off from the group. he begins to lose all his leading. Often times Ralph would bury all the of import things he would necessitate to retrieve to go main. and get down to stray to savagery. merely so he could be with the group. With Ralph’s need for credence and loss in leading power. it is evident that even he was of course evil.

Piggy and Simon were the representations of superego. Piggy’s need for regulations and Simon’s mysticism both suggested that superego was the largest act uponing force in their lives. Piggy would frequently seek to put up regulations. and other tools of civilisation to make order. Without that order. Piggy knew that there would be no hope in there state of affairs. He proved this demand for regulations with his demand to take names. ‘Piggy moved among the crowd. inquiring names and glowering to retrieve them. ‘ ( 17 ) . Different from Piggy. Simon had a unusual quality of mysticism about him. He had an apprehension about the nature of the animal that no 1 else had.

He illustrated this apprehension when he had this vision. ”Fancy believing the Beast was something that you could run and kill! ’ said the caput. For a minute or two the wood and all the other indistinctly apprehended topographic points echoed with the lampoon of laughter. ‘You knew. didn’t you? I’m portion of you? Near. near. stopping point! I’m the ground why it’s no travel? Why things are what they are? ” ( 130 ) . With Piggy’s need for regulations and Simon’s apprehension of the nature of the Beast it is evident that they both had the capablenesss of the same savageness as the other male childs.

Through Freud’s theory of Idaho. self-importance. and superego. it is evident that adult male does hold an implicit in evil nature in the fresh Lord of the Flies. Jack. Ralph. Piggy. and Simon each show these facets of man’s evil nature. and besides turn out that if it can go on to them that it can go on to anyone. Young kids are typically thought of as more pure and guiltless that those more experient in the universe. If they are capable of such Acts of the Apostless. it is sad to believe what the remainder of the universe is capable of.



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