Flexible benefits

April 20, 2019 Medical

Many businesses and organizations offer flexible benefits as part of their benefits program. Starting with medical plans and having the ability to revised schedules to receiving a great retirement plan. There are numerous organizations that must comprehend the value of their employees and that it’s important to make sure they’re satisfied, by giving flexible benefits they can maintaining their workforce with qualified individuals. The description of a flexible benefits plan is that it permits the worker the chance to choose what type of benefit being offered by the employer that will fit their needs. These types of plans may include healthcare elements like medical, dental, vision, and dependent care (David A. DeCenzo, 2018).

I start with researching blue cross and blue shield and found that there is a company named Premera Blue Cross. How did blue cross start? In 1929, Justin F. Kimball working with Baylor University Hospital in Dallas, Texas established an advance payment arrangement that offered a 3-week stay in the hospital and it covered a semi-private room (Premera Blue Cross, 2018). This was the start of medical insurance and it was associated with single hospitals. In 1932, an individual had their choice of hospitals. Then in 1933, the AHA endorsed and developed advance payment plans (Premera Blue Cross, 2018).
In 1998 the name was changed with the merger of Blue Cross Washington and Alaska with Medical Service Corp. to Premera Blue Cross. Five years later they announced a new methodology for healthcare plans which was called “Dimensions”. This model for providers makes available to the customers more products at reduced prices and added procedures and new technology. Premera wanted to increase and attracted the qualified individual that worked in healthcare (Premera Blue Cross, 2018).
Since healthcare has had tremendous change throughout the years with new laws such as HIPAA, and the most recent Affordable Care Act. At Premera, benefit plan improve their employees through physical, emotional, and financial health which consist of health, life and death insurance, plans for retirement, time-off and vacation pay. Once hired the benefits goes into effect after the employee has worked 20 hours per week (Premera Blue Cross, 2018).
Their viewpoint is that the look out for all employees because their a team, therefore it is important that they invest in their total health means the business by large will succeed. Since, Premera is a Hugh health insurance plan that provides services to more than 2 million people that they’re committed to offering reduced cost to its customers and employees because it is focused on the wellness and preventing, disease management, and patient safety. Their vision is to improve the lives of the customer by ensuring healthcare that works better. They are dedicated in giving back to the community through monetary efforts, volunteering and partnerships in their effort to make healthcare better. However, their values of putting customers first they announced that over a five-year period they would be investing 40 million in Washington and Alaska for behavioral health illnesses. Behavioral illnesses can include several conditions such as:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Mood disorders and
• Substance abuse (Premera Blue Cross, 2018).
They hope to be able to impact the community with additional programs to meet the needs. Whereas only 20 percent is being addressed by providers across Washington and Alaska.
Premera is not stopping there but is including both people of color and low-income families, because these are the ones that seem to fall through the cracks and don’t always receive the required healthcare that is needed. Premera is committed to servicing:
• The whole person
• Giving quality care
• Finding solutions for difficult issues
• Collaborating with other organizations with the same goals (Premera Blue Cross, 2018).
In the healthcare industry, Premera Blue Cross has created an approach to employing and maintaining their workforce through offering substantial payments and the outstanding flexible benefit plans. By investing in the employees, they are creating a positive environment that promotes a productive workplace. It also shows that Premera realizes its success is based on not only the customers but how they treat the workforce (Premera Blue Cross, 2018).
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