March 27, 2019 Education

Many children who brought into the united states at a young age are unawear what excacly it means to come into a new country “illegualy”. Undocumented immigarants come into the United States s in search of hope and an opprtunitty to give their children a bertter life. A new challenge for the children of those immagrants because avccoding to the presedent they came here illegally. These children have lived here almost all of there lifes, the united states is the only place they really know because they have been away from where they were born. They have been apart of our communitys and have attewnded our public schools, and know are being theratedn of being sent back to the place they where born in but have never known. During the time presiden obana was president, the Obama addministation had an amazing idead they put together somrthin, for the children of the immagrents who have lived in the united states and this is the placge. . the program was namd The Deferred Action for children Arrivels (DACA) with the purpose to assit many undocumented young adults by allowing them to have athe opportunity of getting a higher education, more oppetunitys to become employed, and the protection frm deportation. However this has all changed fo DACA, since the election of donal turump he has decied to to try to end the program on Septenber 5, 2018. President tump has said he will terminat the program and it is now up to congress to pass the law.

This issue had caused major disagreement and tention has emerged betwwen both parties Democrats and Republicans partys. Republicans or at least more than have would rather terminate the program completliuy, and return all undocument on the other hand a few believe there should be a a solution to citizenship. Republicans hold the have lcontroll of this issue that is affecting DACA Recipien, and democrats continune to stand and fight for the dreamers

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