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By March 7, 2019 General Studies

Many of the characters in the novel “of mice and men” to whom we are introduced represent different marginalised communities. Firstly, crooks is one of the main characters t represent marginalisation in the novel. He is a black man living in the 20th century when racism was common in USA. “Cause I’m black. They play cards in there but I cant play cause I’m black. They say I stink well I tell you, you all of you stink to me.” this shows that Crooks does not fit in with the workers, who are white, and they do not want to approach him. Crooks is also treated unfairly at the ranch. “Listen nigger… You know what I can do to you if you open your trap.” He is threatened and disrespected by Curley’s wife. He knows that he remains defenceless because he’s considered to be minor than Curley’s wife.
Furthermore, Curley’s wife is marginalised because she is the only woman on the ranch. Sexism is really shown through out the novel. “Ranch with a bunch of guys on it aint a place for a girl, specially like her”. This means that the men think of her as weak character, she cannot cope on the ranch, that it is only build for men.


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