Marele Day the Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender

June 19, 2018 General Studies

To what extent is, the life and crimes of harry lavender a novel about Sydney? Discuss the notion that the setting is a distinctive voice contributing to the last effectiveness of the story. Include specific reference to the set text and at least one other text of your own choosing. Marele Day uses descriptive language to depict the city of Sydney in The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender. Day distinguishes the city of Sydney through various characters to bring out the truth behind the beautiful city.

Through this unique setting, Chinese spelt with a capital C by Nicole Ng explores the same unique descriptive language through the setting of a Sydney School. This essay will explore how the two texts demonstrate the characters, techniques, and languages to discover the extent of each setting. Voice is distinctive in its emotional connection with a certain place. Marele Day demonstrates the descriptive language to depict the city of Sydney, closely bringing it to life by describing it as an urban jungle full of varied facades, inhabitants and mechanics.

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The life and crimes of harry lavender takes place in Sydney, Australia. This is quotes in, “We swung down the hills overlooking the black expanse of Bondi Beach and the lights twinkling on the foreshores. So pretty and so innocent, the facade of the lights covered a multitude of sins and one of those sins was murder. ” Day focuses below the facade of glamour and attractiveness to the seedy underbelly of the city. The author demonstrated that there is a clear notion and connection to the world beyond the more ordinary and conventional sites.

The authorial nature of the voice evokes the ethos of the speaker. This demonstrates how Marele uses Claudia to play her voice to make philosophical comments about Sydney and its nature. Claudia’s unique and authoritative voice symbolizes a female version of the tough talking male detective. Alcoholic homeless father left her at 5 years old; now-insane lives on the street. This demonstrates the shattered childhood created a cynical outlook she sees through the facades of people and Sydney as none whose happy childhood was destroyed.

The protagonist’s authoritative tone creates a perspective of how the reader comes to know Sydney and the events of the novel. In the quote, “but the stench had always been there” suggested that behind the beauty of Sydney lies a dark secret that has been lurking within for a long time. Voice presents a significant challenge to each individual. Day uses Claudia who is hardened by her experiences, to reflect the reality of Sydney. Through the streets of Sydney lies a dark mystery.


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