Margaret Atwood The Circle Game English Literature Essay

September 23, 2017 English Literature

Her first publication was a book of poesy, The Circle Game 1964, which received the Governor General ‘s Literary Award for poesy ( Canada ) , Several other poesy aggregations have followed since, including Interlunar ( 1995 ) , Morning in the Burned House ( 1995 ) and the latest, Eating Fire: Selected poesy, 1965-1995 ( 1998 ) . She was besides as a short narrative author and her books of short fiction include Dancing Girls and Other narratives ( 1982 ) , Wilderness Tips ( 1991 ) and good Boness ( 1992 ) .

Margaret Atwood is best known for her novels, in which she created strong and enigmatic adult females characters. Her first novel was The Edible Woman ( 1969 ) , which is about a adult female who can non eat and experience that she is being eaten. Surfacing ( 1973 ) ; Lady Oracle ( 1977 ) ; Life Before Man ( 1980 ) ; Bodily Harm ( 1982 and The Handmaid ‘s Tale ( 1986 ) is a futuristic novel depicting a adult female ‘s battle to interrupt free from her function. Her latest novels have been ; Cat ‘s Eye ( 1989 ) , covering with the topic of intimidation among immature misss ; The Robber Bride ( 1993 ) ; Alias Grace ( 1996 ) ; The Blind Assassin ( 2000 ) ; and Oryx and Crake ( 2003 ) , a version of a scientific dystopia. These novels have received many awards.

The most critical crisis in the life of a modern adult male is that of individuality. Twentieth century literature reflects this really accurately. The of import issue dealt in modern literature is the hunt for individuality or “ the quest for ego. ” The strength of today ‘s literature is found in its “ evocation of the person ‘s quandary in footings of disaffection or expatriate or quest for individuality. ” ( Srivastava 130 )

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In fiction, the attending has shifted from the society in the century to the person in the 20th century. The person is given more of import and adult male is seen as one who creates societies instead than one who is created by it. The topic of the “ ego ” has gained cosmopolitan importance and it, is most dominant in Common Wealth states. The Common Wealth states in the 20th century feel that they do non belong anyplace as they were under the regulation of the British for long clip and the all of a sudden let free. These states strive to seek a separate individuality of their ain new and the same is seen in their literature.

The Common Wealth authors feel that they have a duty in giving a alone individuality to their states. The inquiry of individuality foremost started with the nationality and slowly it narrowed down to the single itself. Canada being a Common Wealth state faces both the jobs of national and single individuality. The really word Canada gives the significance. It is derived from the Spanish word “ Canada ” – ” aca-nada ” which means “ nil here ” .


The hunt for a recognizable and meaningful Canadian has been a chief Pre-occupation in Canada. M.F. Salat says that the Pre-occupation with self-definition and the hunt for a typical Canadian individuality has been such a cardinal facet of Canadian imaginativeness, it can be said, the discourse on individuality is the Canadian discourse. ( salat 62 )

What distinguishes Canadian quandary from other Countries is the continuance of the individuality crisis is the continuance of individuality crisis over a long period of clip. This is because Canada has ne’er been free of what is called the “ Colonial identity. “ In the beginning it was under the influence of the British civilization and recently it suffers from the psycho- societal and economic colonisation by the United States of America.

The issue of the Canadian individuality rose up most vehemently in the station 1960. It was largely dealt by adult females authors as it was the period of the adult females ‘s Liberation Movement. The adult females authors besides had a personal ground behind it as they wanted to set up their individuality as authors without any bias on gender.

The Women ‘s Liberation Movement helped to let go of Canadian Women from many of the limitations and suppressions of the society. It helped to make the “ new adult females ” . This, says Barabara Godard, “ astonished, amused and frightened Canadians in the period before the First World War. ” ( Janeja 172 )


Many adult females took to composing as a profession and portrayed their aspirations and aspirations of the “ new adult females ” Their Hagiographas portrayed their longing for freedom from the limited constrains of a conventional society. In Canada adult females began to asseverate consciously and confidently their possible as authors in the post- 1960 ‘s. The broad – dispersed preoccupation with the pursuit for a typical cultural individuality in Canada in the station 1960 ‘s, was responsible for beef uping the desire to asseverate a typical feminine individuality comparable to and compatible with the male, in civilization every bit good as in literature. ( salat 78 )

The most of import adult females authors of this period are Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, Ruby Wiebe, and Alice Munro. A among these authors the most noticed and apprehended. Women writers is Margaret Atwood. Atwood has inexplicit and successfully problematised Canada ‘s quest for individuality in her novels by doing her adult females protagonists undergo a similar crisis. She has a preponderantly feminine hunt for a typical individuality.

Atwood ‘s reaction to this sensitive issue of individuality has been the most articulate and she has intentionally set out to make all her novels in such a manner that towards the terminal, each of her supporters emerges as a adult female who knows her ain ego.

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian novelist, poet, short-story author and besides a good established critic. She was born in Ottawa in 1939. She spent a


Considerable portion of her early life in the northern Ontoria and Quebec bush state. She started composing at the early age of five. Her male parent who is an bugologist frequently took his household on field trips. This produced in Atwood an early and an devouring involvement in the wilderness. In 1946, the household went to Leaside, a suburb of Toronto and settled at that place. This alteration is besides reflected in her authorship.

“ The contrasts beween its Christian, middle-class morality and its blazing philistinism specify the religious barren through which many of Atwood ‘s characters pass on their manner from childhood to adulthood. ( 75 ) ”

Atwood is a alumnus from the University of Toronto, where she won a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. She took her Maestro ‘s Degree from Radcliffe College. Since 1973 Atwood has live with Graeme Gibson a Canadian novelist and Cultural militant. They have a girl, Eleanor Jess. They now live in Toronto. Atwood has been a “ write- in abode “ at Universities in Canada, the USA and Australia. She has taught in several Universities such as the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, Sir George Williams University, Montreal and at ‘York University ‘ Toronto. She was the founding member of the authors ‘ Union 1984-86. She is still an effectual interpreter, and militant on behalf of Canadian authors and of adult females ‘s right, Native rights and the environment.


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